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Vinten Radamec to Launch Next Generation Heads at NAB 2012

Vinten Radamec, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company, will showcase its brand new next generation heads at NAB 2012, April 16-19, Las Vegas, stand C6425.

The FH-145 and FHR-145 pan and tilt heads will be shown alongside the recently released FHR-35, and will demonstrate Vinten Radamec’s latest technological advancements by incorporating the company’s new Intelligent Control Engineering (ICE) platform. This forward-thinking technology enables operators to achieve unprecedented control and accuracy in an innovative and highly compact form.

The FH-145 and FHR-145 next generation series of heads are built on the successful performance of Vinten Radamec’s FH-100 and FH-120 models. The addition of the company’s ICE technology will provide users with a simpler set-up and installation, as well as an improved pan and tilt resolution of over one million counts per 360 degrees, to give broadcasters the ultimate smooth image in both virtual and real worlds. The enhanced aesthetics include a new innovative tilt locking mechanism, improved drag and quieter changeover mechanism.

A virtual reality (VR) upgrade for the recently released FHR-35 will also be launched at NAB 2012. It offers broadcasters the same exacting performance and enables the head to be used in a broad range of VR applications, from sports to studios. The FHR-35 pan and tilt head was Vinten Radamec’s first product to incorporate the ICE platform and in addition to the performance benefits of the ICE technology, it allows for straightforward and simple VR integration.

Vinten Radamec will unveil more details about the performance benefits of ICE at NAB 2012. A full range of ICE based products are expected to be released during the next 18 months.

The extensive range of Vinten Radamec robotic camera support solutions can be seen at booth C6425 at the NAB 2012 exhibition.

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Boris Continuum Particles Unit for AE, Premiere Pro, and Vegas Pro

Boris FX presents the Boris Continuum Particles Unit, giving you the ultimate particle machine, providing an incredibly powerful, flexible, and OpenGL-accelerated particle system. Enhance your compositions with organic design elements such as flowing strands of matter and glowing plasma, build complex designs of 2D images in 3D space, and create a 3D “pin board” look based on a layer image. Offering full After Effects camera and light system integration, your effects creations will match the rest of your 3D composition with ease. These tools will make your work stand out. Available now for After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Vegas Pro for Windows.

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Telestream Streams Live from NAB Show with Wirecast

Telestream, the leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, has announced that it will use its Wirecast live video production and streaming software to broadcast live news and interviews from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas. Telestream LIVE will be produced and streamed to the web from Telestream booth SL1405 at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 17 and 18, starting at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time each day. Steve Garfield, author of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business, and a video blogging pioneer, will host the live webcasts.

In addition to breaking news from the show floor, Telestream LIVE will feature interviews with Telestream executives and product managers announcing exciting new video transcoding products and capabilities for broadcast, cable/IPTV, post-production and Internet/OTT.

Telestream LIVE guests will include:

  • Mitch Jacobson, director, editor and author of Mastering MultiCamera Techniques discussing his book and live streaming
  • NASCAR Media Group representatives and Pipeline product manager, Bill Harris, discussing the launch of Telestream Pipeline Replay live HD video analysis system for the 2012 race season
  • Colleen Henry, video engineer at YouTube announcing a new live streaming initiative
  • Cary Harrison, KPFK 90.7 Los Angeles PBS radio and show host
  • Alex Lindsay, chief architect at Pixel Corps, discussing live streaming
  • Jose Luis Tamez from CiberlexMedia discussing virtual sets
  • and more

Wirecast is live video production software for laptop and desktop computers that is available for a fraction of the cost of broadcast hardware equipment. Wirecast works just like a video switcher, controlling real-time switching between multiple cameras while mixing in other media such as pre-recorded video, audio, and graphics. With features such as chroma key, lower thirds, transitions, 3D graphics, and virtual sets, Wirecast offers high production value for the creation of professional webcasts.

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Glensound Talent Box To Lauch At NAB

Glensound developed the commentary box concept in the 1980s and have led the field with single unit workstations (IO on the commentary box itself), and two unit systems connected by a long length of coax (IO on a separate box) ever since. Glensound have watched and acknowledged the development of requirements in the commentary product area. Once again, Glensound have advanced commentary system design into a new segment with a commentary box that offers facilities and feature combinations not available elsewhere. This new functionality will evolve the way broadcast engineers can utilise commentary systems. Glensound introduce the Talent Box.

