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SmithMicro Software Is Now Accepting Pre-Orders For Poser9 and PoserPro2012

The Poser family of products is used in a wide variety of industries and in many types of projects, but the core benefits of the software are essentially the same in all cases. Poser and Poser Pro answer many of the challenges that face illustrators, artists, industrial designers, animators, and game designers alike. Read more about how Poser can benefit you.

Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012 are coming soon, boasting incredibly powerful new features that further establish Poser as the world’s easiest tool for creating art and animation using 3D characters.

Poser Pro 2012 is for the professional artist and production team. It’s the fastest way to add pre-rigged and fully textured 3D characters to their projects. Included plug-ins transport pre-rigged, fully textured and animated 3D characters into 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave 3D and CINEMA 4D projects.

Poser 9 is for the serious artist, illustrator or animator‚ or someone who simply dreams of playing with 3D characters. Includes all the tools and content you need to start creating 3D character art and animation in minutes.

Why go Pro?

Especially designed for content creators, Poser Pro 2012 is uniquely designed for content creators and includes our full Suite of Weight Map Editing Tools such as Weight Map editing and painting, Zone converters, Hybrid Rig creation and Weight Map Auto Transfer. (All figures rigged in Pro 2012 are fully supported in Poser 9, too!).

Saves you time with faster processing and rendering Poser Pro 2012 is 64-bit native and optimized for multi-core systems. It efficiently uses all your system memory and processors. Poser Pro 2012’s Queue Manager lets you render across a network of systems or offload renders when your computer is idle.

Fully supported integration with the best professional tools Pro 2012 also includes the full set of PoserFusion plug-ins to transport your Poser 3D characters into 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave and CINEMA 4D projects. Pro 2012’s COLLADA implementation is the standard for integrating characters into compatible applications.

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Red Giant Releases Magic Bullet Mojo For FCP X

Red Giant has just released Magic Bullet Mojo, their first product released for FCP X. In addition they will continue to fully support Final Cut Studio 2 and 3, and now they’re offering their users the ability to employ Mojo in Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. This is a free update for all Mojo users.

With Engineering and QA teams working hard on FCP X compatibility for their products, Red Giant has made great progress in a short time, and promise that products will be released as they become available.

In Magic Bullet Mojo users will find they have one of Hollywood’s best tricks up your their sleeve. Modern blockbusters often use a subtle coloring effect to warm up actors’ skin tones while backgrounds and shadows get a cool blue treatment — but the trick is to do it while keeping your talent in focus. Magic Bullet Mojo gives its users the look of a modern Hollywood blockbuster in seconds, with easy customizable controls to suit any footage.

Also, this week only, use the coupon code MOJOFCPX for a 50% discount.

Click for more information about Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Mojo.

Free update for current Mojo users. To download the FREE update to Mojo 1.2.2, go to the Updates page for Mojo. NOTE: This installation will require your original Mojo or Magic Bullet Suite serial number.

SilhouetteFX Introduces New Floating License Rental Options for its Multi-Faceted Silhouette Suite

SilhouetteFX, LLC is pleased to roll out new 90, 180 and 270 day floating license rental options of its acclaimed stereo roto, paint, keying and effects suite. New customers can now purchase a three-month 3 Floating License Rental Package, while existing Silhouette customers can add on as many additional three-month floating rental licenses as they like. 100% of the 90-day rental cost can be applied toward purchase of a permanent license. Conversion of rental to owned must take place during the rental period – with a one-week grace period. Floating licenses allow users the flexibility to run Silhouette on any supported machine connected to their LAN.

Click to order the three-month Silhouette Floating License Server and 3 License Rental Package for new customers.

If you are an existing Silhouette customer, click for the three-month Silhouette Floating License Rental Package.

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Digital Production Buzz — August 18, 2011

Digital Production Buzz — August 18, 2011

Peter Hampden, Will Pisnieski, Justin Eugene Evans, Michael Nikonov

HEADLINES: Finding funding for your film, editing reality TV, successfully marketing your small-budget film, and markerless motion capture. All this, plus Pick Our Brains, on this week’s show!

This week’s episode of the world’s only interactive talk radio program covering Digital Production, Post-Production and Distribution is filled with information and entertainment designed for the independent filmmaker or industry professional.

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Join host Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:

Peter Hampden, Managing Director, Lipsync Post Production

Peter Hampden, managing director for Lipsync Post-production co-founded the company in the Soho district of London to provide high-end post services to feature films. However a few years ago, they had the insight to add film funding to their company’s list of services. Partly to help support the independent film industry and partly to help create business for their own post services, recently six of their films were accepted into the Toronto Film Festival. We talk with Peter this week about what they look for in funding a film, what producers can do to make their film more attractive to potential funders, and what budget ranges they fund. You’ll find this conversation fascinating!

Will Pisnieski, VP of Post-production, Authentic Entertainment

Will Pisnieski, vice-president of Authentic Entertainment, is responsible for creating dozens of hours of reality TV programming each week. Supervising 43 Final Cut Pro edit suites and gathering media from across the world is no easy task. Nor is creating a look for each show that makes it sparkle. We talk with Will about the challenges of editing a TV reality show, and their use of CoreMelt’s plugins to achieve a unique look.

