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Automatic Duck Relaunches Website with Free Plug Ins

Automatic Duck has relaunched its website with a dramatic difference in how they are distributing their plug-ins.

Starting October 31st Pro Import AE, Pro Import FCP and Pro Export FCP (both versions, for FCP7 and FCPX) are available at no charge (as in free!).

Automatic Duck is unable to provide support at the same level as they have in the past, but they didn’t want these plug-ins to go away while they remain useful. So if users can make use of these plug-ins in any project – take them – they’re free! Enjoy!

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MAXON Announces CINEMA 4D R13

MAXON, a developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions, announced immediate availability of a new plug-in for Adobe After Effects CS5 and CS5.5 that allows motion graphics artists to export projects directly into CINEMA 4D R13. This new capability broadens CINEMA 4D’s domination as the industry-leading 3D motion graphics toolkit, known for its seamless connectivity to popular 2D motion graphics and compositing tools. This new plug-in is the perfect companion to the CINEMA 4D composition import already widely used by broadcast designers worldwide. With the combination of these two plugins, motion graphics artists working on Windows and Mac OS X will enjoy easy data exchange to and from both applications.

The CINEMA 4D export appears directly in the After Effects export menu and generates a .c4d file containing 3D layers, cameras, lights, solids, nulls and footage. Even nested compositions are supported. All major layer attributes including animations (rotation, position, parameter, anchor points, POI, etc.), expressions, layer parenting, layer locking and layer visibility are retained. Render and document settings in CINEMA 4D are adapted accordingly to the After Effects’ project settings.

The new CINEMA 4D R13 exchange plug-in compatible with Adobe After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5 is immediately available as a free download from the MAXON.

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Gefen Unveils Portable Toolbox Mini Pattern Signal Generator

Gefen’s next generation Mini Pattern Signal Generator for HDMI 3DTV is designed for easy mobility when installing, designing or trouble shooting audio/video systems in the field. Real-time testing of multiple displays and projectors, support for 3DTV, advanced features and the small, lightweight enclosure all make this Signal Generator a valuable tool for integrators.

The Gefen ToolBox Mini Pattern Signal Generator for HDMI 3DTV supplies several test patterns for calibrating and testing video performance. New video testing patterns are provided including 19 HDTV and VESA standard timings. The 3DTV test pattern supports side-by-side, top-bottom, and frame packing 3D formats up to 1080p @ 24Hz. It supports the connection of digital optical audio, used to test support for the HDMI 1.4 feature of audio return channel. This is to determine if the connected display properly returns audio over the same HDMI cable. This new Signal Generator can also analyze the audio/video signal on the input and display the exact video timing and audio specification.

Advanced features include a KSV count for connected sources. The Mini Signal Generator for HDMI 3DTV will identify the maximum KSV keys for each source. This is extremely valuable when distributing a source to multiple displays with HDCP-compliance.

The Mini Pattern Signal Generator for HDMI 3DTV also allows users to store various displays’ EDID information through the local input and take it to the field. If users experience issues with signal loss when testing displays in the field, they can store that display’s EDID or use a previously installed EDID to overcome the issue.

The on-screen display menu, accessed through navigation touch capacitive buttons on top of the unit, guides users through all settings for an easy operation. Its ease of use enables a professional on-site evaluation and calibration of HDTV systems, immediately locating where problems lie so they may be eliminated.

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Carl Zeiss Presents the Distagon T* 2/25 ZE and ZF.2

Carl Zeiss presents the Distagon T* 2/25 ZE and ZF.2 moderate wide-angle lenses. The large image angle allows photographers to capture exciting perspectives. With its excellent imaging quality at all aperture settings, the lens flexes its muscles particularly for photo documentaries in interior rooms where space is at a premium, as well as for pictures of objects, architecture and landscapes. In many situations, a flash is an unwelcome feature – at family gatherings, in a museum or in a church for example. To capture the mood in such places, photographers gladly do without aggressive lighting and instead work with particularly high-speed lenses that enable short exposure times even under difficult lighting conditions.

