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Digital Production Buzz – April 12, 2012

  • Creating Plug-ins for a Living
  • Making Moola with Mocha
  • Using LED Lighting on Set
  • Improving Creative Collaboration
  • The Creative Process

GUESTS: Alex Gollner, Joel Edwards, James Mathers, Craig Heiting, and Bruce Nazarian.

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New interviews every week! Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton as they talk with:

Alex Gollner, President, Alex4D

Alex Gollner, Founder, Alex4D, discovered a bug in one of Final Cut 6’s videos several years ago and figured out how to fix it. Since then, he’s uploaded numerous free transitions, effects and titles to his blog (over 50 just since FCPX was released)! His popular blog gets over 50,000 visitors each month and is about to cross the 1 millionth guest mark. He joins us on the Buzz this week to talk about his life as Plug-in King.

Joel Edwards, Founder/Senior Director, Evolve Digital Cinema

Joel Edwards is the Founder and Senior Director at Evolve Digital Cinema, a boutique creative production agency that produces digital film, TV, HD Video and Photography, for clients around the world. Joel uses Mocha extensively, which is why we want to talk with him on this week’s show — how does he make money using Mocha?

James Mathers, Cinematographer

James Mathers is a veteran cinematographer – as well as the founder of the Digital Cinema Society. Recently, James was on set shooting “Brake” – a film about a man trapped in a trunk. This was certainly not an environment where he had a lot of room for light! We talk with him this week on how he used LED lights from LitePanels to achieve the look he wanted. (Oh! And we’ll talk with him about how he managed to squeeze an actor, lights, camera, and crew into a space the size of a shoebox!)

Craig Heiting, VP & General Manager, Market7

Craig Heiting, VP and General Manager for Media and Entertainment at Market7, is on his way to NAB to exhibit a new service to help solve specific collaboration issues for broadcasters, studios, etc. Market 7 is expanding and we are curious about how this will work for our major projects. Craig is here with a sneak preview of what they will present at NAB.

Bruce Nazarian, The Digital Guy

The ever-popular Bruce Nazarian, The Digital Guy, returns with a discussion of the creative process. Bruce runs a very popular web-radio program focused on independent music and jazz. We want to find out where he finds his artists, how he programs his show, and the creative process behind the music.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else — it’s another fascinating show!

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