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Innovision Optics’ Spintec Rain Deflector is Double Award Winner at 2011 NAB

Innovision Optics announced that the Spintec Rain Deflector has been awarded both the Videography Magazine Vidy award (given for “Best of Show”) and the DV Magazine Black Diamond award (recognizing outstanding achievement in the advancement of the art and science of video technology) at the 2011 NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) convention and exhibition in Las Vegas.

The Spintec RD deflects rain and snow from the front element of a video or film camera instantly by spinning a specially produced optical flat glass filter at 3000 rpm. The spinning glass creates both a centrifugal effect which instantly removes rain drops (and even water splashes) and a vacuum effect which removes the lighter snowflakes.  Professionals capturing live action video under extreme conditions, such as the Discovery Channel hit Deadliest Catch, have been quick to put the Spintec RD system to use.

The unit easily mounts on both internal focus lenses and external focus lenses with external diameters of 75-105mm. For internal focus lenses the Spintec RD simply snaps on the front of the lens. External focus lenses are mounted via special bracketry, which mounts onto standard 15mm rods. The Spintec RD operates via a 12 volt power supply directly off the camera battery.

For more about Innovision Optics’ Spintec RD click here.


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