Justin Eugene Evans, Director and co-Writer of “A Lonely Place for Dying”

His Cold-war spy thriller, “A Lonely Place for Dying“, recently beat out both “X-Men: First Class” and “Source Code” for Internet popularity. In early August, the teaser episode reached over one million downloads on BitTorrent. Justin Eugene Evans was the director and co-writer for the film, which was made on a $200,000 budget. Since then, it has gone on to earn more the 15 awards from 40 festival selections. We talk with him this week about his film, how he shot it, and what he did in marketing to make it so successful.

Michael Nikonov, CEO, iPiSoft

Michael Nikonov is CEO of iPiSoft and chief architect of iPiSoft’s breakthrough markerless motion capture technology. Introduced last year, iPi Soft Motion Capture is a scalable solution with a new workflow for filmmakers. Captured animations do not exhibit artifacts like jitter or foot skate and can be exported in popular animation formats. iPi Mocap is compatible with a wide variety of leading game engines and 3D software applications. We asked Michael to join us to explain his new technology and how we can put it to work.

Pick Our Brains

This is your chance to get your technical and creative questions answered. You can contact us three different ways:

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else! It’s another fascinating show.
It’s all the information you need now to know what’s coming next!

The Digital Production BuZZ airs LIVE Thursday from 6-7 PM Pacific Daylight Time. Ask questions during the show on our Live Chat, listen live, download an episode from the archives, or subscribe to the podcast either through iTunes or our website. Whatever you do, DON’T miss this week’s show!

GenArts Partners with Sony to Offer Exclusive Pre-Built VFX Looks for Sony Vegas Pro

GenArts Inc., a leader in visual effects (VFX) software for the media and advertising industries, announced a strategic alliance with Sony Creative Software to provide an exclusive visual effects collection for their Vegas Pro content creation software for Vegas Pro and Sapphire Edge users. Sapphire Edge makes studio-quality looks accessible to videographers without the steep learning curve or the need to compromise quality for cost or time spent.

Sapphire Edge is the first product that leverages the full GenArts Solution which includes the Sapphire effects engine, the same engine that has powered VFX for Hollywood and broadcast for over a decade, FX Central, the place to get the most relevant quality looks to accomplish a project and goals, and the analytics engine to help users select the most appropriate look to optimize audience engagement and content popularity. FX Central is currently in beta and will launch in late 2011.

As part of the strategic agreement, GenArts will create a collection of effect-driven looks and co-market the collection through a series of webinars, tutorials and promotional activities including a demonstration of Sapphire Edge running in Vegas Pro at IBC in September.

Sapphire Edge feature highlights include:

  • 20 different presets exclusive to Vegas Pro
  • Visually browse over 350 pre-built native looks
  • Easy-to-use design sliders
  • Affordably priced

Click for more information about GenArts, Inc.

Click for more information about Sony Vegas Pro.

Art of the Guillotine Launches Film Editing Information System

Art of the Guillotine Inc., a news aggregation and distribution system for film editors, has launched their latest systems update that has automated news gathering for film editors.

To celebrate the launch of their new system Art of the Guillotine will be giving away weekly prizes to its members; VFX templates from, Digital Film Tools Plugins, Plural Eyes Software, Blackmagic Resolve, an iPad and much more. To win, users only need to sign up for Art of the Guillotine’s free service and are automatically entered into the weekly draws.

Later this month Art of the Guillotine will be launching their app for film editors that gathers information on film editing on their favorite mobile device. This version will allow users to access their news, as well as the videos from Art of the Guillotine’s “Association Video Series” which brings the American Cinema Editors, the Canadian Cinema Editors and the Australian Screen Editors together to share their videos with editors and students. As well as “The Cutting Room podcast” hosted by Gordon Burkell, voted as one of the top 40 film podcasts to listen to for filmmakers and editors.

Click for more information about The Art of the Guillotine.

QubeMaster Xport Provides Reliable Cost-Effective Digital Cinema Mastering

Qube Cinema, developers of the QubeMaster digital cinema mastering application family, announced full compatibility of the QubeMaster Xport plugin with Apple Compressor 4. With QubeMaster Xport and Apple’s $49 rendering utility, filmmakers, postproduction facilities and pre-show content creators can reliably and cost-effectively master Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) for film festivals and theatrical distribution.

Compressor 4 is sold as a stand-alone application online at the Apple App Store. QubeMaster Xport also works with Compressor 3.5, a component of the Final Cut Suite.

Click for more information about QubeMaster Xport.

Click for more information about Qube Cinema.

Dalet Announces Support for Prores

Dalet Digital Media Systems, a developer of Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions for News, Radio, Sports and Programming announced that Dalet Brio, the company’s new ingest/playout platform, now supports the Apple ProRes codec. Qualification of the ProRes codec means that Dalet customers can experience full format compatibility from ingest to post to playout.

Click for information about Dalet Digital Media Systems.