The Talent Box has developed as an evolution of the market leading single box commentary system, the GS-CU001B which has acted as a perfect foundation for the new functions exhibited in the Talent box. Even so, there is still extensive life in the GS-CU001B and it will continue in the Glensound range.

Commentator Remote Controls – A Commentary First

Glensound’s design of two main commentary positions plus a third guest position has been adopted as the norm in single unit commentary. The Glensound design makes sense. It is not always desirable to have three commentators with independent controls on the main panel as physical space for the commentators can be limited. The Talent Box simply lifts these space constraints.

With the Talent Box, each of the three commentary positions has an external remote control that connects to the main unit via USB. The Talent Box Remote has identical controls to the main unit so the commentator can move away several metres and still adjust their incoming audio feeds, turn their mic on/off (or cough), and operate the three talk back buttons.

The two main commentary positions plus guest design is practical, but it does mean that the guest position does not get control of their own monitoring sources, or their own talkback buttons. Using a Talent Box Remote, gives this full functionality to the third commentary/guest position.

Talent Box Linking Via The ‘CMBus’ – A Commentary First

Single unit commentary has only ever accommodated up to three commentators. Some of Glensound’s twin box systems can accommodate four commentator’s, but that’s the limit. The Talent Box features the CMBus. This allows multiple Talent Boxes to link their three main busses – programme, talk back and monitoring. What this means in practice is that in linking the units, a large number of commentators can be added to a single mixed programme output – easily accommodating over 30 commentators if required.

Connections are only made to one Talent Box for mixed programme output, the monitoring inputs and the bi-directional talk back circuits. This is then available on any connected unit. Commentators connect their mic/line inputs to each individual Talent Box, and the CMBus routes all of the audio.

It is unlikely that any broadcast will ever require 30 commentators on one programme, but the CMBus link does offer new possibilities with 6 contributors to a programme now being simply achievable. The extra positions are not necessarily commentators but can now easily be used by producers, statisticians, or anyone else that needs to contribute to the commentators or just monitor the commentary system. This function is particularly useful if used in conjunction with the Talent Box Remotes.

Remote Control Of Mics & Gain – A Single Unit Commentary First

An internet connection on the Talent Box allows an engineer to remotely control the on/off and gain levels of each commentator via a web browser interface. This is a function only previously available on high spec digital systems and it has never been available on a single box unit before. It will offer welcome control to the engineer.

And there’s more…

Digital or analogue IO, gain control of programme and talk back levels, engineer security of settings, digital line ident, soft headphone switching, dual channel international sound, and if the Talent Box Remotes are not used, the USB sockets can even be used to charge a mobile phone!

The Talent Box is a real evolution of the single unit commentary box and now occupies a product segment all of its own. A product segment that broadcast engineers will be interested to find out more about.

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FxFactory SplitScreen Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, introduces CrumplePop SplitScreen X, built from the ground up exclusively for Final Cut Pro X and available through FxFactory. With easy-to-use onscreen controls and a wide variety of rectangular and angular screen elements, users can add split screens to any project by simply dragging and dropping inside FCP X.

SplitScreen X Feature Highlights Include:

  • 38 Unique Rectangular and Angular Split Screens – The set includes a vast collection of new angular screens such as triangles and angled stripes.
  • Completely Adjustable in FCP X – Editors can customize split screens in several ways, making it easy to quickly create a wide variety of looks. Use sliders to position a screen along the X- or Y-axis, enter precise numerical values for exact matching, or use onscreen controls to quickly and easily re-center or scale screens.
  • Scale Any Clip – Scale any clip within any screen by grabbing the corner of any screen and dragging to adjust the size or by using the scale slider or numerical values. Users can also add keyframes to change the scale over time within the split screen.
  • Rotatable Split Screens – Any split screen can be rotated to create a completely unique design. While the screens rotate, the video clips retain their normal orientation, allowing users to flip or transform any split screen.

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No Rest For Sleepy Disks With Disksomnia 3.0 from Digital Heaven

Digital Heaven has announced the release of Disksomnia 3.0, the popular utility that stops disks from going to sleep. Waiting for disks to wake up can be a frustrating experience for graphic designers, and video/audio content creators who often work with media files located on multiple disks.

