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Atlona Launches New HDMI KVM Series Switchers

Atlona Technologies introduced its HDKVM series of HDMI KVM switchers. The new HDKVM-V21 and HDKVM-V41 allow users to incorporate and switch between multiple computers to one display easily, while utilizing a single keyboard and mouse across all computers.

The HDKVM-V21 features two HDMI inputs for two computers while the HDKVM-V41 features four. Both devices offer single or mirror outputs. Switching between computers is easily done through either a push-button on the front panel of the switch, or through hot key selection. Based on the latest HDMI standard, the HDKVM series is capable of fully displaying uncompressed digital video with resolutions up to 1920×1200 or 1080p, and supports the latest digital audio formats up to Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, the HDKVM units are plug-and-play with no software needed, and allow the use of either a USB or a PS2 keyboard and mouse. 3-D capable, the devices support 30/36/48-bit color depth displays and feature an Auto Signal Enhancement feature to improve signal quality for long-distance transmission.

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DAZ 3D Releases DAZ Studio 4 for Hobbyists and Professionals

DAZ 3D introduced DAZ Studio 4, the latest version of DAZ 3D’s character creation, art and animation tool. DAZ Studio 4 makes the creation process fun, while setting the new standard for 3D figure design tools by introducing the Genesis figure platform.

DAZ Studio 4 utilizes a new file format that is lightweight, easy to transfer and exists in an open format for easy editing. No longer satisfied with the inherent constraints of building upon a third-party platform, DAZ 3D established a new, open platform. DAZ 3D has also announced that they will support any other vendors that offer this file format within their tools.

Key DAZ Studio 4 features include:

  • TriAx Weight-Map System: Artists now have unparalleled flexibility with our patent-pending weight-map per-axis joint system.
  • Auto-Rigging: Artists can now take the base Genesis mesh and push or pull it into virtually anything imaginable. Both proportions and mass of the figure can be altered in a variety of ways. DAZ Studio 4 automatically adjusts the Genesis base skeletal rig to fit within the new shape.
  • Auto-Fit Plug-in: This tool, available separately, allows customers to up-convert clothes and hairstyles from DAZ 3D’s prior generation of figures for use with the new Genesis series so that their past investments are protected.
  • Smart Content: This new content tells DAZ Studio 4 what type of asset it is, and what other assets are compatible with it. DAZ Studio 4, in turn, can then filter out anything that’s not compatible with what the artist is working on.
  • Content Management Service (CMS): This allows customers to easily find their content by keyword, category and/ or compatibility by using a standard meta-data structure.

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Tweak Software Announces Availability of RV-SDI

Tweak Software, makers of RV, the next generation image and sequence viewer for VFX and animation artists, announces the availability of RV-SDI. The new software adds dual link SDI output with embedded audio to Tweak’s advanced playback and review tool, to handle the growing need for stereo 3D output and review in screening rooms and theaters.

Tweak’s RV makes it easy to review media with a powerful, customizable dailies workflow and an advanced media architecture that can automatically combine media of different resolutions, frame rates, color spaces, and audio sampling rates. Key capabilities of RV-SDI include:

  • Stereo over Dual Link SDI
  • High resolution, high bit depth SDI
  • 24 bit embedded audio
  • Advanced Color handling: HDR, floating point, linear light pipeline
  • Review: Organize and annotate media for desktop or dailies review
  • Collaboration: Connect to other artists, clients or vendors for remote review
  • Editing: Edit sequences with lightweight intuitive tools
  • Comparison: Layout shots or cuts in tiled views, A/B compares with wipes
  • Integration: Script, customize, automate RV to fit into a pipeline or workflow

Leading VFX and CG animation studios including Digital Domain, Aardman, ILM, Zoic Studios and many others use RV to play back and review digital media. RV’s professional, high-performance toolset is built on an open, extensible architecture allowing users to adapt the software to their own pipelines and styles of working.

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Larry Jordan is Keynote Speaker at the 2011 Creative Storage Conference

Larry Jordan, Executive Producer and Host of Digital Production Buzz will be a keynote speaker at the 2011 Creative Storage Conference (CS 2011) on June 28, 2011. Larry’s talk will explore “Why Are Filmmakers and IT Professionals Unable to Talk to Each Other?” Digital Production Buzz will be giving away free admissions to CS 2011 before the event and also recording interviews at the show.

In his keynote talk, Larry Jordan provides a thought-provoking analysis of why video professionals consider that IT doesn’t have anything to offer when it comes to telling stories visually.

Larry comments, “Sure, you can make IT storage and other infrastructure work if you’re a major studio, you’ve got an entire busload of IT professionals; but not if you’re an independent filmmaker.” He continues, “Filmmaking devours digital storage. And indies make up the vast majority of the market. Why are filmmakers so determined to ignore IT? Worse, why has IT made it so hard for the filmmaker to get good advice in a manner that they can understand?” His talk will provide answers to these questions.

The Fifth Annual Creative Storage Conference (CS11) will be held Tuesday June 28, 2011 at the DoubleTree Hotel West Los Angeles in Culver City, CA (formerly a Raddison Hotel). The Theme of the 2011 conference is: Content Storage Drivers in the Studio and the Cloud.

