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Active Storage Conducts First-Ever Live ActiveSAN Demonstrations at NAB Show 2011

Active Storage, a maker of high-performance storage solutions for media and creative professionals, conducted the first-ever, live demonstrations of ActiveSAN, the high-performance metadata controller appliance for Xsan and StorNext networks that set the Xsan, Apple (and twitter) communities abuzz on its January 31st launch.

The demonstrations showed quick set-up and high-performance operation of ActiveSAN (sold in pairs), in addition to covering intelligent migration strategies for media and creative professionals at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in booth #SL5225.

ActiveSAN systems will ship in matched metadata controller pairs for high-availability two 1U ActiveSAN appliances, ready to use, out of the box fully configured and optimized with the highest quality components available. ActiveSAN systems are designed to meet the needs and budgets of any-sized Xsan and StorNext deployment.

Active Storage collaborated closely with Quantum, the makers of StorNext, to address the needs of current Xsan users moving from Apple Xserve metadata controllers. Migration strategies from Xserve-based Xsan networks to ActiveSAN were carefully crafted, including implementation of Access Control Lists (ACLs) for permission control, and the use of extended attributes.

ActiveSAN is a truly unique product that not only enhances current Xsan deployments, but also makes new deployments easier.

ActiveSAN is a server-based appliance that incorporates stunning Active Storage product design and the rock-solid performance and reliability of an Intel Nehalem server platform in a 1U rack form factor. ActiveSAN leverages the proven Linux operating system and the Quantum StorNext SAN file system. It features an Active Storage-designed user interface and management suite for phenomenal ease of use in deployment and management of the operating system and StorNext.

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Redrock Releases Micro3D Rig

Redrock Micro, the recognized leader in affordable professional-quality cinema accessories, announced the new Redrock Micro micro3D rig for professional stereoscopic 3D production. The micro3D delivers professional features and build quality at a price that makes 3D accessible to virtually anyone wanting to shoot 3D. The micro3D was recently awarded Best Support Rig of NAB 2011 by Videomaker magazine.

Recent advances in camera technology have dramatically reduced the price and size of video cameras that meet the requirements for professional quality 3D production. As an example, the Canon XF105 series digital video camera packs all the features needed into a compact powerful and inexpensive camera body. Despite these camera innovations, 3D support rigs have lagged behind, remaining heavy, cumbersome and expensive: that is until now. The new Redrock micro3D rig delivers professional features in new compact affordable solutions.

The micro3D rig is a state-of-the-art side-by-side (SxS) support rig for two-camera stereoscopic production. It is designed for today’s smaller format cameras and price-conscious stereographers looking to own high quality 3D gear. Like all Redrock equipment, the micro3D is built to the highest standards of professional quality and carries a lifetime warranty.

Key advantages of the Redrock micro3D rig include:

  • Full featured side-by-side (SxS) stereoscopic rig for digital video cameras
  • 18″ rail for range of interaxial adjustments with locking knobs
  • Unique tool less 3-point xyz adjustment plates for precision camera alignment
  • Bottom mounting plate with 1/4″ and 3/8″ taps for virtually any tripod mount
  • Innovative quick-release camera plates
  • Laser engraved markings for convergence, interaxial distance
  • Optional shroud designed for Canon XF105 series or similarly sized digital video camera
  • Support for a broad range of cameras including HDSLRs, Canon XF105, Canon XF305, Sony EX3, Red Epic, Red ONE
  • Rugged all-metal precision construction

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Sachtler Announces FSB Family

Sachtler, a Vitec Group brand, presents the FSB family, that consists of the FSB 4 (0 9 lbs / 0 to 4 kg), FSB 6 (2 13 lbs / 1 to 6 kg) and FSB 8 ( 2 20 lbs / 1 to 9 kg) 75mm heads. The finely-tiered product line provides a suitable head robust, stable and reliable for every HDV camera, as well as for DSLR cameras with video function.

