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Digital Production Buzz — Jan. 26, 2012

  • Make Money on Your Movies!
  • The European Film Market
  • The Power of Crowd-sourcing
  • Fund Your Film Using Crowd-funding
  • Screen Rough Cuts for Feedback
  • Play It Again in Extreme Slow Motion

GUESTS: Catherine Buresi, Simon Chappuzeau, Karsten Wenzlaff, Karyn Benkendorfer, and Laurent Renard

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This week is all about making money!

Great New Interviews! Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton as they talk with:

Catherine Buresi, Co-Director, European Film Market

The European Film Market, which starts in two weeks and runs in conjunction with the Berlinale Film Festival in Berlin, is the third-largest film market in the world; after Cannes and the American Film Market. Catherine Buresi, Co-director of the EFM, joins us this week in the first of two interviews explaining what the market is, how film makers can use it to sell their projects, and suggestions on what genres are popular today.

Simon Chappuzeau, Founder, digitalfilmcamp

Simon Chappuzeau is fascinated by crowds. We first met Simon last year during our Berlinale Film Festival coverage. He runs a two-day seminar, called digitalfilmcamp, on crowd-sourcing — which is an Internet-based way to raise awareness and money for film projects. This year, we want to get an update on what’s happening in the world of crowd-sourcing.

Karsten Wenzlaff, CEO/Founder, Ikosom

Simon set the scene for crowd-sourcing. Next, we invited Karsten Wenzlaff, CEO of Ikosom, to give us specific suggestions we can use to make the most of crowd-sourcing. Ikosom is a research firm specializing in social media. Crowd-sourcing isn’t just for fund-raising, its also for building awareness, creating an audience, and allowing the audience to participate in the creative process. Karsten is filled with suggestions on what filmmakers should do – and should avoid doing – when crowd-sourcing your next project.

Karyn Benkendorfer, Producer/Writer

Karyn Benkendorfer is a free-lance producer/writer and chairman of the Producers Guild of America, West, Documentary/Non-Fiction Committee. A few years ago, they started “Rough Cuts,” which is a screening and round-table discussion of works in progress, to help filmmakers improve their projects. This week, we talk with her to learn more about Rough Cuts and the PGA in general.

Laurent Renard, CEO/Founder, i-Movix

Ever watch sports and see an instant replay in extreme slow-motion? Well, the gear that did that was probably created by i-Movix, a company founded and run by Laurent Renard. They wrapped a Phantom high-speed camera into a EVS control system and delivered then entire package as a turn-key solution for broadcasters and sports coverage. This week, Laurent explains what it is and how it works. (And, yes, you can rent these for your next production!)

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