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Rorke Data and BlueArc are Silver Corporate Sponsors of CS 2011. Active Storage, Atempo, Harmonic and Hitachi Data Systems are Bronze sponsors. BitSpeed LLC, Grid Iron and Pogo Storage are exhibitors. Media and organization sponsors include Absolute Marketing, Apex, Coughlin Associates, Createasphere, Digital Cinema Society, Digital Production Buzz, Entertainment Storage Alliance, FCIA,b Fierce Cable, FutureTV, Home Toys, InfoStor, MediaTech Association, M & E Tech, Post Magazine, RDC, SNIA-SSSI, SMPTE and STA.

This one-day conference and exhibits brings together the vendors, end users, researchers and visionaries to discuss the growing demand for digital storage for content capture, editing, archiving and content distribution. At CS11 you can find out the latest developments in digital storage for media and entertainment and network with industry professionals.

A limited number of sponsorships and exhibits are still available for the 2011 Creative Storage Conference. Information on reserving a sponsorship or exhibit opportunities are available at

Conference registration is also open. You can register to attend at:

For additional information on the conference call 408-978-8184 or email The Creative Storage Conference is put on by the Entertainment Storage Alliance ( and Coughlin Associates (

Flanders Scientific Introduces the LM-1760WF Field Unit

Flanders Scientific, Inc. is pleased to announce the official launch of the new LM-1760WF Field Unit. This lightweight 17″ Monitor is a modified version of the LM-1760W designed specifically for field use. The standard LM-1760W is a 24VDC unit, but the LM-1760WF supports 12VDC directly without the need for an external 12V to 24V DC adapter making it the ideal choice for applications requiring efficient battery powered monitoring. The unit is also equipped with a standard AC power connection (100~240VAC) for hassle free use on AC power when available.

In addition to 12VDC power connectivity the LM-1760WF also comes packaged for field use with the following items at no additional charge:

  • Carrying Bag with Integrated Hood (CBH17): Can be used in both a desktop or light stand configuration for maximum versatility on set. Moreover, the combined weight of the monitor and carrying bag is only 17.5lbs…that is about the same weight as many 17″ production monitors by themselves. Made of durable cordura and ballistic nylon the interior of the bag helps protect the monitor with foam padding and a single piece honeycomb frame. The built in 4 sided hood assists in providing shade for viewing and the adjustable back leg can be adjusted for optimal tilt or lifted to allow the monitor to be mounted on a light stand while leaving the bag attached for protection and shade.
  • 2 x Clear Protective Covers (CPC17): These clear protective panel covers can be attached to the front of the monitor via simple hook and loop fastener strips. These covers help protect the LCD panel from objects that may otherwise cause damage or bruising to the LCD panel. The clear protective covers are made of high quality optical grade acrylic that is scratch resistant and two panel covers are provided so users always have a spare panel cover ready in case one becomes damaged.

VESA to Light Stand Adapter: This durable VESA to 5/8″ spigot light stand adapter provides for quick and easy mounting on a light stand. The VESA adapter is lightweight but extremely strong and features two pivot points for maximum adjustability. Best of all this adapter can be left attached even when not in use as it folds inside of the carrying bag, which means no tools are required to quickly transition from transport, to desktop, to light stand configurations.

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Redrock Micro Launches Universal Bundles for DSLR Cameras

Redrock Micro, the recognized leader in affordable professional-quality cinema accessories, announced the new Universal Bundles for video DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5D and 7D. Universal Bundles are a new concept for delivering DSLR support that enables customers to make one purchase and enjoy multiple rig configurations. The Redrock Universal Bundles address customers’ need for more flexibility when purchasing DSLR support equipment, and that the realities of production often require more than one camera support setup.

Redrock is shipping seven universal bundles: one for each of the popular product lines – nano, handheld, shouldermount, and studio – and two “master” bundles that build multiple rigs across product families. The Complete Universal Bundle enables customers to build every HDSLR rig Redrock currently offers. In addition to support for DSLR cameras, the Universal Bundles can be easily adapted for use with the latest video cameras such as the Panasonic AG-AF100, Canon XF300, and Sony PMW-F3. Pricing on Universal Bundle is often less than other solutions that give customers only a single rig. Like all Redrock products, the Universal Bundles carry a Lifetime Warranty.

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Panasonic Introduces New Ultra High-Speed SDHC Memory Card Line for Professional Applications

Panasonic Solutions Company announced a new line of SD High Capacity (SDHC) full Class 10 UHS-1 (Ultra High Speed) Memory Cards with transfer rates of 90MBs, four-and-a-half times as fast as the previous generation of SDHC media. With storage capacities of 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, this new RP-SDB series of cards is faster, smarter and more robust than current SDHC media and has been fully optimized for professional use, notably with Panasonic’s broad AVCCAM line of affordable HD camcorders.