Originally released in 2008, previous versions of Disksomnia were specifically aimed at video editors and kept all mounted disks awake whilst Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro were running. Version 3.0 has been completely rewritten and now offers options for controlling when it runs and which disks it affects. Disksomnia has a negligible overhead so system performance will not be affected and once set up the utility works invisibly in the background to ensure no disks doze off, including those that ignore Energy Saver preferences.

Features include:

  • Runs invisibly in the background
  • NEW! Options are set in System Preferences pane.
  • NEW! Keep all disks or only a chosen list of disks awake
  • NEW! Run Disksomnia continuously or only when certain applications are running.

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or 10.7 Lion.


Disksomnia 3.0 is available now for immediate purchase and download from the Digital Heaven online store.

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SUGARfx Punchline Titles and Transitions for Final Cut Pro X

Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, brings SUGARfx Punchline, a collection of high quality title and transition elements, to FxFactory. Designed by the SUGARfx broadcast team for Final Cut Pro X, Punchline delivers 32 high definition, professional looking effects, all customizable and easy to adjust, right within FCP X. Users can test drive a free trial then purchase Punchline through FxFactory.

Punchline Feature Highlights Include:

A Variety of Options – Punchline offers 11 different titles and 21 transitions, each entirely customizable. Editing controls are simple to use and easy to understand.

Enhance Footage Easily – Panels in titles and transitions have the function to enhance the footage right within the element itself. This versatility allows the user to have several looks and styles with just one element.

Optimized for Final Cut Pro X – Transition elements have been designed to take advantage of the best capabilities found inside FCP X. For example, simply drag the numbers that appear in the timeline to the frame desired, and the corresponding panels will display the frame.

Unique and Complex Elements Within Reach – Punchline transitions and titles offer a complex use of mattes, text effects, color modes and animation that would take hours to complete without Punchline.

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XenData and Marquis Broadcast Deliver LTO-5 Archive Solution for Avid Media Composer

XenData, the leading provider of digital video archive solutions to the media and entertainment industry, and Marquis Broadcast, specialist in content workflows and media integration software, has announced a collaborative solution to easily archive Avid Media Composer projects to LTO-5 cartridges. The solution frees up edit storage and creates and protects valuable assets by generating copies on one or more replica LTO tape cartridges.

The combined solution runs Marquis Project Parking software on a XenData SX-10 LTO-5 Archive Appliance, creating an LTO-5 server for archiving and restoring Avid Media Composer projects. The Project Parking software enables the user to move entire projects from multiple local or shared workspaces to LTO. It will not only show if a project has been previously archived and if so when it was last modified, but also if a project has already been archived it will update that archive and move across any new media or changed project files. The restore operation is equally straight forward: it lists all of the archived Avid Projects on LTO, describes when the archive was made and details the number of versions that are available along with user comments. The user can then choose which version and where to restore the Avid Project.

The XenData SX-10 is a 1U rack mount appliance which manages LTO-5 tape drives or a robotic LTO tape library. Compatible tape libraries include models from Dell, HP, IBM, Overland Storage, Qualstar, Quantum, Spectra Logic and Tandberg. The solution provides comprehensive management of the LTO cartridges including automatic replication of LTO tapes. It manages an unlimited number of offline LTO cartridges, effectively providing an infinite archive capacity. If any attempt is made to restore a file from an offline LTO tape, the system identifies the barcode or name of the offline tape and provides an on-screen notification or email alert.

The solution will be demonstrated at NAB 2012 from 16th to 19th April on the XenData booth, SL12513, in the South Lower Hall.

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Autodesk Announces 2013 Digital Entertainment Creation Software Portfolio

Autodesk, Inc., has announced the 2013 versions of its Digital Entertainment Creation (DEC) software and suites, used by leading artists working in film, game development, television and advertising. The new releases improve consistency and interoperability between applications, making it even easier for artists to take advantage of powerful new and enhanced creative features.

Expanded Suites Deliver More Powerful Toolsets

Autodesk extended its suites offering with the new Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate edition. This suite contains both Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 and Autodesk Maya 2013 animation software, together with Autodesk Softimage 2013 3D animation and visual effects software, Autodesk Mudbox 2013 3D sculpting and painting software and Autodesk MotionBuilder 2013 real-time virtual production and motion capture editing software.

All editions of the Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites now also include Autodesk SketchBook Designer 2013 concept art software. This product enables artists to explore and present new ideas for characters, props and environments using an intuitive hybrid paint and vector toolset.

