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Chrosziel Announces Light-weight Supports

Chrosziel offers specially made accessories for Sony‘s new camcorder NEX-FS100E, which will become available between July and September this year.

The layout of the LightWeightSupport (LWS) 401-429 for the Sony NEX-FS100 makes sure that a follow focus can be added to all relevant lenses. The platform has been adjusted to the camera base, it allows the camera to move as far as possible to the front edge of the supporting rods.

Chrosziel alternatively offers an HD (Heavy Duty) version, as is the case for all single-chip cameras featuring a PL lens mount. It is equipped with a double tube guide and 440 mm tubes with 15 mm diameter (LWS 401-429HD).

Chrosziel also introduces an improved HD version light-weight support for Sony‘s PMW-F3 camcorder (LWS 401-415HD). Its platform now stretches out as far as the camera base, making use of all points of support the camera body offers as well as the third thread in the back of the camera bottom.

All HD versions offer sufficient space for handles, shoulder pads and external view finders.

Click for image of LWS 401-429HD for Sony NEX-FS100

Click for image of LWS 401-415HD for Sony PMW-F3

Click for image of LWS 401-415HD with VideoPlus handles and shoulder pad

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