The new UHS-1 media facilitate offload speeds of as low as one-and-a-half minutes from the 8GB card, to three minutes from the 16GB card, and six minutes from the 32GB card. To achieve the SBD Series UHS-1’s media’s high-speed transfer, a user must have a computer embedded with USB 3.0 technology and equipped with either a Panasonic UHS-1 USB adapter or with an SDHC card slot that supports the UHS-1’s chip.

The SDB series incorporates a powerful Super Intelligent Controller System (SICS) that extends the archive shelf life of the card and its respective recordings, provides power failure protection, and controls the data writing to the card so that the entire card is used fully over its lifetime.

SICS automatically refreshes data because repeated playback of the same data without refreshing can introduce errors. This refreshing functionality optimizes data playback performance and has the effect of boosting archival life by a factor of 10. In the event of a power failure, SICS saves original data back to the card so there is no corruption or loss of material. SICS also equalizes the rewrite areas on the card so that data writing begins at the point where the previous recording ended, even on a reformatted card. This ensures that a card is totally used in one full rewrite cycle, which minimizes to the greatest extent possible the depletion of flash memory’s finite program-erase capacities.

These new professional UHS-1 cards deliver impressive Proof 5 durability encompassing resistance to water, shock, magnetization, X-rays and temperature extremes (cards are operable from -13 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit). Other valuable features exclusive to the SDB series include QR Code Tracking for archival location tracking and management of content, and free, downloadable AVCCAM File Recovery Software, compatible with Windows 7, XP and Mac.

Panasonic will also offer free Card Checker software that assesses professional UHS-1 media for remaining card life. Available for download next month, the Card Checker software is compatible with Windows 7, XP and Mac, and requires operation with a computer embedded with USB 3.0 technology and equipped with a Panasonic UHS-1 USB adapter. In addition, the SDB series carries a one-year warranty covering professional use of the card.

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Petrol Bags Introduces Dr. DSLR Camera Bag

Petrol Bags, a Vitec Group brand, offers the carrying solution for users of video-enabled DSLR cameras. Based on the popular Dr. Petrol camera carrier, the new Dr. DSLR Camera Bag sports a modern, practical design in striking black 900D and ballistic nylon fabrics and is packed with industry-leading new features.

Inspired by the traditional doctor’s bag, this semi-rigid equipment bag is designed to hold a video-enabled DSLR camera and accessories comfortably and securely. A hinged, extra wide opening provides fast, easy access. The spacious interior is contoured to fit a DSLR camera with the lens mounted. Removable internal dividers help secure contents and create pockets for storing a mattebox, camera plate, follow focus, camera light, viewfinder, cables, spare lenses, etc. Contents are surrounded and cushioned by soft padded red fabric. An ingenious internal LED lighting system illuminates the interior, making contents easier to identify and organize.

Twin brackets on the bottom of the bag allow quick connection of Petrol Bags’ Snaplock wheel and trolley system. The exterior features a plastic exchangeable logo frame for personal branding. Additional features include laminate panels for extra protection, ergonomic neoprene shoulder strap, a flash memory card mini pouch (holds up to 4 cards), and dual-directional easy-glide zippers.

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Boris XML Transfer Version 3 Introduces Support for Avid Media Composer

Boris FX, a developer of integrated effects technology for video and film, announced Boris XML Transfer Version 3. Boris XML Transfer is an Adobe After Effects plug-in designed for seamless transfer of Avid Media Composer and Apple Final Cut Pro program sequences to Adobe After Effects. New to Version 3, the Avid to After Effects workflow allows for direct import and translation of Avid AAF format files.

Boris XML Transfer preserves all aspects of an Avid Media Composer or Apple Final Cut Pro project including edits, cuts, dissolves, and treatments. In addition, Boris XML Transfer offers the unique ability to translate Boris Continuum Complete effects used in Avid or Final Cut Pro projects to corresponding Boris Continuum Complete effects in After Effects.

Boris XML Transfer Version 3 feature highlights include:

  • Clips Remain Fully Editable. All trimmed Avid Media Composer and Apple Final Cut Pro clips remain fully-editable in Adobe After Effects as stepped-up or stepped-down layers.
  • Boris Continuum Complete Compatibility. Continuum Complete filter effects provide the same look and keyframe values for every parameter.
  • Avid and Final Cut Pro Titles and Text Elements remain editable in After Effects.
  • Integrity of Transferred Media Elements is preserved during the transfer from Avid or Final Cut Pro, including alpha channel information and masks.
  • Expanded Import Options include the ability to import or ignore audio tracks and the ability to pre-compose all video and/or audio tracks during import.
  • Familiar Look and Feel. Translated After Effects projects will look very familiar to Final Cut Pro or Avid editors. User marks, comments and labels for clips and sequences, and all user-defined names are carried across from Final Cut Pro or Avid to After Effects.

A Windows version of Boris XML Transfer is planned for later this year.

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Noise Industries Announces Yanobox Nodes 1.2

Yanobox Nodes offers editors and Motion graphics artists a unique tool to combine text, images and graphics into beautiful 3D animations. Nodes lets a user play with a number of different presets, or create a graphic vocabulary by customizing all available parameters.

The newest version of Nodes allows greater flexibility and control over the animation, and adds the ability to assign custom images to each node. The new version is a free update for current customers.

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