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Enhance Technology Now Shipping Storage Systems

Enhance Technology, a designer and manufacturer of data storage systems and solutions announced the availability of 3TB SATA drives for its EnhanceRAID workgroup and departmental storage systems. The validation further enhances the performance of its mid-range storage systems and delivers high density storage space and better energy efficiency. The EnhanceRAID E400 and E800 Series are the first desktop storage systems shipping with 3TB SATA drives.

Enhance Technology continues to work closely with all major hard drive manufacturers to drive storage density level up. Enhance Technology was among the first group of technology partners to receive the new 3TB HDDs from Hitachi and Seagate when they were released. Based on both internal and the laboratory test results, the new 3TB HDDs in conjunction with EnhanceRAID storage systems yielded an impressive performance increment with over 900MB/sec sustained transfer rate on the E800MS Mini-SAS storage array.

EnhanceRAID Series 3TB compatibility features and benefits:

  • High storage density in space saving design offers 24TB in 0.31 cu ft for the desktop 8-drive E800 Series and 12TB in 0.20 cu ft for desktop 4-drive E400 Series
  • True backplane design lowers latency and increases reliability
  • Boosts computing and data processing performance while lowering energy consumption

Multiple host interfaces available for easy data transfer and sharing between workgroups & departments:

  • Mini-SAS E400MS / E800MS, iSCSI E400IP and FW/USB/eSATA E400FR
  • Modular and hot swappable components facilitate easy storage maintenance
  • 80 PLUS green power supply and energy efficient cooling fan reduces cost of ownership
  • Ideal for security surveillance, digital media storage, data archive, and desktop publishing

The EnhanceRAID E400 and E800 Series storage systems populated with 3TB HDDs are now available immediately through its worldwide dealer network.

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Digital Production Buzz — May 26, 2011

Paul (“Burf”) Burfitt, Philip Hodgetts, Tom Coughlin, and Phil Ritti

HEADLINES: Creating a new production company in Australia, does automating text transcripts really work?, the Creative Media Storage conference, and new solutions for media archiving. All this, plus Pick Our Brains, on this week’s show!

This week’s episode of the world’s only interactive talk radio program covering Digital Production, Post-Production and Distribution is filled with information and entertainment designed for the independent filmmaker or industry professional.

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Join host Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton, as they talk with:

Paul (“Burf”) Burfitt, Founder, Project 64

Paul Burfitt launched his newest venture – Project 64 – only 18 months ago. Now, he produces four hours of finished content a week from two home studios. He also likes going on location from his home in Australia. His next challenge is creating a live, online broadcast originating from a backpack! This could either be really cool, or end up surrounded by old, smelly sox.

Phillip Hodgetts, CEO, Intelligent Assistance

Adobe Systems brought automated text transcripts to the masses with the release of Production Premium CS4 a couple of years ago. Since then, the process of automating transcripts has rapidly improved. Regular Buzz contributor, Philip Hodgetts, CEO of Intelligent Assistance, joins us this week to assess the current state of the industry. Because, to documentary producers, nothing helps define the story like getting an accurate transcript of all your interviews.

Tom Coughlin, President, Coughlin & Associates, Inc.

The Creative Storage Conference is coming up on June 28 and Tom Coughlin, president of Coughlin & Associates, Inc., is the organizer of the event. The Conference focuses on digital storage products and requirements for various activities from content capture, postproduction, content distribution and content archiving, preservation and digital asset management.  Major companies focusing on digital storage for this industry will be there. This week, we talk with Tom about the latest news in storage and his offer to provide TEN free conference passes to Buzz listeners.

Phil Ritti, President, Cache-A

Keeping with our theme of looking at the latest in storage, reminds us that we also need to consider long-term archiving, something we’ve been discussing for a while. Phil Ritti, president of Cache-A, joins us to discuss their latest round of archiving products based on LTO-5 technology. We want to learn why archiving gear is so expensive, why we need more than just a tape drive, and what the significance is of the newly-announced LTFS file system that allows a tape drive to display files like a hard disk. No one knows the answers better than Phil.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else! It’s another fascinating show.
It’s all the information you need now to know what’s coming next!

The Digital Production BuZZ airs LIVE Thursday from 6-7 PM Pacific Daylight Time. Ask questions during the show on our Live Chat, listen live, download an episode from the archives, or subscribe to the podcast either through iTunes or our website. Whatever you do, DON’T miss this week’s show!