Facilis Offers Trade-in Program to Avid Unity and Apple Xsan Owners

Facilis Technology, a maker of advanced shared storage solutions for post-production and content creation, is offering a trade-in program for Avid Unity MediaNetwork, LANshare and Apple Xsan owners looking to retire their aging shared storage systems. From today through the end of 2011, customers who trade in Unity or Xsan systems will receive a 20 percent discount toward the purchase of a new Facilis TerraBlock 24D/24EX shared storage system.

Because TerraBlock supports 4 & 8 Gb Fibre and 1 & 10 Gb Ethernet, facilities can repurpose much of their current Fibre channel and Ethernet infrastructure, and add:

  • Dynamic switchable sharing for volume and file-level control
  • Multi-platform shared file system capability
  • Unique Pro Tools file-level support
  • Easy expandability with no per-seat fees of any kind
  • Native cross-platform Avid project and media sharing
  • Ultra high performance — even at 100% full

Facilis TerraBlock is a high-capacity, shared storage system for post-production and content creation. It fosters collaboration, supporting Fibre channel and Ethernet, volume and file-level control, and multiple platforms. TerraBlock outperforms the competition and provides a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than that of traditional SAN infrastructure.

Trade-in program runs through December 31, 2011.

Click for complete details about the terms and conditions of the Facilis Offers Trade-in Program.

P+S TECHNIK Previews Products to Debut at IBC 2011

P+S TECHNIK announced products to be shown at IBC 2011.

PS-Cam X35: New creative possibilities to tell the story differently

The PS-Cam X35 is the first film-style Digital Cinematography Camera made for the DAILY creative use of various kinds of special speed and motion effects (slow motion, fast motion, ramped motion and time lapse motion). With its unique set of features making motion effects easy to produce, it´s a combination of a sync sound AND motion effects camera providing additional frame rates all of the way up to 450 fps – a 2 in 1 camera. So, firstly, the PS-Cam X35 is a proper all-purpose sync sound camera with a 35mm-sized CMOS imager and a global shutter. Secondly, it’s also an exciting alternative for crews and producers who want to make the leap from film to digital as seamlessly as possible while having motion effects capability with their main camera package at their fingertips. Thus, it’s an all-purpose motion effects camera with daily workhorse capability due to the following unique combination of features:

  • 2 in 1 sync sound and high speed camera
  • 1 – 450 fps
  • Perfect tool for all kinds of motion effects (slow motion, fast motion, ramped motion and time lapse motion)
  • Global Shutter for enhanced motion capture capability
  • 640 ASA base sensitivity
  • 11 T-stops latitude

Click for more technical details about the new PS-Cam X35.

PS-Mag 16DSR-III: Breathing new life into Arri SRIII

The PS-Mag 16DSR-III is finished and ready for delivery, now. It is a portable digital recording unit, shaped like a film magazine, that is designed to seamlessly interface with the Arriflex SRIII Super 16mm film camera. With the PS-Mag 16DSR-III, cinematographers are able to shoot an SRIII film camera utilizing existing high quality lenses with the accuracy of the optical viewfinder while utilizing all existing film accessories and recording digitally.

As the PS-Mag 16DSR-III supports the industry’s best compression and unmatched CineForm HD workflow its footage seamlessly integrates with common post-production chains. No data experiments, no time-consuming and expensive post-production, just efficient production. So be prepared to meet a new hybrid hero on set: 16SR III cameras supporting all advances of a digital workflow.

Click for more technical details on the new PS-Mag 16D SR-III.

P+S TECHNIK has developed some new accessories for the PS-Freestyle Rig.

PS-Freestyle Magic Support – The new Magic Support for the PS-Freestyle Rig completes the setup as it can be mounted on cranes, lambda heads and tripods 100% balanced. Additionally, it works as an adjustable riser on tripods in the 90°-position. It can be mounted almost everywhere and features a quick lock mechanism. Attaching the Freestyle Rig takes only a few seconds.

PS-Freestyle Quarterwave Filter – The polished and multicoated beamsplitter mirrors of P+S TECHNIK split the light exactly 50/50. Anyway, the physics of dielectric mirrors also cause a partial splitting of differently polarized light waves.

P+S TECHNIK now offers a high quality Quarterwave Filter for the PS-Freestyle Rig. It leads to a severe reduction of polarization artefacts without almost no light loss. Additionally, the Quarterwave Filter consisting of optical glass with a high quality coating reduces flare and protects the beamsplitter mirror. The Quarter wave Filter can be mounted and dismantled very quickly with a special quick lock mechanism.

A White Paper concerning polarization artefacts is available in our 3D download section.

Click for more technical details on the new PS-Freestyle Accessories.

P+S TECHNIK Cinema Screening “Inspirational Tools for Exceptional Pictures”

Save the date and join the showcase of the power of German digital film technology with new and exclusive PS-Cam X35 footage on the IBC Big Screen:  September 10, 2011 – 3:30pm – 5:00pm, IBC Big Screen

Meet P+S TECHNIK @ IBC 2011: Booth 11.E28.

Click for more information about P+S TECHNIK and its products.