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Masstech to Unveil MAM Software updates and New Workflow Applications for Avid and Apple FCP at NAB 2012

Masstech marks its 10th Anniversary this year with the launch of the DIAMOND collection, a new range of low cost apps for workflow and interoperability using simple drag & drop operations, as well as new software updates for its streamlined Media Asset Management (MAM) product line at NAB 2012.

Following close collaboration with our customers, Masstech will release a ‘News’ version of its popular Emerald version 7.5LE mini MAM for LTO tape archiving, high quality speed (HQS) transcoding and content management all on one common platform. The ‘MOS’ enabled Emerald introduces a new one step ‘single search’ process to find any piece of content – completely within an AP-ENPS or Avid iNews interface. Emerald automatically links audio and video to the story so users can search and find media using their existing workflow. The complete hardware/software system includes 3 years support.

The fully featured TOPAZ streamlined MAM will be previewing a sleek next generation user interface and gaining performance enhancements including support for 64bit Windows OS, LTO-5 LTFS material interchange and portability, and also features an improved database with more efficient searching capabilities. Customers will also have the option to integrate Masstech’s new DIAMOND range of drag and drop ‘gates’ for integrating simplified workflows and high speed content transfers to or from TOPAZ.

All of Masstech’s solutions for digital archiving and restoring will now come equipped with support for Linear Tape File System (LTFS) material interchange and portability. LTFS provides a platform for interchange of media, however, adopting a tape format alone is not sufficient. The full benefits can only be achieved when managed by products like Masstech’s LTFS enabled Emerald, Topaz and Diamond content management and MAM systems.

IRIS version 3.7, a compliance recording solution, comes equipped with browser support for Windows 7 support and IE9, a new Search function for closed captions, a GUI make-over and Masstech’s own CUB-2000 PCIe board for SD-SDI or HD-SDI with 16 channel audio support for HD and low cost HD logging.

Masstech’s New DIAMOND Applications For Efficient File Workflows

Masstech’s new ‘DIAMOND’ collection of workflow & interoperability apps provide simple drag & drop functionality directly from the desktop ‘gate’. Diamonds are built on Masstech’s experience with workflows and are powered by their acclaimed HQS engine.

DIAMOND blue is a high speed portal that enables interoperability and connectivity for simplified workflows within an Avid or FCP ecosystem. Diamond integrates with Avid and FCP non-linear editing (NLE) systems as a standalone utility product, or it can fully integrated with asset management tools when combined with Emerald or TOPAZ. From Diamond’s desktop ‘gate’ icon, users can invoke a choice of file based workflows that bridge broadcast systems and IT infrastructure. Diamond simplifies workflows with drag and drop operations, for example, to export from an Avid editor to a storage location or Video Server, the sequence is dragged from the edit bin into the desktop Diamond gate where the HQS engine performs the flattening of the video and delivers the required file format to the desired destination server.

Key product features:

  • A high speed portal that enables interoperability and connectivity for simplified workflows within an Avid or FCP ecosystem.
  • Integrates with Avid and FCP NLE’s as a standalone utility or it can fully integrated to a MAM system like Emerald, Topaz or Indigo.
  • Drag and drop files to the desktop Diamond Gate.
  • Selectable file based workflows that bridge broadcast systems and IT infrastructure.
  • Built-in HQS engine performs the flattening of the Avid video and delivers the required file format to the desired destination server.
  • Ability to create proxies from source content.

DIAMOND pink is a versatile standalone application for any broadcast or production environment where file based loudness adjustments are required. It is a single pass process that enables files to be dropped into the desktop Diamond gate for automatic measurement of the loudness levels according to ITU-1770 metrics. If the loudness does not comply with a country standard or a user specified range, it automatically adjusts the loudness to the target value and transfers the corrected files to any destination folder. Loudness adjustments are performed inline without affecting any other information in the file. It does not rewrap, transcode, or even read the rest of the data. Diamond goes straight into the file to measure and adjust the audio. The original integrity of the file is not altered, except for correcting its audio levels.