Intelligent Assistance Announces Update to prEdit

Intelligent Assistance, Inc has updated their pre-editing tool for developing paper cuts (a.k.a. radio cut) from transcripts to support all standard Timecode-stamped Transcript formats, regardless of document or file format. It also supports the highly accurate JSON transcript format from 3Play Media and Media Silo.

prEdit uses the transcript text to edit the video in the background: Edit video with text. Video editing by text is a whole new way of working that will take weeks out of developing a paper cut.

As well as working with any transcript prEdit 1.5:

  • Let’s producers or editors cut transcripts into selects in seconds
  • Add and update log notes with auto-complete logging fields
  • Uses notes already added in Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro
  • Previews the video for any clip, subclip, paper cut or section of paper cut
  • Supports the addition of Narration, which is immediately converted to temp audio
  • Exports to Excel spreadsheets and Final Cut Pro, or Premiere Pro Sequences.

prEdit produces Sequence outputs for Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro CS5 or later; a spreadsheet output so reports can be further processed in Excel for formatting and additional detail; full time-stamped script of the entire story; and a separate script for all narration segments to facilitate easy recording.

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Vaddio Launches ProductionVIEW

ProductionVIEW HD MV offers cutting-edge processor technology to the existing ProductionVIEW HD, with the addition of multiviewer capabilities and digital inputs/outputs. Combined with the new TeleTouch Multiviewer Touch Screens, users can easily switch all live feeds and create up to 12 “video thumbnails” of preset shots just by touching the monitor. The “video thumbnails” provide an easy way to identify and recall preset camera positions on a per-input basis in the preview window.

ProductionVIEW HD MV is a 6 x 2 multi-format, seamless video mixer that also provides two discrete outputs for dual bus program feeds (two independent 6 x 1 mixers). Input signals include analog HD YPbPr video, RGBHV, SD (Y/C and CVBS), and Input 6 provides a DVI-I input for RGBHV, DVI-D and HDMI. The Program and Preview outputs have both analog (YPbPr, RGBHV, Y/C & CVBS) and digital (DVI-D & HDMI) outputs. HD resolutions up to 1080p/60fps are supported.

Camera control features include a broadcast-style 3-axis/1-button Hall Effect Joystick with twist handle zoom control, as well as separate Pan, Tilt and Speed control knobs. There are six discrete auto-sensing RS-232 camera control ports that are compatible with Vaddio, Sony, Panasonic and Canon PTZ Cameras (see manual for a complete list of compatible PTZ cameras). A wide variety of transitions including cuts, dissolves and wipes can be achieved through user-selectable buttons built into the control surface. The Lower Screen Graphic (LSG) function allows users to overlay computer graphics onto the program video output.

TeleTouch Multiviewer Touch Screen Monitors

The new optional TeleTouch Multiviewer Touch Screen Control Monitors allows users to easily see and switch all live video feeds and create “video thumbnails” with finger-touch control. The multiviewer can be configured to display up to six input windows and two larger “Preview” and “Program” windows with red and green tally window borders. The Preview output is configurable for analog and digital outputs and allows for either standard preview outputs or the multiviewer output. In addition, each camera input can have up to 12 stored “video thumbnail” preset camera shots. The TeleTouch Touch Screen Control Monitors are available in two sizes: 18.5-inch rack-mount or a standard 22-inch with base.

Stop by Booth 1963 at InfoComm to see the new ProductionVIEW HD MV as well as Vaddio’s complete line of cameras, control systems and custom AV furniture. For free VIP InfoComm passes or to set up an appointment at InfoComm please contact or by calling (763) 971-4409.

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CalDigit Announces FASTA-6GU3 Now Available

The CalDigit FASTA-6GU3 is the first of its kind, combining two next generation interfaces into a single card with throughput speeds of up to 6Gbps. With both USB 3.0 and 6G eSATA connectivity, the CalDigit FASTA-6GU3 provides a connection for the latest technology. The CalDigit FASTA-6GU3 card has been designed for the most demanding content creators. Applications like video editing, audio sweetening and photography are the perfect fit.

The CalDigit FASTA-6GU3 card is available through CalDigit Certified Dealer worldwide on on the CalDigit Online store (now available in the UK).

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ToolsOnAir Announces Broadcast Suite Update

ToolsOnAir have announced an upgrade to their popular just:in Broadcast Suite of Mac OS based applications for broadcast video professionals. The new version 1.5 update adds significant features and enhancements to the company’s highly acclaimed software suite.

