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Stereobank, the leading 3D stock footage marketplace

Stereobank, the leading S3D stock footage marketplace, has announced that the biggest catalogue of 3D stock shots is hitting a strategic milestone by adding its latest series of Super Slow Motion 3D footage. With 1,000+ premium S3D indexed clips and tens of hours of creative footage, Stereobank confirms being the essential partner for producers and post-production companies looking for genuine 3D footage to complete their 3D projects in HD, 2k and even 4K definition.

Stereobank is the widest catalogue of stereoscopic 3D stock footage. And it is now covering so many topics like lifestyle, nature, aerials, business, sport, macro, super slow-motion and more, that it is a dream come true for any 3D producer looking to enhance a project. The S3D footage from around the world is available in no time and at a flexible license rate.

Stereobank is always looking for new stereoscopic content to distribute. Counting more than 50 professional contributors worldwide, from independent stereographers to 3D production studios, the company is proud to welcome new filmmakers with talents.

Affordable 3D footage is now available for every project.

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