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Cache-A Introduces New Prime-Cache5, LTFS Software, Power-Cache

Continuing its leadership role in archival storage, Cache-A is now one of the first storage companies to introduce the new LTFS (Linear Tape Film System) format for the media and entertainment (M&E) industry in its LTO-5 based product line and its flagship product, Pro-Cache5. Cache-A’s expanded product line also includes two new LTO-5 based products — Prime-Cache5, its new cost-effective LTO-5 archive appliance, and Power-Cache, its new high-performance archive appliance server.

The cost-effective Prime-Cache5 is a new version of the well-established LTO-4 based Prime-Cache and has been upgraded with an LTO-5 drive and a 2TB hard disc drive in an improved chassis. It now features 10 times faster direct-attached transfers with USB 3.0. Optimized for desktop applications, Prime-Cache5 is compact and quiet in the Prime-Cache tradition.

New LTFS Software

Cache-A’s new software upgrade adds LTFS capabilities to its family of LTO-5 based archive appliances. LTFS is based on open source software and enables users to interchange content across different operating systems, software applications and physical locations. Now users can choose to save their content in the emerging LTFS open standard format and still have all of the benefits of Cache-A’s catalog database, networking capabilities and ease of use.

The new Power-Cache is a high-performance archive appliance server that combines appliance functionality with much more processing power and faster I/O for faster archives and restores. It also offers greater flexibility for staging content, making duplicate tape copies and moving data to and from removable media.

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