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Intelligent Assistance Announces Update to prEdit

Intelligent Assistance, Inc has updated their pre-editing tool for developing paper cuts (a.k.a. radio cut) from transcripts to support all standard Timecode-stamped Transcript formats, regardless of document or file format. It also supports the highly accurate JSON transcript format from 3Play Media and Media Silo.

prEdit uses the transcript text to edit the video in the background: Edit video with text. Video editing by text is a whole new way of working that will take weeks out of developing a paper cut.

As well as working with any transcript prEdit 1.5:

  • Let’s producers or editors cut transcripts into selects in seconds
  • Add and update log notes with auto-complete logging fields
  • Uses notes already added in Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro
  • Previews the video for any clip, subclip, paper cut or section of paper cut
  • Supports the addition of Narration, which is immediately converted to temp audio
  • Exports to Excel spreadsheets and Final Cut Pro, or Premiere Pro Sequences.

prEdit produces Sequence outputs for Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro CS5 or later; a spreadsheet output so reports can be further processed in Excel for formatting and additional detail; full time-stamped script of the entire story; and a separate script for all narration segments to facilitate easy recording.

Click for more on prEdit.


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