Key product features:

  • A high speed portal that performs file based loudness adjustments in any ecosystem.
  • Single pass processing.
  • Drag and drop files to the desktop Diamond gate for automatic measurement of the loudness levels according to ITU-1770 metrics.
  • User specified threshold range.
  • Automatic loudness adjustment to the target value.
  • Transfers the corrected files to any destination folder.
  • Loudness adjustments are performed inline to maintain the original file integrity (except for correcting its audio levels).

Click for more information about Masstech at NAB 2012.

eyeon Software Announces Fusion 6.31 Release

eyeon Software has announced that Fusion 6.31 is now available for download. Artists and studios with a current subscription can download it by visiting its eyeon Software Products Page.

Fusion 6.31 requires a valid subscription license. The subscription date to use 6.31 build 1000 will need to be 29th February, 2012 or later. Go to your current Fusion’s Help about box, it will report the subscription date.

Here’s a list of what’s new in this build:

  • New Manual and Help system
  • New video training pages
  • Expanded Deep Channels – forward & back vector and disparity
  • Multi-Channel viewer
  • Rotoscoping export (SSF) updated including animation & double polyline
  • RED HDRI Modes and Multi track support
  • Jpeg 2000 loading and saving
  • Vector and disparity loading and saving from EXR files
  • Expanded Fuse scripting and OpenCL 1.2 support
  • Enhancements to Timeline feature set
  • Updated spline controls and shaping
  • Optimization to QuickTime handling
  • Plus 100’s of other features, big and small

Click for more information about eyeon Software’s Fusion 6.31.

Digital Production Buzz — March 1, 2012

  • The History of Compositing
  • Collaborating around the world
  • The latest on the SAG/AFTRA merger
  • Making Kate Bekinsale Look Even More Wonderful
  • A Girl, A Guy, A Space Helmet

GUESTS: Norman Hollyn, Jeff Foster, Jonathan Handel, Siggy Ferstl, and Mike Timm

Click to listen to the current show:

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Great New Interviews! Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton as they talk with:

Jeff Foster, Author/Producer

Jeff Foster is an internationally published author of several computer technology, animation, video production, and VFX books. He is an award-winning producer and compositor/VFX artist and is a nationally recognized speaker on this industry. What caught our attention is that he is working on creating a History of Compositing – which sounds very cool and we want to learn more.

Jonathan Handel, Attorney, TroyGould, and contributing editor, The Hollywood Reporter

Jonathan Handel is an entertainment and technology attorney Of Counsel at TroyGould in Los Angeles. He also writes on entertainment labor issues for The Hollywood Reporter. Plus, he regularly reports on labor and legal issues here on the Buzz. This week, we want to talk with him about the latest news on the SAG/AFTRA union merger.

Siggy Ferstl, Director of Telecine, Company 3

Based at Company 3 in Los Angeles, Australian award-winning colorist Siggy Ferstl has nearly 30 years experience and is internationally-recognized as one of the pioneers in feature-film digital intermediate workflow. His credits include the Underworld series of films in 2D and 3D, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 2D and 3D; Lincoln Lawyer and This Means War. Some of Ferstl’s commercial credits include Nike, Microsoft – Halo, Blackberry, Call of Duty – MW3 and Chrysler. We want to talk with him about color grading, the DaVinci Resolve, and the whole process of making images look great.

Norman Hollyn Editor and Professor, USC Film School

Norman Hollyn is a long-time film, television and music editor, plus he’s an Associate Professor and Head of the Editing Track at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Norman and Larry also co-host the popular website called: “Two Reel Guys.” He joins us this week to talk about how to collaborate successfully with folks around the world.

Mike Timm, Filmmaker

Mike Timm, is an independent filmmaker who is starting to make waves with his first picture: A Girl, A Guy, A Space Helmet. Too cool. We want to learn how he’s marketing this puppy.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else — on another fascinating show!

