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NAB Show 2012 – Day 5 – April 20, 2012

This is our fifth show from NAB – filled with news, great guests and exciting new products.

Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the show floor, as he talks with:

  • Steve Cooperman, Product Manager – P2 cameras and monitors, Panasonic
  • Tim Dashwood, Founder, Dashwood Cinema Solutions
  • Sam Thomas, Business Development Manager, Petrol Bags
  • Philip Hodgetts, Special Correspondent & CEO, Intelligent Assistance
  • Dr. Philip Storey, CEO, XenData
  • Kyle Dann, Sales Supervisor, Product Specialist Group, Anton/Bauer
  • Robb Blumenreder, Channel Manager, Sennheiser Electronics Corporation

Its another great show – recorded LIVE at the 2012 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Digital Production Buzz – April 19, 2012

This is Day 4 in our Special Coverage of the 2012 NAB Show!
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  • Telestream introduces new products
  • A new version of Sony Vegas Pro
  • Walter Biscardi’s thoughts on NAB 2012
  • Building world-class lenses starts with the glass.
  • 50-year archival storage — without tape
  • New video recorders from Sound Devices
  • Killer products you’ve never heard about

GUESTS: Barbara DeHart, Leigh Hermann, Walter Biscardi, Les Zellan, Bland McCartha, John Tatooles, and Doug Pircher.

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New interviews every week! Join Larry Jordan as he talks with:

Barbara DeHart, Vice-president, Marketing, Telestream

Teletream has had a busy year. They were acquired by a financial services firm, which gave them cash to grow and grow they have. Barbara DeHart, VP of Marketing, joins us to share her thoughts on the acquisition, what it means for staff and customers, and gives us a sneak peek on two new Telestream products coming to market shortly.

Leigh Hermann, Director of Business Development, Sony Creative Software

It isn’t true that your company name needs to start with “A” in order to create video editing software. Sony Vegas Pro is a well-established product that we don’t talk about often enough. Leigh Hermann, Director of Business Development for Sony Creative Software, stops by to tell us about the latest updates to their editing software as well as showcase some upcoming features.

Walter Biscardi, Owner/Creative Genius, Biscardi Creative Media

Walter Biscardi, the Founder of Biscardi Creative Media, is part of our team of Special Correspondents covering this year’s 2012 NAB Show. He is struck by the amount of excitement and energy running through the entire event, as he explains in today’s special report.

Les Zellan, Owner, Cooke Optics

Cooke Optics makes lenses for the cinema market. Known for their precision and quality, we spoke with Les Zellan, Owner of Cooke Optics, about what it takes to make a great lens and how to choose a lens for your style of shooting. Listening to his description of how different glass contributes to the quality of a lens was one of the highlights in this year’s coverage.

Bland McCartha, VP Marketing and Sales, HVault

HVault is so new, they barely have a press release. But it was the press release that caught our eye. They have invented a new form of holographic storage – recorded to optical media – that lasts for 50 years. They proved it works in the lab, now they are looking to create strategic relationships to turn it into a product. We talk with Bland McCartha, VP Marketing and Sales for HVault, about what this new technology is, how it works, and when we can put it to use in our studios.

John Tatooles, Managing Director, Sound Devices

Sound Devices got its start creating portable audio mixers and audio recording gear to use on set. Recently, they branched out into their acclaimed Pix line of digital video recorders. We talk with John Tatooles, Managing Director of Sound Devices, about their latest products, how they work and where he sees the company heading during 2012.

Doug Pircher, General Manager, International Supplies

One of the highlights for us during every NAB show is meeting with Doug Pircher, General Manager of International Supplies. Doug scours the world looking for unusual products for production and post that you quickly discover you can’t live without. This year, he brings his usual collection of interesting stuff, including a very cool system for keeping your production crew safe at night.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else — it’s another fascinating show!

The Buzz is all the information you need now to know what’s coming next!

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GoPro Broadens Efforts to Make GoPro CineForm Codec Widely Available to Professional Production Market

GoPro, the world’s most versatile camera, has announced that it is broadening its efforts to ensure wide availability of the GoPro CineForm Codec, its high-performance video codec that has been highly valued in video post-production for many years as the industry’s highest quality compression format. The GoPro CineForm Codec is well established in the professional filmmaking marketplace, and has been integrated with several industry-leading devices and video cameras such as the Silicon Imaging SI-2K, Cinedeck mobile capture systems, and many renowned acquisition devices.

In addition to its efforts to make the GoPro CineForm Codec more widely available, GoPro is also supporting the efforts of SMPTE to adopt the codec as the VC-5 video compression standard to provide an open codec standard for video acquisition and post-production.

