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Updates to ProductionVIEW HD MV and Launch of HD-SDI MV

New Multi-View Input Screens and Dual Bus Multiview Outputs Now Available for Vaddio’s ProductionVIEW HD MV Camera Control Console

Vaddio announces new enhancements to the ProductionVIEW HD MV all-in-one camera control console with multiviewer capabilities, digital inputs/outputs, HD, RGBHV and SD video mixing, transitions, lower screen graphics and automated control functionality.

New Multi-View Input Screens allow the user to select between screen layouts that display four, five or six inputs, along with Preview/Program outputs and video thumbnail presets. With Vaddio’s TeleTouch touch screen monitors, all live video feeds can be accessed and up to 12 video thumbnail presets can be created, recalled and stored by simply touching the monitor. The thumbnails are a snapshot of what the camera preset shot looks like, to make storing and recalling presets even easier. Simply touch a thumbnail and the camera will pan, tilt and zoom to that position.

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Vaddio Now Shipping ProductionVIEW HD-SDI MV Camera Control Console with Multiviewer

The ProductionVIEW HD-SDI MV is an all-in-one camera control console with HD-SDI/SDI video switching/mixing, a built-in multiviewer, lower screen graphics and automated control functionality.

An additional capability of the system is Dual Bus Multiview output. This allows the user to switch between Preview and Program as discrete outputs – with one going to an IMAG Projector and the other going to a recording device. You now have three options for configuring the system: Preview/Program mode, Dual Bus mode and a third discreet multiviewer output for control and display.

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Nattress Releases First FxFactory Based Filters for FCP and AE

Noise Industries‘ latest partnership with Nattress Productions brings a finer degree of image control to the editor through Levels and Curves, a filter pack that allows users to color grade in film-log space. The new curve-based color adjustment plug-in, available now on FxFactory 3, is compatible with Final Cut Pro 6, 7 and X; Motion 3, 4 and 5; and Adobe After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5. Users can download a Free Trial Version of Nattress Levels and Curves.

Nattress Levels and Curves feature highlights include:

  • Film-Log Space – Editors have all the benefits of fine control over the tones in an image and film-like contrast handling.
  • On-Screen Curve Display – The on-screen curve display helps editors fine-tune curve and/or level adjustments. The curve display can easily be turned off when footage adjustment is completed.
  • Library of Presets – Users can quickly apply popular level corrections, or create and save custom presets to use again and again.
  • Levels – The Black and White level inputs and outputs can be easily set, plus gamma curve control allows for fast and functional levels control.
  • Curves RGB – Individual control over the RGB channels in an image is made simple. The control set is duplicated for each channel allowing for precise control over image tones and colors.
  • Curves Luma – Users can work on the luma component of an image only. When a user adjusts luma curves, it only alters how bright or dark the tones of the image appear; color and saturation are not affected.
  • Curves – Curves work in RGB space equally across all three channels. As contrast increases, so does the perception of image saturation.

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PluralEyes for FCP X Now Available

Singular Software, a developer of workflow automation applications for video production, is pleased to announce the availability of PluralEyes for Apple Final Cut Pro X (FCP X). The multi-award winning PluralEyes technology works alongside FCP X to quickly and accurately sync video and audio clips for dual-system audio and multi-camera productions, saving hours of tedious manual syncing during post-production.

PluralEyes for FCP X went through an extensive public beta before its release with thousands of editors putting the software through its paces.

PluralEyes for FCP X is available now for purchase.

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Existing PluralEyes for FCP customers can get the Free-of-charge Upgrade to PluralEyes for FCP X.

FCP X editors can also test-drive the new release by Downloading a 30-Day Trial Version.

IK Multimedia presents iRig MIC Cast for iOS

IK Multimedia is proud to present iRig Mic Cast, the ultra-compact portable voice recording microphone designed specifically for recording podcasts, interviews, lectures, voice memos, speeches and more.

iRig MIC Cast provides a pocket-sized voice recording solution with crystal-clear audio quality. It features a tight unidirectional pickup pattern that minimizes background noise making it ideal for single-source audio recording.

This makes iRig MIC Cast also great for business applications like recording meeting and enhancing the audio and voice quality of conference calls.

iRig Mic Cast is proof that great things come in small packages. In addition to an incredibly flat frequency response with zero tonal coloration, the iRig Mic Cast offers the following:

  • Features a stereo mini-jack headphone output which enables real-time monitoring of what is being recorded using headphones or speakers.
  • Offers a mini-switch that provides two different sensitivity settings to record close-up or distant sources.
  • Includes an adjustable desktop stand for convenient iPhone/iPod touch positioning during recording.
  • Has a bumper-friendly mini-jack connector that fits the majority of iPhone/iPod touch cases.
  • Has an ultra-compact profile that can be carried anywhere with ease.
  • Like other IK Multimedia microphones, it includes 2 free apps: iRig Recorder, an easy-to-use voice recording/editing app, and VocaLive, a multi-effects processing app for singers.
  • Works with all regular phone calls and any Voice-Over-IP app.
  • Is compatible with iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.


iRig MIC Cast will be available in Q1 2012 from electronic and music retailers around the world.