All FSB heads work with the tried and tested Sachtler Speedbalance technology that enables a fast and target-oriented counterbalance. Based on the construction principles of other classic Sachtler heads, the FSB line offers no-compromise vibration damping which is extremely subtle and finely graded in comparison to other manufacturers in the same payload range.

FSB 0 9 lbs / 4: 0 to 4 kg payload range.

The FSB 4 fluid head is the smallest of the FSB line with a payload range of 0 9 lbs / 0 to 4 kg and is ideal for HDV camera users. Three horizontal and three vertical grades of drag as well as a dependable 5-step counterbalance system guarantees the camera operator optimal handling. The FSB 4 has an integrated flat-based fitting and fits tripods with 75mm bowls.

FSB 6: 2 13 lbs / 1 to 6 kg payload range.

The exceptionally long sliding range (4.7 inch / 120 mm) of the Sachtler Snap & Go sideload mechanism and the 10-step counterbalance, give the FSB 6 fluid head a special edge. Thus, quick and smooth counterbalance is also possible with a payload range of (2 13 lbs. / 1 to 6 kg). The FSB 6 is ideal for using cameras that are equipped with accessories and is also alternatively offered with the Touch & Go camera plate. In addition, it has three horizontal and three vertical grades of drag plus 0.

FSB 8: 2 20 lbs / 1 to 9 kg

With a payload range of 2 20 lbs / 1 to 9 kg, the FSB 8 fluid head is versatile. It has a 10-step counterbalance as well as five horizontal and vertical grades of drag, plus 0. It works with the tried and tested Sachtler features, like Speedbalance and the self-illuminating Touch Bubble. The sideload technology, that extends the sliding range of the camera, is also practical. As with the FSB 6, the head is alternatively offered with the Touch & Go Plate. The FSB 6 T and FSB 8 T have parking positions for spare camera screws.

Team player: works with SOOM

Together with the SOOM multifunctional tripod system that can be used for lens height ranges of up to 98.4 / 250 cm, the FSB line is a strong team for every position. The fluid heads function as a modular system with the FSB CELL, a 7.2 V rechargeable camera battery that is directly placed between the camera and the fluid head. With a high capacity of 10.5 Ah, the FSB CELL not only provides carefree shooting, but also extends the sliding range of the camera-setup. The energy-saving, compact, and dimmable Reporter LED camera light can be powered directly by the FSB CELL.

Secure position: 75mm Tripod and Pedestal C I

In addition to SOOM, Sachtler offers three other tripods in the 75mm range that offer impressive stability and versatility: the lightweight Speed Lock 75 CF with quick release clamp as well as the ENG 75/2 D with two-fold extension and the DA 75 L, both with rotary clamp. Sachtler’s Pedestal C I can be used in small studios and for outside broadcasting. It can be set up quickly without tools and guarantees vibration-free ‘on air’ movement with its smooth-running lifting column.

Accessories: adapter for FSB 6 and FSB 8

The FSB 6/8 adapter block is available for the FSB 6, FSB 6 T, FSB 8 and FSB 8 T. For mounting additional accessories, there is also the Sachtler accessory adapter with 1/4″-, M8- and 3/8 tap holes. It can be used with fluid heads that have a viewfinder extension and an adapter block. The accessory adapter with clamping can be used to expand viewfinder extension.

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Litepanels Introduces H2 Hi-Output LED Fixtures

Litepanels, pioneering developer of proprietary LED lighting and a Vitec Group brand, announces the worldwide debut of Litepanels H2 Hi-Output LED lights. The new fixtures answer the need for an LED fixture capable of throwing illumination over a 20 to 25 foot (6.1 – 7.6 M) distance, providing HD-friendly light with all the advantages of Litepanels proprietary LED fixtures.

The new H2 Hi-Output is 5600 degree K color balanced, utilizing an array of 72 one-Watt daylight LEDs that are focused to a 10 degree angle. H2 fixtures integrate perfectly into sets or locations utilizing other Litepanels fixtures, providing wide-spectrum daylight (5600 degree K) color balance illumination.

