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3cP Apps Continue to Increase Visual Power Of Cinematographers

Gamma & Density Co. has announced the release of 3cP/Image Control Lite, a new version of their Apple iPad application for cinematographers. 3cP/Image Control Lite is now available in the iPad App Store.

3cP/Image Control Lite packages the base features of the 3cP/Image Control Pro version into a lower-cost application. It includes basic color correction, LUT support for Apple Color and DaVinci Resolve, and a histogram display. Additional LUTs, expanded color correction abilities, RGB sliders, full test instruments, and other features can be added via in-app purchases. 3cP / Image Control Lite allows you to have just the features you want.

Image Control Lite lets you color correct, crop, and mask your images on a calibrated screen, then create a matching 3D LUT for post-production. Images can be imported from the Photo Album, camera, or via the Camera Connection Kit. 3cP / Image Control Lite starts with color correction tools including curves, lift-gamma-gain color wheels, and a Zone System ruler. You can optionally add printer lights and RGB channel controls. A histogram monitoring display can be supplemented by optional waveform monitor and vectorscope displays.

Via in-app upgrade purchases, 3cP/Image Control Lite can be expanded to the full functionality of the company’s 3cP/Image Control Pro.

3cP/Image Control Lite and Pro are professional exposure and dynamic range metering and color correction devices which translate the imagery created on the set into precise post production output in any format. It’s a very simple, yet very sophisticated tool for ensuring that your intentions on set make it to post, whether you are shooting film or digital from an HDSLR to an Alexa.

3cP/Image Control Lite with the optional 3cP Interface in combination with 3cP “SET+POST” allows users to produce dailies and to work with variety of workflows with Alexa, RED, Sony and many other cameras, plus the ability of 3cPas well as to color correct a live video feed in real time.

The combination of Gamma and Density’s color science and pre-vis technology with the Apple iPad allows for even greater creative and technical freedom for contemporary image-makers, while maintaining the predictable, consistent results the 3cP on–the-set/near-the-set Image Management System is known for world-wide.

Click for more information about Gamma & Density Co.’s 3cP/Image Control Lite.


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