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Enhance Technology Unveils Enterprise JBOD Expansion Array Delivering Up to 192TB of High Availability Storage Capacity

Enhance Technology, Inc., a leading data storage designer and manufacturer, has introduced the UltraStor ES3160JS HA dual controller JBOD storage system. The UltraStor ES3160JS is designed for both direct connection to a host with RAID HBA and to provide seamless capacity expansion for the UltraStor ES3160 Series HA dual controller storage systems, via its high speed end to end 6G SAS ports. As your need for storage increases, the ES3160JS offers an easy to deploy and cost effective way to extend storage capacity for Enhance Technologies ES3160 TG-D (10GbE), P4-D (iSCSI), FS-D (Fibre Channel), or SS-D (6G SAS) primary arrays.

The UltraStor ES3160JS expansion array leverages 3TB 3.5″ drives, making it ideal for high-capacity applications. The modular design enables simple expansion of your existing ES3160 storage systems by daisy chaining up to 3 additional ES3160JS arrays for up to a total of 48 additional drives. These highly scalable expansion arrays support both SAS and SATA drives within a single chassis, allowing you the flexibility to manage tiered storage within a single system. A fully configured UltraStor ES3160 storage system with 3 ES3160JS expansion arrays expands to a massive 192TB of total capacity.

The ES3160JS offers dual-active I/O modules per expansion array, which optimize throughput while providing failover data paths. It delivers over 1.2GB/s sustained data throughput in a RAID 5 configuration by leveraging either 450GB or 600GB 15k RPM SAS drives. The ES3160JS improves computing and data processing performance for demanding applications such as data processing, web streaming, video editing, media & asset libraries, and file/database/application servers that are hungry for speed and stability.

The ES3160JS expansion array is controlled by the RAID controller of the primary unit, which allows storage expansion at a lower cost than a full RAID array. These JBOD arrays can be auto-configured with a comprehensive menu option from the primary RAID unit (ES3160TG-D/P4-D/FS-D/SS-D) and reconfigured in minutes as storage needs change. The simple yet powerful management console offers cross platform & user friendly GUI management giving users access to easily configure, manage, and monitor the ES3160 systems and its ES3160JS expansion units without additional software.

The ES3160 series storage platforms use N+1 hot-swap 80 PLUS “green power” modules as well as modular cooling fans and drive trays to ensure that your system maintains the highest level of cost efficiency, peak performance and availability. With implementation of other green storage technologies, such as, auto disk spin-down, field replaceable component modules and advanced power management, the ES3160JS keeps your critical applications running while minimizing your TOC.

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International Datacasting to Unveil New Broadcast Distribution Products at IBC 2011

International Datacasting Corporation, a leader in the development of real-time and file-based content distribution solutions for professional radio, television, data, and digital cinema applications, has considered its product innovation to address both traditional and emerging broadcast markets.

As part of this evolution, IDC will unveil new products and enhanced features at IBC 2011:

  • New in Pro Cinema: The evolution of our digital cinema solution toinclude a multi-screen live event capability will be unveiled at IBC 2011. This industry innovation supports high frame rate live alternative content delivery in both 2D and 3D, in addition to DCP feature film delivery. Our Pro Cinema solution has been deployed by the leading digital cinema distributors to over 3,000 theatre sites worldwide.
  • New in Pro Video: Our feature enriched TITAN Video Encoder will be unveiled with options for full 3G 1080p50 and 1080p60 support, and an internal transport stream multiplexer. These enhanced features enable unparalleled image quality for content contribution and distribution applications, and enhanced ease of use for outside broadcast applications such as major sporting events. IDC has over 15 years experience in delivering professional video encoding platforms with over 5,000 installations worldwide.
  • New in Pro Audio: IDC will unveil the newest feature set for our SuperFlex Pro Audio series receivers. The new Professional Media Recorder (PMR) feature enables the scheduled recording of program content, as well as improved replay and time-shift capabilities for more targeted audience reach. As the leader in audio content distribution, IDC has over 20 years of experience with a radio network installed base of over 25,000 sites.
  • New in Broadcast Infrastructure: IDC will feature our state-of-the-art infrastructure products which lie at the core of major broadcast networks worldwide. Our Production Manager, Net Manager, IP Encapsulators and multiplexers provide the foundation for reliable and secure content distribution networks for customers in over 100 countries worldwide.

Learn why the world’s premiere broadcasters in radio, television and digital cinema rely on International Datacasting for best-in-class content distribution solutions for broadcast applications and audiences worldwide. Visit IDC at IBC 2011 Booth 1.C29.

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Toolfarm Presents The New Trapcode Suite 11 And Form 2 Bundle!

