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DSC Labs Announces NorthernLights Test Target

DSC Labs, an eco-friendly developer of innovative products for image quality improvement, announced NorthernLights, a unique new test target designed to help optimize image quality in digital cinema and HD television. Named after the stunning Aurora Borealis light display, NorthernLights shatters the typical test chart handicap of “narrow color gamut.” NorthernLights provides test elements that function well outside the Rec. 709 color space, which is particularly useful for those working with digital cinema and other high-end camera systems.

NorthernLights features include:

  • Front-lit 24 DSC-calibrated color chips for accurate reference and setup to the Rec. 709 standard
  • 11-step spectrophotometrically neutral crossed grayscale for efficient gamma adjustment
  • Horizontal/vertical hyperbolic wedges (DSC trumpets) to test camera resolution
  • Upper and lower 18% gray strips to check evenness of lighting, both horizontally and vertically
  • Adjustable brightness and color controls to balance white levels
  • NorthernLights will be on display at NAB (April 11–14). Attendees will be able to see its unique capabilities demonstrated at the DSC booth, C10215.

DSC Labs produces a wide range of precision tools for image control in broadcasting, digital cinema, corporate production, medicine, security, and more. Many of these tools have been designed with suggestions and input from experts for particular applications — NorthernLights is no exception.

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