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Enhance Technology Unveils Enterprise JBOD Expansion Array Delivering Up to 192TB of High Availability Storage Capacity

Enhance Technology, Inc., a leading data storage designer and manufacturer, has introduced the UltraStor ES3160JS HA dual controller JBOD storage system. The UltraStor ES3160JS is designed for both direct connection to a host with RAID HBA and to provide seamless capacity expansion for the UltraStor ES3160 Series HA dual controller storage systems, via its high speed end to end 6G SAS ports. As your need for storage increases, the ES3160JS offers an easy to deploy and cost effective way to extend storage capacity for Enhance Technologies ES3160 TG-D (10GbE), P4-D (iSCSI), FS-D (Fibre Channel), or SS-D (6G SAS) primary arrays.

The UltraStor ES3160JS expansion array leverages 3TB 3.5″ drives, making it ideal for high-capacity applications. The modular design enables simple expansion of your existing ES3160 storage systems by daisy chaining up to 3 additional ES3160JS arrays for up to a total of 48 additional drives. These highly scalable expansion arrays support both SAS and SATA drives within a single chassis, allowing you the flexibility to manage tiered storage within a single system. A fully configured UltraStor ES3160 storage system with 3 ES3160JS expansion arrays expands to a massive 192TB of total capacity.

The ES3160JS offers dual-active I/O modules per expansion array, which optimize throughput while providing failover data paths. It delivers over 1.2GB/s sustained data throughput in a RAID 5 configuration by leveraging either 450GB or 600GB 15k RPM SAS drives. The ES3160JS improves computing and data processing performance for demanding applications such as data processing, web streaming, video editing, media & asset libraries, and file/database/application servers that are hungry for speed and stability.

The ES3160JS expansion array is controlled by the RAID controller of the primary unit, which allows storage expansion at a lower cost than a full RAID array. These JBOD arrays can be auto-configured with a comprehensive menu option from the primary RAID unit (ES3160TG-D/P4-D/FS-D/SS-D) and reconfigured in minutes as storage needs change. The simple yet powerful management console offers cross platform & user friendly GUI management giving users access to easily configure, manage, and monitor the ES3160 systems and its ES3160JS expansion units without additional software.

The ES3160 series storage platforms use N+1 hot-swap 80 PLUS “green power” modules as well as modular cooling fans and drive trays to ensure that your system maintains the highest level of cost efficiency, peak performance and availability. With implementation of other green storage technologies, such as, auto disk spin-down, field replaceable component modules and advanced power management, the ES3160JS keeps your critical applications running while minimizing your TOC.

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