Toolfarm is currently offering Trapcode Suite 11, the industry standard package for high quality broadcast design, along with Form 2. Get nine full-featured tools for beautiful realistic effects, with an emphasis on flexible 3D motion graphics and an affordable price tag.

  • Includes Particular 2, Form 2, Shine and 3D Stroke for all your studio’s 3D design needs
  • Text titles, logos and animated backgrounds are fast to create and easy to change
  • Designed by Peder Norrby, Trapcode’s innovative founder and product developer
  • Take advantage of the huge Trapcode community to inspire and assist you

Industry standard tools for addictive effects

Trapcode Suite sets the industry bar for high quality, broadcast-ready effects. Its nine tools generate organic, natural content with an emphasis on 3D motion graphics and fast rendering. A powerful physics-based engine runs behind the scenes to let you work flexibly and make changes easily. A huge community following and commercial base mean you don’t have to look far to get inspired. Warning: This Suite is addictive.

Form 2 keeps the beautiful organic shapes that you love, while adding amazing 3D object import and powerful Particular 2 features for incredible control and endless possibilities.

Words dissolve into sand, a logo catches on fire, and now 3D sequences explode into particles. Form 2 keeps the beautiful organic shapes that you love while adding amazing 3D object support and powerful Particular 2 controls. Give your base form endless 3D possibilities by importing OBJ models, OBJ sequences or starting with our professionally designed presets. Supercharge the form with popular Particular features like Textured Polygon particles and Shading for AE lights. Form 2 has tools that work for the high-end motion designer, the professional VFX compositor and every artist in between. With its reorganized interface and better integration into After Effects, Form has grown alongside your creative needs.

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Digital Production Buzz — Aug. 25, 2011

J.J. Kelley, Josh Thomas, Ned Soltz, Andrew Little, and Philip Hodgetts

HEADLINES: From “Paddling to Seattle” to National Geographic – tips on producing films, a first look at new technology coming to DV Expo, and the Original iPhone Film Festival. All this, plus Pick Our Brains, on this week’s show!

This week’s episode of the world’s only interactive talk radio program covering Digital Production, Post-Production and Distribution is filled with information and entertainment designed for the independent filmmaker or industry professional.

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Join host Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:

J.J. Kelley and Josh Thomas, Independent Producers

The last time we heard from J.J. Kelley and Josh Thomas, Independent Producers, was two years ago, when they were promoting their second feature: “Paddle to Seattle.” Since then, they’ve been going non-stop. Traveling the world, making films, and living “the life.” So, we decided to catch up and see what they’ve learned, what works, and what they’d do differently. (By the way, JJ’s now a co-producer for National Geographic!)

Ned Soltz, Contributing Editor, DV and Videography magazines

Ned Soltz, contributing editor for DV and Videography magazines and technical wizard in his own right, joins us for a first look at the upcoming DV Expo – Sept. 20-22 – at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA. DV Expo is a great show for talking to industry vendors without getting lost in the crowds. And, this year, for the FIFTH year in a row, The Buzz is the Official Podcast of DV Expo!

Philip Hodgetts, CEO, Intelligent Assistance

Philip Hodgetts, CEO of Intelligent Assistance and regular guest on The Buzz, stops by to share his insights on new technology that will be shown or introduced at DV Expo in Pasadena in September. There’s lots happening with new media cards, codecs, and ingest workflows that can affect all of us, and we want to get the inside insight from Philip.

Andrew Little, CEO, Red Giant Software

Red Giant Software recently teamed up with the Original iPhone Film Festival to give a boost to aspiring filmmakers. CEO Andrew Little joins us to tell us about the Festival and what Red Giant is doing to support it. (By the way, it isn’t too late for you to enter your film!)

Pick Our Brains

This is your chance to get your technical and creative questions answered. You can contact us three different ways:

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else! It’s another fascinating show.
It’s all the information you need now to know what’s coming next!

The Digital Production BuZZ airs LIVE Thursday from 6-7 PM Pacific Daylight Time. Ask questions during the show on our Live Chat, listen live, download an episode from the archives, or subscribe to the podcast either through iTunes or our website. Whatever you do, DON’T miss this week’s show!

BORIS FX Announces Motion Tracking for Editors Bundle

BORIS FX, partnered with Imagineer Systems, has announced an affordable software bundle which enables users to track footage and seamlessly match transform, scale, rotation, and perspective motion within their editing system of choice. mocha’s popular planar tracker easily solves the most difficult tracking challenges without track marks!

Then, using the Boris Continuum Motion Tracker Unit plug-ins, users can import tracking data directly to their timeline for realistic visual effects finishing. Insert new content into cell phones and monitors, replace license plates and signs, and marry text and graphics to camera motion! Track and obscure faces with blur, mosaic, or tint.