Enhanced Interoperability Provides Greater Flexibility

Building on the existing data exchange workflows, the Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites 2013 offer a variety of new features to further enhance interoperability between products:

  • Live character streaming between MotionBuilder and Maya provides an efficient way to previsualize a retargeting result in the final Maya scene before transferring the data between applications.
  • More consistent hotkeys make it easier for Maya artists to navigate viewports in the 3D suite applications, and help artists familiar with 3ds Max to get up to speed with Softimage faster.
  • The enhanced, consistent F-Curve Editor within 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage and MotionBuilder now offers consistent functionality, helping animators transition between these applications more smoothly.
  • Autodesk HumanIK Interoperability with CAT (Character Animation Toolkit) provides a single-step, round-trip workflow to transfer 3ds Max CAT bipedal characters between 3ds Max, Maya and MotionBuilder.
  • Enhanced interoperability between Maya and 3ds Max enables artists to move 3D data between the applications in a single step.

Autodesk 2013 Software Helps Power Creativity, Enable Collaboration and Manage Data Complexity

Products contained within the Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites 2013 have also been updated to offer new creative toolsets, more interactive viewports and workflow enhancements that help artists collaborate, manage complexity and move data through their pipeline more efficiently:

  • Autodesk Maya 2013 software delivers powerful new toolsets for dynamic simulation, animation and rendering that offer new levels of creativity, while everyday productivity enhancements help artists work faster. In addition, the Open Data initiative introduced in Maya 2013 offers tools to help facilitate parallel workflows and better complexity handling.
  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 software delivers ActiveShade support in the NVIDIA iray renderer; a new render pass system; and enhanced interoperability with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop software. The 2013 version also offers new tools for motion graphics, 3D animation, and simulation.
  • Autodesk Softimage 2013 software delivers a new high-fidelity interactive environment and powerful new creative toolsets that include a new CrowdFX simulation feature set, along with enhanced modeling, animation, physics, and selection tools.
  • Autodesk MotionBuilder 2013 software helps production teams more reliably acquire, aggregate and refine data, and offers a new nonlinear editing paradigm for Virtual Production. Highlights are the option to record live motion capture data directly to disk, a flexible new HUD (heads-up display), a floating viewer and support for broadcast WAVE files.
  • Autodesk Mudbox 2013 software helps artists create complex production-ready scenes with greater ease, with the Gigatexel engine and the ability to work efficiently with significantly more objects. In addition, Mudbox 2013 offers new multipurpose curves, support for edge sharpness data and enhanced interoperability with Adobe Photoshop software.

Autodesk also announced the 2013 version of its Autodesk Flame Premium software, which combines high-end visual effects and finishing tools with real-time color grading in a single solution. The 2013 version features:

  • More creative and technical tools for advanced compositing and 3D relighting
  • Interactivity enhancements in Action for an even more fluid creative experience
  • Improved 3D tracking workflow for greater flexibility and control when positioning compositing elements in a scene
  • Enhanced grading capabilities including new color grading presets to get started on look development, new media export workflow and Tangent Element modular control panel support

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P+S TECHNIK Launches New PS-Micro Rig

The new PS-Micro Rig designed by P+S TECHNIK will be introduced this April at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, at the P+S TECHNIK booth no. 9733. Designed for camera movements – ´Stereo In Motion’ – the PS-Micro Rig is ultra compact and very versatile. It offers all features of a standard professional 3D rig and goes beyond.

With the new PS-Freestyle Rig P+S TECHNIK has set a marker for compact 3D rigs. Now, the PS-Micro goes beyond that. With its flyweight of 4kg the new PS-Micro Rig is the smallest and most lightweight mirror rig on the market. It is compatible with any kind of micro camera like the SI-2K or the SinaCam. It enables the capture of professional stereo 3D motion and is optimized for close ups. The PS-Micro can be used remote controlled or completely manual. Ideal for every shoulder, crane or tripod, it is also balanced for Steadicam use and is compatible with a wide range of accessories from P+S TECHNIK and other third party manufacturers.

Thanks to all these features and more, P+S TECHNIK offers the most compact rig with the shortest setup time for a very attractive price. Compatible cameras are SI-2K, Cunima MCU, LMP 1200, SINA-Cam, Videor Modular, Iconix RH1, Micro2 HD, Sony PMW 10MD, IndiePOV, Canon 7D, Toshiba C-Mount cameras and many more.

Visit the P+S TECHNIK booth (No C9733) at NAB Show 2012 for an first hands on impression.

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