The GoPro CineForm Codec supports RAW camera formats such as Bayer patterns as well as RGB and YCrCb with an optional alpha channel and color difference sub-sampling.

Participation by the broader video community in drafting of the VC-5 standard will enhance the GoPro CineForm Codec to make it more suitable for a wider range of applications.

Click for more information about the GoPro CineForm Codec.

NAB Show 2012 – Day 4 – April 19, 2012

Telestream leads todays Special Report from the 2012 NAB Show. New products, a new owner, and revised plans for the future. An NLE that doesn’t get much coverage is Sony Vegas Pro – we have all the latest news on their recent update. Special Correspondent Walter Biscardi has his view of what’s generating excitement here at the show. We get a look into lens making at Cooke Optics – and it isn’t just the coatings. HVault is a brand new company with an archival storage system that lasts 50 years and doesn’t require tape. Sound Devices has new digital audio and video recorders. And Doug Pircher has his usual collection of unusual stuff – including blink-in-the-dark badges for production staff.

Its another great show – recorded LIVE at the 2012 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sheffield Softworks Look Sweet II Released for Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects

Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, introduces Sheffield Softworks Look Sweet II to FxFactory, available now for Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects. The family of plugins allows editors to sweeten the look of any footage by brightening dark images, fine-tuning saturation and desaturation, polishing, and more. Look Sweet II can be purchased through FxFactory.

Sheffield Softworks Look Sweet II Plugins Include:

  • Mr. Fixit EZ – The ultimate, easy to use footage rescue system, Mr. Fixit EZ uses HDR photography techniques to build the brightest possible shadows and the darkest possible highlights. Users can mix them back into the original image without affecting the color. It also offers the option to flatten the highlights, giving an overall brighter image.
  • Vibrance Plus – With fine control over saturation and desaturation of clips, editors can increases chroma faster in the lower saturation areas, for a more vibrant image.
  • Bounce Fill – This plugin simulates the use of a colored bounce fill reflector. It defaults to a gold reflector, but can be set to any color. Because the reflectivity of items in the image varies according their color relationship to the color of the reflector, an optional invert clip can alter the influence of the fill light based on an object’s color.
  • Super Glam – Giving footage the final polish, Super Glam is a combination of sharpening highlights and softening shadows. This processing can be done on the full color image, or on the luminance alone, leaving chroma untouched and bringing dull footage to life.

Click for more information on Sheffield Softworks Look Sweet II.

Click to see the Sheffield Softworks Look Sweet II Tutorial Video.

SmartSound Automated Soundtrack Plug-Ins Now Available for Adobe Production Premium CS6

SmartSound Software, Inc., the leader in customizable royalty-free music and soundtrack creation technologies, has announced support for Adobe’s new Creative Suite 6. Their Sonicfire Pro Plug-ins for Adobe products have been upgraded to add support for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and Adobe After Effects CS6. Attendees of the NAB Show in Las Vegas can see the new plug-ins and purchase them at SmartSound’s booth #SL7610.

Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects users can choose from thousands of completely customizable royalty-free music tracks and set the length, instrument mix and arrangement in a process started directly from within their Adobe applications.

About Sonicfire Pro Plug-ins for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects

Sonicfire Pro Plug-ins enable a seamless soundtrack workflow from within Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and Adobe After Effects CS6 software, controlling all elements of music scoring including:

  • Automated adjustment of royalty free music tracks to fit defined video segment lengths
  • Each soundtrack has clearly defined beginning, middle and end sections
  • Mood Mapping feature enables scoring of music track to support changing visuals and moods
  • Use of multiple arrangements through Sonicfire Pro’s “Variations” feature
  • Remove unwanted instruments or easily change the instrument or vocal mix with SmartSound’s Multi-Layer music products
  • SmartSound Music files include Smart Recall, allowing the user to easily open the music file and project in Sonicfire Pro from within the Adobe software for easy roundtrip editing
  • Royalty free music licensed for virtually all uses with unlimited use and lifetime access to SmartSound’s patented music customization technology
  • Works with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CS5.0 and above

Mac & PC versions available April 16, 2012 from SmartSound Software

SmartSound will be exhibiting at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show in the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 16th to 19th, 2012. Customers will be able to see the new plug-ins in action and purchase them for immediate online delivery from SmartSound’s booth #SL7610.

Click for more information about SmartSound Sonicfire Pro Plug-ins.