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PRIME-CIRCLE RingKits for ZF.2 Series Lenses and PRIME-CIRCLE XT Custom Lens Kits

The PRIME-CIRCLE project offers to ZF.2 Series users the choice to upgrade their still-photography lenses to a more performing cine-style mode.

The Prime-Circle RingKits are available for every ZF.2 lens in the market and the DIY (do it yourself) concept makes it really easy to install.

The RingKit is based on a ultra-lightweight ergo-focus gear for follow-focus, featuring also an extra-grip ergonomic ring when using the camera on the run in hand-held focus mode, a Front Mount 95 standard ring-mount for matte-boxes and cine-style accessories (90mm filter thread) plus an aluminum cap with clear graphics displaying the lens size and f/aperture.

The PRIME-CIRCLE Front Mount is designed to match exactly the ZF.2 Lens and the circular grooves offers the best solution to prevent internal reflections and flares when using large flat surface optical filters in matte-boxes: a solution used in expensive cinematography primes lenses.

The PRIME-CIRCLE Front-Mount is designed to offer full-frame 24X36 coverage with ZF.2 18mm f/3,5.

The choice to use ZF.2 Series Lenses (built only in Nikon F Mount) with the X-Circle lens mount (Nikon F-Mount to Canon EF Mount) opens your beloved ZF.2 to both worlds, ready to go in every direction the digital sensor race is going. Nikon or Canon…. F-Mount and EF Mount on the same lens.

The X-Circle Mount features Side Index View (pat.pend.) for focus and aperture scales on the side of the lens barrel and the sophisticated EF Cine-Lock Bayonet (pat.pend.) for cine-style locking of the lens on the camera. A real important step ahead to cinematographers demanding for precise follow-focus work with F-Mount and EF Mount cameras.

The PRIME-CIRCLE XT are custom mounted ZF.2 lenses offering “in-house” assembling by professional technicians.

The XT Custom Series also offers a Side Code Barrel displaying with clear graphics the lens size for immediate coding of the lens mounted on the camera.

Another solution inspired by cinematography primes. On movie production sets the lens size has always to be reported into the camera shooting log form, that’s why the lens size is displayed clearly on the side of the PRIME-CIRCLE XT lens barrel.

Aperture ring de-click and dampening with an aperture gear coming soon for a wonderful “shift on the fly” exposure control.

Prime-Circle XT offers double choice X-Circle (pat.pend.) bayonet: interchangeable F-Mount and EF Mount in the same lenses set.

An aluminum custom cap with enhanced graphics for front lens size coding and rear professional lens cap is supplyed with the lens.

An aluminum custom cap with enhanced graphics for front lens size coding and rear professional lens cap is supplyed with the lens.

Several different XT Custom Kits will be available with PRIME-CIRCLE custom flight-cases (hand baggage size) for tough protection during transportation.

An innovative matte-box (MAT-BOX), that covers the 18mm/3,5 angle of view on Full Frame 24X36, featuring Sliding Compensation of ZF.2 lenses will be available soon, together with the exclusive PRIME-CIRCLE 90mm Series screw-in filters.

PRIME-CIRCLE RingKits can be ordered now, shipment starts from end of March 2012.

PRIME-CIRCLE XT Custom Lens Kits are built on special order with some countries limitations.

Click for more information about PRIME-CIRCLE RingKits for ZF.2 Series Lenses.

iStopMotion for iPad from Boinx Software

Boinx Software, a multi-award winning software developer for Mac platform and iOS devices, has announced the availability ofiStopMotion for iPad, a new addition to the widely popular iStopMotion family of products. Debuting at a special price point, iStopMotion for iPad sports camera overlay for visually orchestrating one exciting frame to the next, instant playback for instant smiles, a beautiful timeline, and export options that make sharing movie masterpieces with friends and family simple. iStopMotion for iPad also has a companion, iStopMotion Remote Camera, which lets movie makers use their iPhone 4/4S, iPod touch (4th generation) or a second iPad 2 to capture frames, expanding the creative possibilities.

More Than Just Fun, iStopMotion for iPad is Educational.