Like all Litepanels LED fixtures, the H2 fixtures provide their incredible light output while remaining energy efficient. The 100W H2 fixtures provide light equivalent to a 1000W legacy lighting fixture, utilizing just 10% of the energy. And because H2 lights generate no noticeable heat, the need for power-hungry air conditioning is reduced.

The new H2 fixtures provide the same dimming capabilities as other Litepanels fixtures as well as dimming from 100% to zero with no noticeable color change. Dimming is provided via a knob located on the fixture itself, or from a DMX dimmer board.

H2 fixtures have an integrated yoke and gimbal system for easy hanging in the grid or positioning on a light stand.

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OConnor Glow-in-the-Dark Follow Focus Marking Disks

OConnor, a Vitec Group brand and providers of innovative professional digital cine and film lens and camera accessories announced the introduction of its Glow-in-the-Dark Follow Focus Marking Disks.

The rings are standard size flat marking disks that are designed for use with the OConnor CFF-1, and are compatible with many other standard handwheels. The glow in the dark design provides maximum visibility to an assistant working in a dark camera location.

The phosphorescent marking rings join OConnor’s growing family of lens and camera accessories, including the CFF-1 Cine Follow Focus professional lens controller, O-Box WM mattebox for 16:9 format full-size sensor cameras, and O-Grips professional camera handgrip system.

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Petrol Bags Unveils New DigiSuite DSLR Camera Case

For the busy photographer on the go, Petrol Bags, a Vitec Group brand, now has the ultimate travel solution‚ the new DigiSuite DSLR Camera Case.

The front lid of this semi-hard suitcase-style carrier unzips quickly to reveal a central compartment contoured to comfortably fit up to two DSLR cameras with lenses attached. Detachable internal dividers help secure contents and create pockets for storing a mattebox, camera plate, follow focus, camera light, viewfinder, cables, etc. With the dividers removed, the DigiSuite can serve as a regular suitcase. On the lid’s interior, a padded pouch can hold a personal computer with up to a 17 inch screen. Contents are surrounded and cushioned by soft padded red fabric.

Twin brackets on the bottom of the DigiSuite allow for quick connection of Petrol’s Snaplock wheel and trolley system. The exterior features a plastic exchangeable logo frame for personal branding. Additional features include cold-molded laminate panels for extra protection, auxiliary zippered storage pouches for personal accessories, exterior front pocket, top and side carrying handles, and dual-directional easy glide zippers. Construction is of black 900D and ballistic nylon fabrics.

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K-Tek Announces World Premier of Norbert Sport Camera/Accessory Mount

Perfect for filmmakers wanting a solid, versatile camera mount for handheld shooting, Norbert Sport provides DSLR and small-format high-definition video cameras with comfortable hand-holding and accessory mounting options.

The Norbert Sport uses two, lightweight, foam-covered carbon-fiber hand grips and aluminum top and bottom mounting plates to securely mount select production accessories such as digital recorders, microphone mounts, or small LED lights. Weighing roughly 1.5 pounds, the carbon fiber side handles have comfortable and grippy foam covers. Handles have adjustable height and use a secure collar/collet system. The top bar offers nine shoe mounts, six 3/8 x 16 threaded mounts, and five 1/4 x 20 mounts. The bottom bar comes with a quick release/tripod mount and can use standard 15mm rods with K-Tek’s iris rod adapter.

Norbert Sport adds to the successful Norbert line of camera supports. The original Norbert frame, which is also available is perfect for more comprehensive setups because of its near-limitless combination of shoe mounts and threaded adapters.

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Boris FX Announces Intention to Support Apple Final Cut Pro X Release

Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film, announced its intention to support the new Apple Final Cut Pro X release. The Boris FX product family for Apple Final Cut Pro includes VFX plug-in filters, workflow tools, and plug-in applications for transitions, professional text, advanced composites.

The Boris FX product line consists of:

Boris Continuum Complete. 200+ production-oriented effects and transitions.

Boris Continuum Units. Toolsets from Boris Continuum Complete.

Final Effects Complete. 110+ designer effects and transitions.

Boris RED. Plug-in application for transitions, professional text, and advanced composites.