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Cache-A To Debut High-Performance Power-Cache at IBC 2011

Cache-A Corporation’s new high-performance server, Power-Cache, making its world debut at IBC 2011, combines appliance functionality with more disk speed and better throughput. Power-Cache provides faster archive and retrieval transfers as well as greater flexibility for staging content, making duplicate tape copies and working with Cache-A Library units. A high-performance blend of LTO-5 tape drives, RAID and 10GbE technologies, the compact one rack-unit Power-Cache can control up to four LTO-5 drives with up to two concurrently at full speed. Library24 and Library48 options and single or double stand-alone racked tape drives can be controlled from Power-Cache in any combination.

To simplify the archiving of large projects, the Pro-Cache Library24 and Library 48 work with the Power-Cache or Pro-Cache5 to automate archival workflows and provide the ultimate in system flexibility. Cache-A’s Library24 option can accommodate up to two internal tape drives and up to four tape drives on the Library48 option when driven from the new Power-Cache model. Power-Cache also offers an RDX transport and a 2.5” raw disk drive slot as optional removable media interfaces.

Like the company’s flagship product, Pro-Cache5, and the new quiet, desktop Prime-Cache5, Power-Cache includes LTFS (Linear Tape Film System) capability. This new format enables users to interchange content across different operating systems, software applications and physical locations. This provides application independence, transportability and protection from obsolescence.

Click for more information about the New Cache-A Power-Cache.

Mako Koiwai Chooses Norbert Sports Jr. for Indy 500 Shoot

K-Tek, announces that cameraman Mako Koiwai is one of the first to employ the new Norbert Sport Jr. for a high-profile production. Mako recently chose the newest of the Norbert line for New Wave Entertainment’s shoot for 3net of the 100th Anniversary of the Indy 500 in 3D.

Mako says that the pairing of the Norbert Sport Jr. with the hot new GoPro cameras was the perfect combination. And while much of Mako’s work is operating or assisting on high-end commercials shot with full-size cameras, he often adds GoPro shots.

Mako has also been testing the new Norbert Sport Jr. for 3D GoPro set-ups where he can adjust the inter-axial distance between two GoPros.

Norbert Sport Jr. is ideal for use as a rack to go with GoPro and GoPro 3D camera systems. Based on the award-winning Norbert Sport, the smaller Jr. features a top plate made of anodized aluminum with numerous shoe mounts, as well as 1/4×20 and 3/8×16 thread holes. The sure-hold side handles are foam-covered graphite. Another cushioned grip fits securely on the top or bottom of the frame for easy handling regardless of orientation.

Click for more information about the Norbert Sport Jr.

SONOPEDIA 2.0 August-Only Sale

Pro Sound Effects has placed SONOPEDIA 2.0., their sound effects encyclopedia, on sale for this month only. The 2.0 means the second version with 30,000 crisp, clean sounds total. Every single sound effect in this library is guaranteed to be pristine quality, high definition (24/96 native), edited perfectly and dry and a bone (as opposed to recorded with an ambient background). And SONOPEDIA 2.0 includes free sound effects updates for life, every three months you receive at least 100 new sounds.

Click for more information about SONOPEDIA 2.0.

XenData Announces Collaboration with Harmonic for Media Storage and Archive

XenData, the leading provider of digital video archive solutions to the media and entertainment industry, will be unveiling a new interface at IBC 2011 that seamlessly integrates the range of XenData archive server solutions with Harmonic’s Media Application Server and ProXplore. XenData and Harmonic have been working closely on development of the new interface which extends the capabilities of Media Application Server (MAS) to include management of archiving to and restoring from robotic LTO tape libraries that scale to multiple petabytes.

The new interface is applicable to Harmonic Media Application Server version 3.4 and the full range of XenData’s archive server solutions, including X64 Edition software, XenData6 Server software and the XenData range of SX-Archive Servers. The archive and restore queue is managed by Harmonic MAS but executed by the XenData archive system which initiates FTP transfers between the LTO archive and Harmonic’s MediaGrid, Spectrum or MediaDeck Servers. Video assets are archived and written to LTO cartridges by the XenData system, then archive location information is passed back to MAS which updates the metadata for that asset.

Media Application Server already provides search capabilities for the entire enterprise using standard browsers for easy deployment and administration. The new XenData interface will extend the search capabilities of MAS to a hugely scalable LTO archive. Even individuals in departments not normally supported by media systems, such as legal and marketing, are now able to search, view and mark archived content for subsequent workflow steps.

The integrated system will be shown on the Harmonic booth (Hall 1, Booth 1.B20) at IBC 2011 in Amsterdam from September 9-13. XenData will also be exhibiting other digital video archive solutions at IBC on booth (Hall 7, Booth 7.47).

Click for more information about XenData’s IBC 2011 Exhibit.