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Irudis Releases FREE Download of Tonalizer|VFX LITE

Irudis‘ Tonalizer|VFX LITE is a tonality enhancement- and fine-tuning tool. Tonalizer|VFX LITE differs from to the conventional category of color grading tools that assists in establishing a certain desired creative style, look or mood to the footage.

Tonalizer|VFX LITE is a FREE feature reduced version of Tonalizer|VFX PRO. Tonalizer|VFX LITE includes the following features: Brightness; Midtones; Contrast; Shadow Boost; Highlights; Details; Chroma; Mix.

Compared to Tonalizer|VFX PRO, Tonalizer|VFX LITE does not include the following features: Adaptation; Shadow Details; Highlight Rescue; Detail Sharpener; Warmth; Tint; Protect Skin Tones; Noise Reduction; Aliasing Reduction; Safe Range; Assist.

Operations in Tonalizer|VFX LITE are performed in a scene adaptive manner employing per-frame as well as across-frames computations that take the dynamics of the footage into account. Furthermore all operations in Tonalizer|VFX LITE are color preserving.

Depending on the task at hand Tonalizer|VFX LITE can be used as the exclusive correction performed on a clip or it can be used in combination with several other corrections and effects. In such cases it is usually best to apply Tonalizer|VFX LITE prior to visual effects-style corrections or corrections that aims at creating a certain creative look.

Tonalizer|VFX LITE is for FREE for all users and comes with a reduced feature set.

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