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DAZ 3D Ships Victoria 5 – The First Genesis Figure

If you think getting older is cause for alarm; spend some time with Victoria 5. Just released, Victoria 5 is the latest version of the 3D community’s favorite figure and a bold leap forward from the original model DAZ 3D pioneered in 1999. Built with DAZ 3D’s award-winning Genesis platform, users can now apply unparalleled levels of flexibility and realism to the shape, personality and joints of their creations, in ways that are sure to enchant their audience. Crafted entirely by hand, with extreme attention to detail, and no compromises in quality; Victoria proves that some things truly get better with age.

Debuting to wide acclaim in 1999, Victoria has become the most widely supported 3D figure on the planet. Used by thousands of digital artists, illustrators, game developers and animators, Victoria is directly compatible with several software packages including DAZ Studio, Carrara and Bryce. Victoria additionally offers more than 10,000 add-on products, which are available on the DAZ 3D website and other third-party sites. To date, she has been downloaded over 3 million times.

Since DAZ 3D knew that realism needs to extend far beyond surface textures, Victoria 5’s body was designed to retain high levels of detail, even under the weight of extreme poses. Through the Genesis Tri-Ax weight map system, Victoria is now able to bend with greater dexterity without any unsightly UV distortion. This gives hobbyists and 3D professionals a freedom that hasn’t been seen yet in the world of 3D figures; and a chance to push the Victoria 5 figure to even greater heights.

Key features of Victoria 5 include:

  • Custom UVs: New, optimized UV’s created specifically for the Victoria 5 mesh shape allow for flawless skin detail without seams
  • Original, Detailed Body Shape: more options for specificity and detail without losing the ability to blend other shapes and forms with your character
  • Optimized Joint Setup: Hand painted weight maps for improved joint bending and mesh deformation beyond what the automated Genesis rig accommodates
  • Compatibility with Previous Content: Previous generation clothing and add-ons can be quickly re-configured to fit the Victoria 5 Genesis figure using DAZ Studio 4’s Auto-Fit tool.


Victoria 5 is available now. It can be purchased at: Accompanying bundles of clothing, hair, and other add-ons are also available in the DAZ 3D store.

About Genesis

The new Genesis series is built upon an entirely new framework that provides ultimate per-axis weight map control for each joint; improved load and active frame-rate speeds (fps) with sub-d, single-skin 3D meshes; flexible shape blending; multiple UV layouts; and extensible parameters. All of this simply means that DAZ 3D’s latest figures are the most realistic and versatile that have ever been produced. Every joint bends better, and every skin detail is more precise. Both proportions and mass of the figure can be altered in a variety of ways without ever losing the superior bending and detail within the mesh.

Click for more information on Victoria 5 and other Genesis figure platforms.


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