The optical experts have now virtually eliminated the chromatic aberrations on these lenses through a special design and selection of materials. Selected types of glass and two aspheric surfaces prevent color fringes from appearing on high-contrast edges.

Lens elements meticulously crafted to minimize stray light and reflections in the lens, and the Carl Zeiss T* anti-reflective coating to increase light transmission enable high-contrast image rendition and color saturation.

The previously available Distagon T* 2,8/25 ZF.2 will continue to be on stock and supplements the new Distagon T* 2/25. Therefore, this new lens is also the first 25-mm lens of Carl Zeiss for the EF-bayonet.

The Distagon T* 2/25 will be available by the end of 2011.

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Panasonic’s New 22X AVCCAM HD Handheld Camcorders Released

Panasonic has released its new AG-AC160 and AG-AC130 AVCCAM HD handheld camcorders which incorporate high-sensitivity 1/3”, full-HD 2.2 megapixel 3-MOS imagers to capture native 1920 x 1080 HD images as well as DV images.

With the longest lens in their class (a wide 22X zoom with 3 independent adjustable rings for zoom/focus/iris), these solid-state cameras let users nail virtually every shot, even in dimly lit scenes. With a wide 28mm to 616 mm (35mm full frame equivalent) viewing angle, they cover most shooting situations without the need for a wide-angle conversion lens.

The AC160/130 record video in four pro AVCCAM HD recording modes, including the highest-quality PH mode (average 21 Mbps/Max 24Mbps), the HA mode (approx.17 Mbps), the extended recording HE mode (approx. 6 Mbps), and a PM mode (approx. 8 Mbps, 720p only), which is ideal for shooting sports training and web video.

Offering the same functionality as the AC130, the premium AC160 provides these additional top production features: variable frame rate recording in 1080p for slow- and fast-motion recording, Linear PCM audio, HD-SDI output, and switchability between 59.94Hz/50Hz for worldwide use.

Other invaluable features:

  • Records for up to 12 hours on two 64GB SDB cards in PH mode, with automatic clip spanning across the two cards;
  • 22-step variable frame rate capability in 1080/23.98pN, 29.97p and 25p to support undercranking/overcranking for fast or slow-motion effects;
  • Two SD Memory Card slots for relay or simultaneous recording.
  • Records at 60Hz in the following HD formats in PH mode: 1080/59.94i, 1080/29.97p, 1080/23.98pN, 720/59.94p, 720/29.97p, 720/23.98pN; in HA and HE modes, they record in 1080/59.97i;
  • Records in DV at 480/59.94i, 480/29.97p, 480/223.98p;
  • At 50Hz, the AC160 also records in 1080/50i and 1080/25p, in 720/50p and 720/25p, and in 576/50i and 576/25p.
  • Pro interfaces include an HD-SDI output (AC160 only), HDMI output (AVCHD only), USB 2.0 (mini B-type), IEEE 1394 output (DV only), and a built-in stereo microphone.
  • Waveform and vectorscope display, focus assists, time code/UB recording; time/date stamp, zebra display, tally lamps, and 4-position ND optical filter controls,
  • Two locking XLR inputs with switches for mic/line, two RCA audio outputs, and +48V Phantom Power capability.

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Digital Production Buzz – Oct. 27, 2011

  • Discover a profitable and productive work life
  • Personal industry success stories
  • Tips on acting
  • Manage stress and creativity
  • Balance work with family
  • Get involved in the creative process
  • Finding the creative spark

GUESTS: Lydia Cornell, Jessica Sitomer, Dr. Margaret Cochran, Michael Cosgrove, and Terry Curran

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Join Larry Jordan as he talks with:

Lydia Cornell, Actress

Lydia Cornell has it all – beauty, brains, talent, success and unbridled creativity! She won the People’s Choice Award for her role as Sarah Rush on ABC’s “Too Close for Comfort” in 1980 and has worked non-stop ever since. She is just about finished with her new novel, is a recurring guest on the Bashama and Cornell podcast and we’ve pried her away to talk to us about her career and what she’s learned about achieving success in this industry.