Version 1.5 of just:in multi offers an enhanced engine for increased speed and robust operation, as well as full integration with newly released multi-I/O cards from AJA, Blackmagic Design and Matrox, providing unified multi-channel, multi-card support on a single Mac Pro. A new and improved Safe-Write mechanism has also been implemented to prevent data loss in cases of power outages or out-of-storage backup issues, with just:in maintaining frame accuracy even while switching to another local volume. And direct IP connection capability has been added to the existing channel discovery via Bonjour services for added flexibility and compliance with larger and more complex networks.

Broadcast Suite’s playout tools have also received a significant update. Version 1.5 of just:play and just:live include enhanced playlist integration via the implementation of custom scripts, and new video formats including 720p59.94 and 1080p50/60 are also supported. Hardware support has been extended to include AJA’s Kona 3G card, and user rights management is expanded to allow operators to log in with varying levels of password-based permissions. The programs have also been updated to connect via TCP/IP protocol, in addition to existing Bonjour support.

New just:live features include Cue First Frame and Hold Last Frame functions, as well as support for metadata based on XML files, and the ability to include graphic layers to the playout timeline. New just:play features include new shortcuts for faster scheduling, and enhanced Sync Point capabilities.

Click for more information about ToolsOnAir and just:in Broadcast Suite.

Imagineer Systems Announces Updates

Imagineer Systems announced it has launched a new point release for its mocha family of powerful, standalone 64-bit tracking and roto tools built on its award winning Planar Tracker. With this new point release, mocha, mocha AE and mocha Pro v2.6 now features more powerful and flexible roto export features for Nuke artists, significantly improved performance on the Windows platform, and a number of additional performance optimization and stability improvements. As a result of these new features, mocha artists can export mocha roto shapes directly to Nuke v6.2 with a 1:1 keyframe relationship, allowing significantly greater editing control within Nuke.

Imagineer Systems works closely with customers to identify opportunities for enhanced performance and workflow flexibility and speed, resulting in mocha v2.6. In addition to providing VFX artists significant time savings and more streamlined workflows, the new feature enhancements in mocha v2.6 also support the increasing worldwide demand for efficient and tightly integrated solutions for 2D-3D stereo conversion workflows and visual effects productions. As well, After Effects artists will see measurable performance benefits from significantly faster planar tracking in exports in mocha AE running on Windows.

What’s New in mocha V2.6

Imagineer Systems has incorporated a number of powerful new enhancements in the newest version of mocha, including:

  • Nuke Roto Export Improvements: mocha v2.6 now supports a 1:1 keyframe relationship between mocha and Nuke 6.2 roto keyframe
  • Tracking on Windows Speed Improvements: mocha v2.6 now delivers multiprocessing optimization on Windows operating systems resulting in faster tracking speeds
  • New SSF Batch Export Feature: mocha v2.6 now offers the ability to batch export multiple roto layers in popular Shake .SSF format.
  • Project Save and Load Speed Improvements: mocha v2.6 delivers performance and speed improvements designed to accelerate the entire workflow
  • Improved After Effects tracking export.
  • General Stability Fixes: Imagineer continues to bolster overall application stability to ensure smooth, stress-free workflows.

The mocha v2.6 family is available as a free upgrade to all customers with a valid mocha v2.x, mocha Pro v2.x, and mocha AE v2.5 license or valid support contract.

Cross platform, floating licenses also available.

Click here for more about Imagineer Systems.

Cache-A Introduces New Prime-Cache5, LTFS Software, Power-Cache

Continuing its leadership role in archival storage, Cache-A is now one of the first storage companies to introduce the new LTFS (Linear Tape Film System) format for the media and entertainment (M&E) industry in its LTO-5 based product line and its flagship product, Pro-Cache5. Cache-A’s expanded product line also includes two new LTO-5 based products — Prime-Cache5, its new cost-effective LTO-5 archive appliance, and Power-Cache, its new high-performance archive appliance server.

The cost-effective Prime-Cache5 is a new version of the well-established LTO-4 based Prime-Cache and has been upgraded with an LTO-5 drive and a 2TB hard disc drive in an improved chassis. It now features 10 times faster direct-attached transfers with USB 3.0. Optimized for desktop applications, Prime-Cache5 is compact and quiet in the Prime-Cache tradition.

New LTFS Software

Cache-A’s new software upgrade adds LTFS capabilities to its family of LTO-5 based archive appliances. LTFS is based on open source software and enables users to interchange content across different operating systems, software applications and physical locations. Now users can choose to save their content in the emerging LTFS open standard format and still have all of the benefits of Cache-A’s catalog database, networking capabilities and ease of use.

The new Power-Cache is a high-performance archive appliance server that combines appliance functionality with much more processing power and faster I/O for faster archives and restores. It also offers greater flexibility for staging content, making duplicate tape copies and moving data to and from removable media.

