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Boinx Software Announces Fotomagico Stylish Transition to Version 3.8

Boinx Software presents digital photographers and videographers with brand new transitions in FotoMagico 3.8, the company’s latest update to its unique slideshow presentation tool for Mac OS X. Version 3.8 is all about the transition; FotoMagico slideshows flow smoother than ever before with the new transitions Blinds, Flash, Pixelate, and Broken TV, and enhanced options for the existing favorites Fade and Flip.

Boinx engineers also went under-the-hood in version 3.8 to tune-up the software’s performance and audio playback for a more streamlined and efficient workflow. In accord with the iPhone and iPad’s support for HD movies, Boinx added an HD 720p format option to FotoMagico’s iPhone sharing plug-in, allowing users to display their HD movies on a HDTV with the appropriate connector cables. In addition, the FotoMagico export progress is now visible in the Dock icon so that users can send the app to the background and work in a different app in the foreground while not losing sight of the export progress.

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