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Digieffects Updates Delirium, Damage and Buena Depth Cue to Version 2.5

After completing extensive “under-the-hood” enhancements to the core suite of its effects plug-ins, Digieffects has launched Delirium v2.5, Damage v2.5 and Buena Depth Cue v2.5. The free updates for existing v2.0 users bring with them native support of Apple Final Cut Pro X inside select Delirium plug-ins, and native support of Adobe CS5.5 across the full Digieffects product line, including in the After Effects-only Buena Depth Cue. The new versions will be available for download during the week of October 24.

Sharp says it was time to begin offering reduced pricing on smaller effects bundles that appealed to specific audiences. “We are looking ahead at what a lower-priced FCPX will do to our market, and by comparison, Delirium’s price is just a tough one to swallow, especially for people who only need a few plug-ins at a time.” In addition to Phenomena, new themed bundles including Color, Distort, and Mood and Composite pare down the price of Delirium’s full suite of 44 plug-ins, collections of 6 to 11 effects each. A wide variety of presets, which Digieffects users previously had to find and download separately from the company Web site, are now included in each of the full suite upgrades. “We know that everyone is pressed with deadlines, so presets let them start at the 50-yard line of creativity to get a jump on their work,” says Sharp.

A streamlined registration and install process—a single installer will now work for entire suites—should appeal to large facilities with multi-seat users hoping to spread those tools across the network to a wider group of effects artists and editors. “University labs and our entertainment customers, like NBC Universal, will be able to do headless installs on their networks and it will be a lot less painful setup,” says Sharp.

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