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VITEC Multimedia’s Focus FS-100 and FS-4 DTE Batteries Available Now

VITEC Multimedia has announced that they have released high capacity (3-hour) batteries now available for immediate purchase.  These high capacity batteries are compatible with the following VITEC Multimedia Focus DTE Recorders:

  • Focus FS-4 Line
  • Focus FS-C
  • Focus FS-100
  • Focus DR-HD100

This high-capacity battery for Direct to Edit Recorder from Vitec Multimedia (formerly Focus Enhancements) provides 180 minutes of recording time for the company’s Direct to Edit (DTE) units, doubling the capacity of the standard battery.

The 10.8V/1950mAh battery is compatible with the Focus FS-4 line (FS-4, FS-4 HD, FS-4Pro, FS-4Pro HD), FS-100, FS-C, and DR-HD100 recorder models. The Lithium-ion battery is rechargeable via the Focus DTE recorder.

Click for more information about VITEC Multimedia’s Focus FS-100 and FS-4 DTE Batteries.


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