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Automatic Calibration of 2011 Panasonic HDTV Models

Automatic calibration of Panasonic’s 2011 HDTV models was announced by Seattle-based software vendor SpectraCal.

New workflows in SpectraCal’s award-winning video calibration solution CalMAN automatically calibrate the 2011 Panasonic displays via Viera Net IP connectivity.

Picture controls such as brightness, contrast, color, and tint are available directly from inside CalMAN, without needing a remote control.

CalMAN’s Interactive Charts allow users to say what results they want, leaving CalMAN and the display to work together to achieve those results.

Users can push a single button and watch CalMAN perform a complete eleven-point white balance calibration.

Calibration results are stored in the ISFccc (Imaging Science Foundation Certified Calibration Configuration) day and night memories.

SpectraCal Chief Technical Officer Derek Smith said that Panasonic engineers worked very closely with SpectraCal to ensure optimal results.

The results for the installer, Smith explained, are faster and easier calibrations with better results.

SpectraCal will be demonstrating the new Panasonic workflows at press briefings in Los Angeles on May 4 and New York on May 10.

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