Jessica Sitomer, President, The Greenlight Coach

Keeping the fires of creativity lit can be a hard task. Dealing with stress and remaining creative is even harder. Jessica Sitomer, president of The Greenlight Coach joins us tonight to look at the other side of working – staying creative without burning out. She explains the relationship between stress and creativity and staying healthy – you’ll want to hear her answers on this week’s show.

Dr. Margaret Cochran transpersonal psychologist, and Michael Cosgrove, host/producer

Dr. Margaret Cochran and her husband Michael Cosgrove produce the internet radio show ‘Whole Brain Thinking: Wisdom, Love and Magic!’ Wisdom, Love and Magic is about everything you think and everything you feel or imagine. Dr. Cochran and her guests talk about how to make sense of the worlds of linear science and felt experience and understand their impact on your everyday life.

Terry Curren, Founder/President, Alpha Dogs

The difference between a good editor and a great editor is the “creativity factor!” Terry Curren, Founder and President of Alpha Dogs, Inc. explains more about why it is important to involve editors in the creative process and how that can take your project to the next level.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else! It’s another fascinating show.
It’s all the information you need now to know what’s coming next!

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K-Tek Introduces 3 Windscreens for Small Microphones

Known for popular boom poles, shock mounts and Norbert camcorder accessory mounting system, K-Tek offers three new windscreens. Designed for small/low-profile microphones, these US-made products, are effective solutions for wind noise reduction and microphone protection at affordable prices.

K-Tek’s unique design combines a fleece or faux fur exterior that breaks up the wind with a tightly woven fabric backing for an extra layer of protection.

The new KTMM is a small lavaliere fleece windscreen which is the ideal complement for microphones such as the Sanken COS-11, as well as Countryman B3 and B6.

The new KTFUZ, known as the “Fuzzball” is a small faux fur windcover, available in black or gray, that fits most lavaliere microphones.

The KTMWSC, known as “the Mouse”, is specifically designed for the popular Sanken CUB-01 microphone. Made of high quality faux fur with an acoustically transparent fabric lining, it provides a small pull tab which serves double duty to ease installation as well as to help with designating the orientation of the pickup pattern of the mic. “The Mouse” maintains a small space of air between the actual microphone and the inside lining of the windscreen for added wind protection.

Click for further information about the new K-Tek windscreens.

DAZ 3D Ships Victoria 5 – The First Genesis Figure

If you think getting older is cause for alarm; spend some time with Victoria 5. Just released, Victoria 5 is the latest version of the 3D community’s favorite figure and a bold leap forward from the original model DAZ 3D pioneered in 1999. Built with DAZ 3D’s award-winning Genesis platform, users can now apply unparalleled levels of flexibility and realism to the shape, personality and joints of their creations, in ways that are sure to enchant their audience. Crafted entirely by hand, with extreme attention to detail, and no compromises in quality; Victoria proves that some things truly get better with age.

Debuting to wide acclaim in 1999, Victoria has become the most widely supported 3D figure on the planet. Used by thousands of digital artists, illustrators, game developers and animators, Victoria is directly compatible with several software packages including DAZ Studio, Carrara and Bryce. Victoria additionally offers more than 10,000 add-on products, which are available on the DAZ 3D website and other third-party sites. To date, she has been downloaded over 3 million times.

Since DAZ 3D knew that realism needs to extend far beyond surface textures, Victoria 5’s body was designed to retain high levels of detail, even under the weight of extreme poses. Through the Genesis Tri-Ax weight map system, Victoria is now able to bend with greater dexterity without any unsightly UV distortion. This gives hobbyists and 3D professionals a freedom that hasn’t been seen yet in the world of 3D figures; and a chance to push the Victoria 5 figure to even greater heights.