Matrox Releases Two New Cost-Effective DualHead2Go Solutions: DualHead2Go Digital SE For PCs and DualHead2Go Digital ME For Mac Systems

Matrox Unveils Cost-Effective External Multi-Display Adapter for PC Laptops and Desktops

Matrox Graphics Inc. has announced the launch of the DualHead2Go Digital SE external multi-display adapter, which enables the cost-effective addition of two external DVI displays to desktop and laptop PCs. The sleek, black-cased, and palm-sized Matrox DualHead2Go Digital SE features a DisplayPort input and two DVI outputs, and supports a maximum resolution of 3840×1200 (2x1920x1200) across two DVI displays on compatible systems.

Click for more information about the DualHead2Go Digital SE.

New Matrox DualHead2Go External Multi-Display Adapter Provides Cost-Effective Productivity Boost to Mac Users

Matrox Graphics Inc. has announced the launch of the DualHead2Go Digital Mac Edition (ME) external multi-display adapter, designed specifically for use with Mac systems. The DualHead2Go Digital ME, encased in a small, silver box connects to the Thunderbolt port or Mini DisplayPort video output of Mac notebooks or desktops and drives two external DVI displays each at a maximum resolution of 1920×1200. This easy-to-use solution is the ideal multi-display adapter for any Mac user looking to expand their desktop to see more and do more.

Click for more information about the DualHead2Go Digital Mac Edition (ME).

Neumann Introduces KK 204 and KK 205 Microphone Capsules, Designed to Complement Sennheiser’s 2000 Series Wireless Handheld Transmitter

Premium audio brand Neumann has announced that it will be showcasing its new KK 204 and KK 205 microphone capsules at the Sennheiser booth [C2632] during NAB 2012. The new capsules, which are available in cardioid (KK 204) and supercardioid (KK 205) patterns, are compatible with Sennheiser’s 2000 series of wireless handheld transmitters.

The acoustic features of the KK 204 and KK 205 capsule heads are derived from the multiple award-winning wired Neumann stage microphones, the KMS 104 and KMS 105. The KK 204, with its cardioid pattern, ensures the best possible suppression of sound originating from 180 degrees to the rear, while the supercardioid KK 205 has greater directivity, and maximizes incident sound from the front as compared to sound from the rear. Due to the “single polar pattern design,” the polar patterns are very uniform over the entire frequency range and provide excellent resistance to feedback.

In developing the new capsules, particular importance was placed on the effective damping of pop sounds and handling noise, as well as on the extremely low level of self-noise. The KK 204 and KK 205 capsule heads also have an extremely wide dynamic range and were designed to be very easy to service.

The aesthetic design complements the construction of the SKM 2000 handheld transmitter, and each capsule — like the SKM 2000 transmitter — is available in both nickel and black finishes. Each capsule includes a large nylon bag designed to hold the capsules, the handheld transmitter, battery packs and additional accessories.

Both the KK 204 and KK 205 feature:

  • Reduced handling noise: Very low sensitivity to handling noise with a steep roll-off from approximately 78 Hz
  • Reduced plosives and sibilance: Both capsules feature a foam-lined grille to ensure smooth sound
  • Wide dynamic range with high SPL capability: 126 dB-A of dynamic range with 150 dB MAX SPL
  • Low feedback: Incredibly smooth and flat frequency response provided high gain before feedback
  • Easy to service components: Neumann understands the rigors of the road and has made the KK 204 and KK 205 exceptionally robust but easy to service if necessary

Click for more information about the Neumann KK 204 and KK 205.

Blackmagic Design Announces New HyperDeck Studio Pro with 4K playback

Blackmagic Design has announced HyperDeck Studio Pro, a new model of SSD recorder that includes powerful new features such as 4 channels of 3 Gb/s SDI in and out, built-in high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology, as well as full HDMI and analog in and out including standard XLR connectors for audio and timecode. HyperDeck Studio Pro features dramatically higher processing power and quality which allows full 4K playback from a single SSD disk using Apple ProRes compression that is four times the resolution of regular HD 1080 resolution video. HyperDeck Studio Pro. HyperDeck Studio Pro will be demonstrated on the Blackmagic Design NAB 2012 booth at #SL220. HyperDeck Studio Pro features a beautiful user friendly VTR style design with function buttons, a jog wheel for jog and shuttle, plus external RS-422 control. The high resolution LCD screen displays timecode and transport information, plus a full color thumbnail preview of the current clip in record and playback. Crystal look buttons give customers full transport control just like a broadcast deck.