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Digital Production Buzz — May 19, 2011

Jessica Sitomer, Ned Soltz, Bruce Nazarian, and Michael Kammes

HEADLINES: It’s a day with our regulars! Leveraging mentors to get work, performing at the Newport Beach Jazz Festival, SANs explained, and picking the best way to archive your projects. All this, plus Pick Our Brains, on this week’s show!

This week’s episode of the world’s only interactive talk radio program covering Digital Production, Post-Production and Distribution is filled with information and entertainment designed for the independent filmmaker or industry professional.

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Join host Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton, as they talk with:

Jessica Sitomer, President, The Greenlight Coach

Jessica Sitomer, president of The Greenlight Coach, has almost twenty years in the industry helping people find work. Most of the time on The Buzz, we talk with her in short segments, this time, we wanted to expand into a longer conversation to get into details on finding mentors, networking, interviewing skills and tips to negotiating rates. She has a wealth of information that can help you make sure your next job is a better job. Be sure to listen!

Michael Kammes, Workflow Specialist, Keycode Media

Michael Kammes, senior applications editor and workflow specialist for Keycode Media, spends his days looking for better ways for editors to work together. This week, he looks at SANs (Storage Area Networks) – what they are, how they work, and brands we should consider. Because when the time comes and you need a group of editors all working on the same project, nothing helps you accomplish that better than a SAN.

Bruce Nazarian, The Digital Guy

We are still recovering from Bruce performing at the Newport Beach Jazz Festival — totally stunned the crowd! He has returned to his roots as a world-class musician. Which reminds us, there’s been a lot of talk recently about The Cloud, as the music industry seems to be cloud-obsessed. Amazon released a cloud-based music system, last week Google followed suit. Apple is rumored to be working on the same thing. Why all this fuss about fog? (Sorry, weather joke.) This week, we invited our resident music maven – Bruce Nazarian, The Digital Guy – back to explain this all to us.

Ned Soltz, Contributing Editor, DV and Videography magazines

Ned Soltz, contributing editor for DV and Videography magazines, has been researching the whole area of archiving and long-term storage. This week, he reports back on what he’s learned – both in terms of hardware and the software to support it. As the newly-installed president of MoPictive, Ned Soltz is a great guy to have on your side when it comes to learning about gear.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else! It’s another fascinating show.
It’s all the information you need now to know what’s coming next!

The Digital Production BuZZ airs LIVE Thursday from 6-7 PM Pacific Daylight Time. Ask questions during the show on our Live Chat, listen live, download an episode from the archives, or subscribe to the podcast either through iTunes or our website. Whatever you do, DON’T miss this week’s show!

P+S TECHNIK Announces the PS-IMS-F3 Lens Mount

For everyone who has ever dreamed of using the Sony F3 with still photo lenses – this is the chance to do so: The newly developed IMS camera mount for the Sony F3 camera from P+S TECHNIK, the PS-IMS-F3, gives F3 users the option to use virtually every 35mm lenses they want to!

Originally, the F3 comes only with a PL lens mount. But there are many options out there for alternative lenses. With PS-IMS-F3, Nikon, Leica and Canon mount lenses can be used with the F3. Besides the modest price, the major benefit of using still photo lenses with a camera like the Sony F3 is their size and weight. With PS-IMS-F3, those lenses perform just fine on an F3.

Key Features:

  • Easy adaption to the camera
  • Ease-of-use change of lens mounting rings
  • Eight different lens mounts available
  • Makes a wide range of lenses available
  • Compact form factor
  • Professional solution at a very modest price

With PS-IMS-F3, the following lens mounts can be attached to the Sony F3 camera:

  • Professional F-Mount
  • Nikon F Mount
  • Canon EF Mount
  • Canon FD Mount
  • Leica R Mount
  • Leica M Mount
  • Panavision Mount
  • BNCR Mount

The PS-IMS-F3 consists of an intermediate flange and various lens mounting rings allowing the use of virtually all professional 35mm lenses. All a user needs to do is to exchange the original PL mount with the PS-IMS-F3 intermediate flange. There’s no need for any modification of the F3 or its FZ mount. The F3’s back focus adjustment function allows easy installation and adjustment without any shimming. Of course, existing IMS users can keep using their IMS lens mounting rings with the PS-IMS-F3 intermediate flange.

The PS-IMS-F3 intermediate flange for Sony PMW-F3 is available from now on.

Meet P+S TECHNIK at Cine Gear Expo 2011: Booth #67

Click for more information about P+S TECHNIK lens mounts.