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NAB Show 2011 – Day 5 – April 15, 2011

Here’s the fifth in our series of Special Reports.

Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the show floor, as he talks with:

Ned Soltz, Contributing Editor, Government Video and DV magazines, talks about the latest trends in camera technology displayed at NAB 2011.

Tim Dashwood, Founder, Dashwood Cinema Solutions, talks about the challenges of shooting and lighting stereoscopic 3D, and the launch of his production aid: Stereo 3D CAT.

Paola Hobson, Product Manager for Conversion and Restoration, Snell, explains her company’s core products – Archangel and Alchemist – and how they provide real-time format conversion and file restoration.

Sean Safreed, Co-founder and Director of Product Management, Red Giant Software, discusses the challenges of communicating color decisions between different groups working on a project and showcases two new, free, utilities that they released to solve this problem.

Steven Canepa, General Manager, Global Media and Entertainment, IBM, discusses the challenges of moving to an all-tapeless workflow, and tells the story of Watson, a supercomputer his group invented that recently beat two grand champions at Jeopardy and the role that type of programming plays in analyzing unstructured content.

Greg Dolan, Executive Vice President, Xytech Systems, explains how his company can help in scheduling resources, staffing, and media to enable mid-size production companies to avoid getting buried in paperwork.

Erwan Maigret, CEO, The Bakery, discusses the benefits of using traditional 3D software to create stereoscopic 3D images, as well as some graphics technology trends to watch in the future.

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