HyperDeck Studio Pro fits easily into outside broadcast vans or a master control room. It’s perfect for on set recording and viewing of dailies, as a video server or for replays at live events. With new multi channel connections, a high-speed Thunderbolt port and 4K playback, HyperDeck Studio Pro is also perfect for digital signage, and feature film work as the single unit can instantly switch between SD, HD, 2K and 4K playback. HyperDeck Studio Pro records universally compatible uncompressed QuickTime files in uncompressed 10 bit, DNxHD and ProRes compression so the files stored on disk can be used with all popular software packages, such as Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve and more. Customers will always be free to use the editing, color correction and finishing tools that they choose and that are best for their clients and jobs.

With 4 x 3Gb/s SDI as well as HDMI and analog inputs and outputs, HyperDeck Studio Pro works with virtually every camera, deck or monitor. 4 x 3 Gb/s SDI allows 4K playback as well as planned multi channel capture and playback as later software updates.

Featuring two bi-directional channels with transfer speeds up to an amazing 10Gbps each, the new Thunderbolt port makes capture and playback to and from any Thunderbolt-enabled computer faster than ever. This means customers get full compatibility with Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Avid Media Composer 6, Adobe After Effects CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6 and more.

HyperDeck Studio Pro Key Features

  • Capture and playback with SSDs in uncompressed 10 bit, DNxHD and ProRes quality.
  • Supports QuickTime format for uncompressed, DNxHD and ProRes files and MXF files for DNxHD.
  • Dual slots so keeps recording onto next disk when one disk fills up.
  • 4 channels of 3 Gb/s SDI input and outputs. Allows 4K playback at 4 times HD resolution.
  • HDMI input and outputs.
  • Analog component, and composite inputs and outputs.
  • Analog audio on XLR connections, and includes additional HiFi RCA audio inputs.
  • Includes timecode input and output connections on standard XLR connectors.
  • Built-in high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology for computer capture and playback supported.
  • USB connection for software updates and settings.
  • RS-422 deck control for disk recorder control.
  • Ethernet for transport control and setting changes.
  • 1 rack unit size with 110/240V built in power supply.
  • Recorded files and high-speed Thunderbolt I/O connection are fully compatible with Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve and more. Includes UltraScope software for real time scopes using Thunderbolt port.


HyperDeck Studio Pro will be available in July from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide.

Click for more information about Blackmagic Design’s HyperDeck Studio Pro.

Blackmagic Design Announces Desktop Video 9.5 with Support for the Upcoming Release of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Software and Windows WDM Driver Support

Blackmagic Design has announced Desktop Video 9.5 software update that adds support for the upcoming release of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 video software using Blackmagic Design’s DeckLink, UltraStudio and Intensity capture and playback products on both Mac OS X and Windows 7. Desktop Video 9.5 for Windows 7 also includes a new WDM driver that lets customers use Blackmagic Design products with an enormous range of Windows video software.

Desktop Video 9.5 Software will be demonstrated on the Blackmagic Design NAB 2012 booth at #SL220. Desktop Video 9.5 will let customers use DeckLink, UltraStudio and Intensity capture and playback products with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 . This upcoming release includes support for Adobe Mercury Transmit, which is a new plug in design for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 that provides more real time effects with any video format and codec. With Adobe Mercury Transmit, Blackmagic Design can get direct access to the Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe PremierePro CS6, so customers can experience better playback performance than ever before.

With Blackmagic Design capture and playback solutions, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 applications will be able to capture and work with the highest quality compressed and uncompressed video formats. Video can be captured from decks, cameras, live feeds and other sources for editing, compositing, graphics production and more with the advanced features of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 software. Desktop Video 9.5 also supports Adobe Encore CS6 for hardware video output when authoring DVD and Blu-ray disks.

Desktop Video 9.5 for Windows 7 includes a WDM driver that supports a huge variety of Windows based video applications. Desktop Video 9.5 lets all DeckLink, UltraStudio and Intensity products work directly with CyberLink PowerDirector, Corel VideoStudio X5, Nero Video 11, Magix Movie Edit Pro, VLC, AMCap, ArcSoft ShowBiz and many more. WDM drivers are ideally suited to developers who require future proof technology, that is faster and more efficient.

At NAB 2012 (booth SL2624), Adobe is revealing the Creative Suite 6 video tools, which are expected to ship in the first half of 2012. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 combines faster performance with a sleek, customizable user interface and powerful trimming tools that let editors work the way they want to.

Click to learn more about the top new features in Adobe Premiere Pro and the other video tools of the upcoming Creative Suite 6.

Availability and Price

Desktop Video 9.5 Software is available now for download free of charge from the Blackmagic Design website.

Click for more information about Blackmagic Design’s Desktop Video 9.5 Software.