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Learn About Avid Project Sharing For EditStor ES

With over 10 years supporting and enhancing Avid workflows, Archion is now delivering Project Sharing with the EditStor ES shared storage system. Already equipped with one of the richest media management toolsets for professional editors, EditStor ES is a platform that can’t be overlooked. While the low investment is unmatched, the cost of growing EditStor ES is even more compelling.

Now with native project sharing, EditStor ES enables complete collaboration among several Avid editors where all can work on the same open project. This is real Avid project sharing.

Simple collaboration between Final Cut Studio, Avid Media Composer, and other popular editing tools.

Archion’s EditStor ES makes media sharing easy and affordable for creative professionals utilizing Final Cut Studio, Avid Media Composer, Adobe CS5, Sony Vegas, and other popular media creation tools. This complete feature rich shared storage system is about much more than just storing, creating, and sharing; it facilitates the flow, conversion, and management of media within the production workflow.

Feature Highlights:

  • Multi-Platform – Multi read and write across MAC, Windows, and Linux workstations, enabling complete compatibility with Final Cut Studio, Avid Media Composer, and other leading editing tools.
  • Complete Data Protection – High speed, high availability RAID controller brings full hardware RAID protection (at levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 50, and 60).
  • Project Sharing – Sharing of storage and projects that is transparent to Avid MediaComposer systems and requires no changes to Avid Workflows. (Available Q3).
  • Volume Expansion – Shared volume sizes can be increased on the fly with a simple web based administrator interface.
  • Rich Media Management Toolset – Advanced features allows for automated backup, replication of media to second system, and user security and access.

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AJA Io XT With Thunderbolt Technology Is Now Available

The new Io XT Thunderbolt-enabled professional video I/O device is now shipping from AJA Video Systems. As the only Thunderbolt-enabled video I/O device on the market with dual Thunderbolt ports, Io XT opens up a host of new workflow capabilities to video professionals.

Io XT connects to a Thunderbolt-enabled Apple computer via a single cable. An additional Thunderbolt port is provided, enabling users to daisy-chain Io XT to other Thunderbolt peripherals including high bandwidth storage and high resolution displays through a single interface; simplifying the connection of multiple devices.

The highly portable device supports capture and playback of 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 HD and SD formats and can unify disparate formats via its 10-bit realtime Up/Down/Cross conversion capability. Io XT also provides compatibility with the most popular NLE programs, the newest codecs, video formats, stereoscopic 3D workflows, and more.

Key features include:

  • Dual Thunderbolt ports
  • Two 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and outputs
  • Single link SDI 4:2:2 support, single and dual-link SDI 4:4:4 support
  • HDMI input and output (including support for 3D)
  • Analog HD/SD component and composite output, 10-bit
  • Video Up, Down, and Cross conversion (hardware-based, 10-bit)
  • 8-channel embedded SDI audio I/O
  • 8-channel balanced analog audio output (using an optional DB-25 type cable)
  • Uncompressed I/O allows capture, monitoring and mastering to Apple ProRes, DVCProHD, CineForm, Avid DNxHD and more
  • Front panel LED VU meters
  • Headphone output w/level control
  • Reference In/LTC In (selectable)
  • LTC output
  • RS-422
  • 4-pin XLR Power (AC adapter included)
  • AJA Technical Support and International Warranty included

Io XT is available through AJA’s global network of resellers.

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IK Multimedia Presents iRig PRE

IK Multimedia is proud to present iRig PRE, the ultimate solution for connecting any type of microphone – from regular stage microphones to expensive studio models – to any iPhone, iPhone touch or iPad providing access to the widest range of recording applications.

iRig PRE is the first high-quality microphone preamp designed specifically for iOS devices that allows musicians to use their favorite high-quality stage or studio mics with their iOS device. The microphone plugs directly into the standard XLR connector of iRig PRE with no need for extra cables or adapters.

Its adjustable thumbwheel gain control allows the user to easily make precise level settings. The onboard 9V battery provides the necessary voltage for phantom-powered studio condenser microphones for at least for 15 hours of continuous use. The 3.5mm (1/8”) standard stereo headphone output allows monitoring while recording.

The lightweight housing sports a convenient cable for iOS device connection and also includes a Velcro strip slot for easy mounting on a mic stand or other stage locations.

