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Qube Cinema Launches Qube KeySmith at NAB

Qube Cinema demonstrated Qube Keysmith, its breakthrough digital key management and reporting application, at NAB 2011. Built on technologies proven in years of use by parent company Real Image, Qube Keysmith allows filmmakers, production companies and post houses to encrypt Digital Cinema content with Key Delivery Messages (KDMs) for exhibitors. As a result, a new generation of companies and facilities can now offer full Digital Cinema distribution services for anything from film festivals to full theatrical releases.

Key Delivery Messages are unique pass codes that allow the exhibitor to unlock and play back digital content on a specific server and projector for a specific period of time. To ensure security, the KDM is encrypted and delivered to the exhibitor separately from the content itself. Creating the KDM requires the digital security credentials of the playback equipment as well as the show-booking schedule. Until now, independent producers have lacked the in-house tools to easily manage the data, the transactions and logistics this requires.

Qube KeySmith provides a means for Digital Cinema content producers and distributors to create their own databases, generate keys, distribute the keys via email or ftp, as well as monitor and log all activities. Qube KeySmith organizes all the essential information in customizable, fully searchable databases that drive the key management process:

The Content Database holds all technical and descriptive details of each composition, as well as information about the time period of the engagement.

The Sites and Screens Database provides country, location, time zone and contact information, as well as the Facility List Message (FLM), a list of equipment serial numbers and forensic mark IDs of the exhibitor’s specific servers and projectors.

The Server Database holds the information for the Trusted Device List (TDL), the manufacturer information and both Interop and SMPTE device certificates for the exhibitor’s equipment.

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