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ToolsOnAir Announces Broadcast Suite Update

ToolsOnAir have announced an upgrade to their popular just:in Broadcast Suite of Mac OS based applications for broadcast video professionals. The new version 1.5 update adds significant features and enhancements to the company’s highly acclaimed software suite.

Version 1.5 of just:in multi offers an enhanced engine for increased speed and robust operation, as well as full integration with newly released multi-I/O cards from AJA, Blackmagic Design and Matrox, providing unified multi-channel, multi-card support on a single Mac Pro. A new and improved Safe-Write mechanism has also been implemented to prevent data loss in cases of power outages or out-of-storage backup issues, with just:in maintaining frame accuracy even while switching to another local volume. And direct IP connection capability has been added to the existing channel discovery via Bonjour services for added flexibility and compliance with larger and more complex networks.

Broadcast Suite’s playout tools have also received a significant update. Version 1.5 of just:play and just:live include enhanced playlist integration via the implementation of custom scripts, and new video formats including 720p59.94 and 1080p50/60 are also supported. Hardware support has been extended to include AJA’s Kona 3G card, and user rights management is expanded to allow operators to log in with varying levels of password-based permissions. The programs have also been updated to connect via TCP/IP protocol, in addition to existing Bonjour support.

New just:live features include Cue First Frame and Hold Last Frame functions, as well as support for metadata based on XML files, and the ability to include graphic layers to the playout timeline. New just:play features include new shortcuts for faster scheduling, and enhanced Sync Point capabilities.

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