Like all other IK Multimedia microphones, it includes 2 free apps: iRig Recorder (an easy-to-use recording/editing app) and VocaLive (an effects processing app for singers). And like the entire range of iRig accessories, it’s highly portable thanks to its pocket-sized form factor for recording anywhere.

iRig PRE features

  • 40 cm (15.75”) TRRS cable to connect to any iOS device headset jack
  • XLR input connector for microphones
  • Gain control
  • +48 V phantom power
  • Headphone output
  • On/Off switch
  • Power/Phantom Power provided by 9V battery
  • Battery life is approximately 40 hours with dynamic microphones and 15 hours with phantom powered condenser studio microphones


iRig PRE will be available in early Q2 2012 from electronic and music retailers around the world.

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Litepanels Ships Hilio High Intensity LED Lighting Fixtures

Litepanels, a Vitec Group brand, has announced that the Hilio high intensity LED lighting fixtures are now shipping. Daylight color balanced Hilio is a small-footprint LED fixture capable of emitting 5600°K illumination over a 20’ to 25’ (6.1 – 7.6 M) distance without requiring a ballast.

Early users of the Hilio compare the new Litepanels fixture favorably to the venerable HMI fixtures used by the television and motion picture industry, but without the HMI disadvantages such as heat generation, power hunger, short bulb life and required down time before restrike. The new high output Hilio draws just 115W (while providing comparable illumination to a 575W HMI) and offers a bulb life of 50,000 hours while operating from 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz, or 24VDC battery.

Like all Litepanels LED fixtures, Hilio is dimmable from 100% to zero with no noticeable color shift and is controllable by either an on-fixture knob or via a DMX dimming panel. Hilio’s 15° beam angle outputs an even wash of soft light to provide a natural filling of shadows in even the harshest sunlight.

The slim, 14” W x 10” H x 4” D (356mm W x 254mm H x 102mm D) Hilio is equipped with a standard yoke for easy mounting and positioning on light stands or in a grid. It features an integrated rear gimbal plate for accessories and power supply attachment as well as a front gel slot.

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Digital Film Tools Brings the Magic of Film to New Film Stocks Plug-in

Digital Film Tools, developer of visual effects software, has announced the release of Film Stocks with plug-in support for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe After Effects CS5 and up, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and up, Apple Aperture, Apple Final Cut Pro 6 and 7, and Avid editing systems. Film Stocks offers artists simulations of 288 different color and black and white photographic film stocks, motion picture film stocks, and historical photographic processes.

Film Stocks offers a wide range of preset looks as well as the necessary controls to create analog film stock presets from scratch, including color correction, curves, colored filters, sharpness, diffusion, vignetting and film grain. Apply one of the many presets and customize the settings, or create your own interesting looks and simulations and save them as presets to use in the future or share with colleagues.

Film Stocks Feature Highlights

  • 288 analog photographic film presets
  • Select from Agfa, Fuji, Ilford, Kodak, Polaroid and Rollei color and black and white film stocks
  • Choose from a wide range of historical photographic processes
  • Get the skewed color look of cross processing
  • Apply Lo-Fi photographic looks from Lomo and Holga toy cameras
  • Age your images with the look of faded films
  • Create your own film stock presets
  • Layering system for multiple film stock application *
  • Sophisticated but easy to use masking tools *
  • Add a vignette to any preset
  • Modify images with presets or sliders
  • Quickly search for presets
  • 8/16 bit image processing
  • Multi-processor acceleration

* Photo plug-in versions

Availability and Pricing

The Film Stocks photo plug-in is available now and is compatible with the following applications: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Aperture.

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The Film Stocks video/film plug-in is available now and is compatible with the following applications: Adobe After Effects CS5 and up, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and up, Apple Final Cut Pro 6 and 7, Avid Symphony, Media Composer, Newscutter and Xpress Pro.

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Announcing The New Stealth Slider From Kessler Crane

Kessler Crane, leading manufacturer of camera cranes, jibs, and motion control products, proudly introduces the Stealth Camera Dolly.

The Best of Both Worlds

The Stealth Camera Dolly was created due to the demand for a tool offering the same smooth, short run dolly shots of the Kessler Pocket Dolly with the added drag control of the Philip Bloom Signature Slider. The result is a device that provides multiple options for smooth motion, endowing the shooter with the ability to achieve the perfect shot every time.

The units are available in the Standard 3′ version and the 2′ Traveler size, and does not possess the crank handle of either slider.


The Stealth is fully compatible with all models of the Kessler elektraDRIVE System, empowering users with consistent motion for various shots, including timelapse.

Kessler Accessories

The Stealth is compatible with many of Kessler’s accessories (sold separately) including the Outrigger Feet and All-Terrain Outrigger Feet, the Hercules Head and K-Pod tripod system.


Both the standard length and traveler size Stealth are available now.

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