Key features of Victoria 5 include:

  • Custom UVs: New, optimized UV’s created specifically for the Victoria 5 mesh shape allow for flawless skin detail without seams
  • Original, Detailed Body Shape: more options for specificity and detail without losing the ability to blend other shapes and forms with your character
  • Optimized Joint Setup: Hand painted weight maps for improved joint bending and mesh deformation beyond what the automated Genesis rig accommodates
  • Compatibility with Previous Content: Previous generation clothing and add-ons can be quickly re-configured to fit the Victoria 5 Genesis figure using DAZ Studio 4’s Auto-Fit tool.


Victoria 5 is available now. It can be purchased at: Accompanying bundles of clothing, hair, and other add-ons are also available in the DAZ 3D store.

About Genesis

The new Genesis series is built upon an entirely new framework that provides ultimate per-axis weight map control for each joint; improved load and active frame-rate speeds (fps) with sub-d, single-skin 3D meshes; flexible shape blending; multiple UV layouts; and extensible parameters. All of this simply means that DAZ 3D’s latest figures are the most realistic and versatile that have ever been produced. Every joint bends better, and every skin detail is more precise. Both proportions and mass of the figure can be altered in a variety of ways without ever losing the superior bending and detail within the mesh.

Click for more information on Victoria 5 and other Genesis figure platforms.

Digieffects Updates Delirium, Damage and Buena Depth Cue to Version 2.5

After completing extensive “under-the-hood” enhancements to the core suite of its effects plug-ins, Digieffects has launched Delirium v2.5, Damage v2.5 and Buena Depth Cue v2.5. The free updates for existing v2.0 users bring with them native support of Apple Final Cut Pro X inside select Delirium plug-ins, and native support of Adobe CS5.5 across the full Digieffects product line, including in the After Effects-only Buena Depth Cue. The new versions will be available for download during the week of October 24.

Sharp says it was time to begin offering reduced pricing on smaller effects bundles that appealed to specific audiences. “We are looking ahead at what a lower-priced FCPX will do to our market, and by comparison, Delirium’s price is just a tough one to swallow, especially for people who only need a few plug-ins at a time.” In addition to Phenomena, new themed bundles including Color, Distort, and Mood and Composite pare down the price of Delirium’s full suite of 44 plug-ins, collections of 6 to 11 effects each. A wide variety of presets, which Digieffects users previously had to find and download separately from the company Web site, are now included in each of the full suite upgrades. “We know that everyone is pressed with deadlines, so presets let them start at the 50-yard line of creativity to get a jump on their work,” says Sharp.

A streamlined registration and install process—a single installer will now work for entire suites—should appeal to large facilities with multi-seat users hoping to spread those tools across the network to a wider group of effects artists and editors. “University labs and our entertainment customers, like NBC Universal, will be able to do headless installs on their networks and it will be a lot less painful setup,” says Sharp.

Click for more information about Digieffects Delirium Bundles.

Sound Devices Introduces New Mix Assist Feature For Its 788T Digital Audio Recorder At AES 2011

Sound Devices, experts in portable hard-disk recording for audio, introduces Mix Assist, a new feature for its 788T Multi-Track Digital Audio Recorder, at AES 2011 (Booth 139). This new feature is available as a no-charge firmware update to all new and existing 788T customers.

Sound Devices 788T is a powerful, eight-input, 12-track digital audio recorder designed for sound engineers mixing on location for films, documentaries, episodic television and reality TV. As these applications are commonly dialogue-heavy and unscripted, the new Mix Assist turns down unused microphones while instantly activating only the microphones that are in use, making it easier to get clean dialogue recordings. Mix Assist activates only one microphone per sound source, attenuating unused microphones by 15 dB.

Building on the proven success of the 7-Series architecture, the Sound Devices 788T Multi-Track Digital Audio Recorder boasts eight full-featured inputs that ensure superb audio quality, accept either microphone or line-level signals, provide 48-V phantom power for condenser microphones, offer peak limiters for microphone inputs and feature fully adjustable high-pass filters, all in a compact package. The 788T, like all Sound Devices products, is versatile and designed to withstand the physical and environmental extremes of field production. The front panel is gasketed for water resistance.

Click for more information about Mix Assist.