Parents who homeschool, K-12 teachers and technology instructors can easily add iStopMotion for iPad to the lesson plan and give students a hands-on learning experience that unleashes their creativity with the added benefit of learning life skills.

All That You Need in One Stylish Design

iStopMotion for iPad user-friendly features make it the ideal stop motion animation and time-lapse tool for people of all ages and skill levels. Feature highlights include:

See the Changes Unfold Before Your Eyes with Camera Overlay.

Stop motion movie makers can overlay the current live camera image with the previous one, visually assessing scene changes. This allows them to animate more quickly and with a higher degree of accuracy.

Instant Playback Means Instant Gratification.

The instant playback feature lets movie makers view their production before completion, enabling them to check their work at any time and benefit from seeing the fruits of their labor before they have even finished the product. No more waiting for the software to render – they just tap the play button to see what’s done so far.

A Timeline Designed So You Never Lose Your Way.

iStopMotion for iPad timeline is all about creativity. Beautiful in design and intuitive by nature, users always know where they are within their animation. With side by side frame views and quick two-finger swipe that takes users from start to finish, movie makers see their animation come together from the ‘Big Picture” perspective. For the novice movie maker, iStopMotion for iPad timeline provides the building blocks for time management and sequence organization; helping them achieve their movie vision one frame at a time.

Time Lapse Control – Slow Things Down To Speed Them Up.

For time-lapse movies, iStopMotion can be set to capture frames automatically at certain time intervals. Built-in controls allow users to adjust camera exposure and focus so the camera doesn’t automatically adjust to external changes – avoiding the dreaded flicker.

Share Your Masterpiece With The World.

Easy-to-use export options allow movie makers to share their work via email or on YouTube. They can also export movies to their Mac or PC for further editing.

Want Better Angles and Clearer Image Quality? Meet iStopMotion Remote Camera.

A companion to iStopMotion for iPad, iStopMotion Remote Camera lets movie makers use iPhone 4/4S, iPod touch or a second iPad 2 to capture images, opening the doors for endless set scenarios. Small spaces and difficult angles to shoot can easily be managed thanks to the convenience of the iPhone or iPod touch. Plus, with the ability to shoot frames using the iPhone 4S’s high-quality camera, image clarity is top notch. iStopMotion Remote Camera connects devices to iStopMotion for iPad via Wi-Fi connection.

iStopMotion for iPad Pricing and Availability

iStopMotion for iPad is available now in the Apple App Store for a special introductory price.

iStopMotion Remote Camera for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 4th gen iPod touch and iPad is also currently available for free in the Apple App Store.

Click for more information about Boinx Software’s iStopMotion for iPad.

Redrock Micro Nikon Gold – Limited Edition DSLR Rigs

Redrock Micro, the recognized leader in affordable professional-level cinema accessories, has announced a new line of Limited Edition Nikon Gold DSLR rigs. The Nikon Gold rigs were designed and launched by Redrock in response to the new generation of Nikon HD video DSLRs, including the D4 and highly anticipated D800. This union between industry powerhouses offers shooters a unique support system without compromising quality and professionalism.

Redrock’s Legendary Quality, Nikon’s Signature Look

Nikon’s D800 and D4 are rocking the video world with huge improvements in video quality, performance and usability. Among the many enhancements are industry-standard recording frame rates and video formats, comprehensive audio including monitoring, full manual controls and groundbreaking full-resolution HDMI output. Nikon shooters everywhere are realizing these are the cameras they’ve been waiting for.

The beautifully crafted Redrock rigs are the same ones used in major television shows such as ‘House MD,’ ‘Ghost Whisperer,’ and ‘Californication,’ and feature films including ‘Act of Valor’ and ‘Real Steel.’