Boris FX. Plug-in application for effects and transitions.

Boris Graffiti. Plug-in application for 2D and 3D title animation.

Boris XML Transfer. Transfer Final Cut Pro program sequences to After Effects.

Boris AAF Transfer. Exchange sequences between Final Cut Pro and Avid.

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Qube Cinema Launches Qube KeySmith at NAB

Qube Cinema demonstrated Qube Keysmith, its breakthrough digital key management and reporting application, at NAB 2011. Built on technologies proven in years of use by parent company Real Image, Qube Keysmith allows filmmakers, production companies and post houses to encrypt Digital Cinema content with Key Delivery Messages (KDMs) for exhibitors. As a result, a new generation of companies and facilities can now offer full Digital Cinema distribution services for anything from film festivals to full theatrical releases.

Key Delivery Messages are unique pass codes that allow the exhibitor to unlock and play back digital content on a specific server and projector for a specific period of time. To ensure security, the KDM is encrypted and delivered to the exhibitor separately from the content itself. Creating the KDM requires the digital security credentials of the playback equipment as well as the show-booking schedule. Until now, independent producers have lacked the in-house tools to easily manage the data, the transactions and logistics this requires.

Qube KeySmith provides a means for Digital Cinema content producers and distributors to create their own databases, generate keys, distribute the keys via email or ftp, as well as monitor and log all activities. Qube KeySmith organizes all the essential information in customizable, fully searchable databases that drive the key management process:

The Content Database holds all technical and descriptive details of each composition, as well as information about the time period of the engagement.

The Sites and Screens Database provides country, location, time zone and contact information, as well as the Facility List Message (FLM), a list of equipment serial numbers and forensic mark IDs of the exhibitor’s specific servers and projectors.

The Server Database holds the information for the Trusted Device List (TDL), the manufacturer information and both Interop and SMPTE device certificates for the exhibitor’s equipment.

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Digital Production Buzz — April 21, 2011

Jim Robertson, Neil Ticktin, David Orban, Scott Morris, Vincent Maza, and Michael Kammes

HEADLINES: A mobile app to create production call sheets, MacTech Magazine, translating and captioning your videos, Adobe’s subscription software, Avid in 3D and Final Cut Pro X — all this, plus Buzz Shout-outs!, on this week’s show!

NOTE: There will be no live stream of this week’s show – it will be a download only. Live streams resume with next week’s show: April 28.

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This week’s episode of the world’s only interactive talk radio program covering Digital Production, Post-Production and Distribution is filled with information and entertainment designed for the independent filmmaker or industry professional.

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Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with:

Jim Robertson Founder and Managing Director,

Jim Robertson had a problem. His production books were getting thicker and heavier and he still couldn’t find the information he needed when he needed it. So, rather than complain, he and his partner invented “doddle” — a mobile app that provides free directory services and a Pro version that creates production call sheets. If tracking down production services or crew is important to you, then you need to hear about this free app.

Neil Ticktin, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine

MacTech Magazine is now in its 26th year of publication. Much more than simply a magazine and website, the magazine also sponsors conferences and developer boot camps around the country. Neil Ticktin, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief joins us to tell us more about the MacTech boot camps, and the newest version of the MacTech conference — now on a road trip to seven cities around the U.S.

David Orban, CEO, dotSUB

David Orban is the new CEO of dotSUB, a platform that allows us to closed caption, subtitle, and translate our videos into multiple languages. Used by TED and Adobe’s new Community Translation Program, the technology is fascinating and, frankly, very helpful. We talk with David this week about his vision for the service, what got him interested, and how we can use it.

Apple, Avid, and Adobe at the 2011 NAB Show

The 2011 NAB Show is filled with product announcements from just about every vendor in our industry. And during our coverage of the event last week, we spoke with 68 industry leaders about new trends, new technology, and new products we should keep our eyes on. This week, we present a summary of news from Adobe, Avid, and Apple on updates to all their products — including some news from Adobe that didn’t make our original coverage.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else! It’s another fascinating show.
It’s all the information you need now to know what’s coming next!

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