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Dulce Systems Announces Redesigned PRO DQ Gen2

Dulce Systems Corp., a provider of world-class storage solutions, announced that it is shipping its next-generation PRO DQ Gen2, PCIe x8 lane with x8 lane expansion port.

Building on the success of the previous “PRO DQ” newly redesigned PRO DQ Gen2 (PCIe2) is the only storage array in the industry to provide an x8 lane expansion port. Most competitor’s storage arrays provide an expansion port for added capacity without any increase in performance. The new PRO DQ Gen2 (PCIe2) expansion port allows users to expand capacity and double performance.

The PRO DQ Gen2 uses the 40 Gb/sec PCI-express x8 lane Extender Technology to extend the computer’s PCI-express bus to the PRO DQ Gen2 enclosure. This enables the hardware-based, high performance RAID controller to be housed inside the PRO DQ Gen2 enclosure which allows for exceptional performance and a cooler environment, reducing the heat buildup that otherwise would be retained inside the computer. The PRO DQ Gen2 provides the user the ability to add additional storage through the PCIe x8 expansion port (daisy chain up to 16 PRO DQ Gen2’s); without using any additional PCIe slots in a PC or Mac.

The PRO DQ Gen2 is flexible with high performance and reliability that Dulce Systems products are renowned for. The PRO DQ Gen2 can be configured as a RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6 or JBOD and supports 6Gb/s SATA, SAS and SSD drives.

The PRO DQ Gen2 is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Apple’s Final Cut Studio, Adobe’s Premiere Pro, Avid’s Media Composer, Scratch, Smoke, DaVinci and other popular video editing and creation tools.

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