Popular Rig Configurations

Limited Edition Nikon Gold rigs have the same configuration and legendary quality as their standard Redrock counterparts, but with Nikon Gold and Midnight Black accent colors replacing the classic Redrock blue. The three rigs offered in Nikon Gold are:

  • Captain Stubling – A compact, action-style handheld rig including support and focus control with the microFollowFocus.
  • runningMan – Stability and ultra-compact size ideal for run n’ gun DSLR shooters.
  • Field Cinema Deluxe V2 Bundle – Comprehensive shouldermount rig for comfortable long shooting sessions and support for extra accessories such as external monitor and external recorders.

Redrock rigs are also compatible with virtually all HDSLRs, so even if your camera is a different brand, these rigs give your setup a distinctive look. The rigs are fully functional and ready to go for your next production.


The Limited Edition Nikon Gold rigs are available for purchase immediately from authorized Redrock resellers.

Click for more information about the Limited Edition Nikon Gold DSLR rigs.

Supports and kits for Red Epic and Scarlet, Panasonic HDC-Z10.000, Canon EOS C300

New light-weight support for Red Epic and Scarlet

Chrosziel‘s light-weight support LWS 401-95 fits both new Red cameras. It is equipped with 205 mm long rods with a diameter of 15 mm. For large and heavy lenses, we recommend to use the LWS 401-95 as an adaptor for bridge plate 401-F235 with 19 mm rods. On the back of light-weight support 401-95 you can mount Chrosziel’s universal 15 mm accessory bridge 401-36 featuring two clamps for 15 mm rods and a 3/8“ thread with a 1/4“ insert in the middle. It can hold recorders and other accessories.

Click for more information about Chrosziel’s light-weight support for Red Epic and Scarlet.

MatteBox kit for Panasonic’s new 3D camera

For Panasonic’s new 3D camera HDC-Z10.000, Chrosziel offers the MatteBox kit 456-20HDCZKIT. It contains LWS 401-427, the light-weight support that also fits the Panasonic AG-AF100, the MatteBox 456 Academy Double and the Flexi-Insertring 411-68 which snuggles up to the double lens-housing of the camera. The HDC-Z10.000 is compatible with all three versions of the light-weight support Chrosziel has developed for the AG-AF100: LWS 401-427, LWS 401-427HD, and LWS 401-427HDCF.

Click for more information about Chrosziel’s MatteBox kit for Panasonic’s new 3D HDC-Z10.000.

Modified supports for Canon EOS C300

Chrosziel has added an adaptor to light-weight supports LWS 401-94 and LWS 401-94HD which allows switching directly to bridge plate 401-F235 with 19 mm rods. As of now, the kits for the Canon EOS C300 contain the new support. If you already own the LWS 401-94 or the LWS 401-94HD, Chrosziel will send you the adaptor for free upon request.

Click for more information about Chrosziel’s modified supports for Canon EOS C300.

Redrock Micro ultraCage for Canon EOS C300

Redrock Micro, the recognized leader in affordable professional-grade cinema accessories, has announced Redrock’s new ultraCage| blue family of support rigs and accessories for the Canon EOS C300 is now shipping. The Redrock ultraCage rigs – originally debuted as the exclusive rig for Canon’s C300 launch films — have expanded to include new configurations and accessories specifically for the EOS C300.

Within the ultraCage | blue product line, Redrock released over a dozen new accessories and is offering five new rig configurations for the Canon EOS C300 including:

  • Ultra Event compact handheld rig.
  • Ultra Field Cinema Bundle shouldermount rig for use with external monitor or EVF.
  • Ultra eyeSpy shouldermount rig for use with C300 viewfinder.
  • ultraCage | blue 15mm Cinema Bundle for studio productions.
  • ultraCage | blue 15/19mm Cinema Bundle for studio productions.

ultraCage: The Proven Choice for Filmmakers, Independent Productions and Studios

Redrock was selected by Canon as the exclusive partner and supplier for EOS C300 rigs during the launch film productions helmed by Ron Howard DGA, Richard Crudo ASC, Felix Alcalá, Sam Nicholson ASC, and Vincent Laforet DGA.

