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PluralEyes Connector for Premiere Pro Simplifies Automatic Sync by Hooking Up Seamlessly to Adobe CS6

Singular Software, a developer of workflow automation applications for video production, is pleased to announce download-availability of a greatly simplified integration between its multi-award winning PluralEyes software and the latest Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Connector links the workflows of PluralEyes and Premiere Pro, making the process easier. Rather than exporting and importing project files, editors can simply launch PluralEyes as an extension within Premiere.

Editors can now launch PluralEyes from within Premiere — which allows it to pop up already populated with the correct information without any need to enter it manually. They can then hit ‘sync’ and sit back and relax while the two programs work together to take care of synchronization automatically.

Users can download PluralEyes Connector from Singular Software’s website.

PluralEyes Multi-Camera and Dual-System Audio Workflow Timesaver

PluralEyes dramatically accelerates the workflow for multi-camera, multi-take and dual-system audio productions. By analyzing audio information, PluralEyes synchronizes audio and video clips automatically without the need for timecode, clappers or other special preparation. One-click sync provides simple and accurate synchronization of media regardless of project type or size.


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