Since Canon’s announcement, the Redrock ultraCage has been the go-to accessory for television shows and movies productions using the C300, including Saturday Night Live and NCIS: LA. The Redrock ultraCage has received exceptional reviews from these and other productions:

ultraCage: Powered Version

Redrock also offers a powered version of the ultraCage with the optional powerPack C300 kit – an incredibly versatile accessory that delivers power regulation, conversion, monitoring, and distribution to the Canon EOS C300 in a compact and flexible package. Combined with the ultraCage, it is a complete and essential power and support system.


The new ultraCage | blue and other Redrock C300 accessories are available now and can be purchased direct from Redrock Micro or through one of Redrock Micro’s worldwide authorized resellers. Pricing for the ultraCage starts at $550. Additional pricing varies based on configuration. Like all Redrock products, the ultraCage |blue is made in the USA and carries a lifetime warranty.

Click for more information about Redrock Micro’s ultraCage for Canon EOS C300.

Litepanels Ships Sola 4 Fresnel LED Lighting Fixtures

Litepanels, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company, has announced that the Sola 4 Fresnel LED lighting fixture, the smallest DMX controllable LED Fresnel on the market, is currently shipping.

The new focusable Sola 4 features a 4-inch (10cm) Fresnel lens and uses a small fraction of the power consumed by conventional fixtures. It employs Litepanels’ proprietary LEDs to produce the company’s hallmark soft light quality in 5600°K daylight color balance.

Sola 4 is based on the same breakthrough Fresnel technology as Litepanels’ award-winning Sola 6, but in a smaller, more lightweight form factor. It provides the controllability and light-shaping, single shadow properties inherent in a Fresnel light, focusing from 70 to 10 degrees. Like all Litepanels fixtures, Sola 4 can be dimmed from 100% to zero with no noticeable shift in color temperature. Both focus and dimming can be controlled manually with dials on the fixture, or via remote DMX.

The compact new Sola 4 weighs just 22 oz. (.62 kg) and measures just 9” x 8” x 7” (229mm x 203.2mm x 178mm). Its small size and minimal weight make it adaptable to both studio and field applications. Lighting technicians can easily attach the fixture to a studio lighting grid, lightweight stands or to scenery on location with standard grip equipment. Cool running Sola LED Fresnel fixtures generate very little heat, which is more pleasant for on-air talent, reduces air conditioning costs, and makes handling easy.

Sola 4 requires just 30W of power, yet provides the luminance output of a 125W HMI Fresnel. This versatile light can be powered from AC (120-240V) or DC (via XLR). Optional accessories for the Sola 4 include 4-Leaf Barndoors and a Gel Filter set.

Click for more information on Litepanels LED lighting.

New Digital Motion Picture Camera A-cam dII comes with PS-IMS Lens Mount from P+S TECHNIK

Featuring P+S Technik’s Interchangeable Mount System PS-IMS, the new digital motion picture camera, A-cam dII, from Swedish camera manufacturer Ikonoskop, ensures ultimate lens interoperability. With the open industry standard PS-IMS, users can choose from different lens mount adapters (PL, C-mount Leica M, Canon, Nikon, etc.) to capture cinematic moments in a digital world. The PS-IMS adapters are interchangeable, so different mounts can be used on one camera. 16 Digital fast prime lenses from P+S Technik go on the PS-IMS without any adapter and are a cost efficient solution for professional shooting with the A-cam dII. Based on the latest findings on suppression of reflexes and stray light, the 16 Digital lenses are especially designed for digital cameras with single 16:9 format CMOS and CCD sensors.

16 Digital prime lenses come with easy to read scales (meter or feet scales available), uniform front lens diameter of 60 mm, uniform 0,8 gear rings for focus and iris control and uniform position of exit pupil. Standard follow focus and electronic lens control systems can be used with these lenses. The optical performance is superb, even wide open. Distortion is well controlled, especially with the wider angle lenses, where it counts most. The filter thread accepts all standard 58 mm filters. 16 Digital primes are particularly robust and easy to service.

The 16 Digital prime lenses range from 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm to 50 mm.

Click for more information about Ikonoskop’s Digital Motion Picture Camera A-cam dII.