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Premiere Pro CS6 Keyboards Out Now

LogicKeyboard has updated their Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CS assortment of keyboards and keyboard covers to match the recently released Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium software. The Premiere Pro CS6 has added 25 new shortcuts and 10 other keys have changed into the new CS6 naming convention.

The update includes:

  • LogicKeyboard PC Slim Line full size for Windows,
  • LogicKeyboard Advance and Pro Line ultra thin aluminum keyboards for Apple,
  • LogicSkin for Apple ultra thin aluminum keyboard in full- and compact size,
  • LogicSkin for all Apple MacBooks in the Unibody design.

Important Notices:

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

  • Existing customers using the PPRO4 or PPRO5 versions of our products have the possibility to change the shortcut presets in the Premiere Pro CS6 software to CS5.5 presets to get maximum compatibility on a short term basis. However, it is recommended that users upgrade to the new PPRO6 version eventually to get the full benefit of CS6.

Adobe After Effects CS6

  • The current version AE4 products are compatible with CS4, CS5 and CS6. In CS6 the key G has an additional function; the G key now cycles between Mask Feather tool and Pen tool.

Please check the website for language variants and availability.

Digital Production Buzz – June 28, 2012

  • Using the Past to Move Forward
  • DV Expo – Industry Meeting Ground
  • Plug-ins for Fun and Profit
  • New Contest for Creative Types

GUESTS: Robert Slutske, Cristina Clapp, Michele Yamazaki, and Stacey Duncan


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New interviews every week! Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton as they talk with:

Robert Slutske, Industry Expert

Bob Slutske, an industry expert in efficiencies and effectiveness of media issues, tells us stories of how it was, how it is and how it just might be in the future. As George Santayana once wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” We are eager to get Bob’s take on the future.

Cristina Clapp, Editorial Director, New Bay Media

Cristina Clapp, Editorial Director of New Bay Media, reports on DV Expo – East and DV Expo – West. DV Expo is a great opportunity to take the pulse of our industry by checking in with key vendors and technology.

Michele Yamazaki, VP Marketing & Pluginologist, ToolFarm

Our favorite Pluginologist, Michele Yamazaki, is back to update us on the latest from Tool Farm. Plug-ins are the life-blood of every editing system – and Michele understands plug-ins like no one else. It’s going to be a great time this week, learning about all the latest toys, um, tools this week.

Stacey Duncan, Sr. Worldwide Marketing Mgr, Branded, HGST, a Western Digital Company

Creativity needs tools and when a hardware company gets behind boosting creative thinking, a great synergy can happen. Stacey Duncan, Sr. Worldwide Marketing Mgr, Branded at HGST, talks about G-Technology and reveals a new competition for filmmakers that you just may want to enter.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else — it’s another fascinating show!

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Newly Updated Tiffen Apps!

Share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more — plus share Settings files with Tiffen Dfx v3 Software.

Photo fx (iPhone & iPod Touch) and Photofx Ultra (iPad) are the definitive set of digital versions of Tiffen’s award-winning optical filters plus specialized lenses, optical lab processes, film grain, exacting color correction, natural light and photographic effects.

There’s a clever paint system with a variety of brushes at your fingertips. Share images via email, on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more. Plus share with Tiffen Dfx v3 software on your desktop!

Tiffen Photo fx and Photo fx Ultra are the most comprehensive, feature rich photo apps available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Click here to learn more.

eyeon Software Stereoscopic and Optical Flow – Fix the Impossible

This webinar is presented to offer insight and methodologies on saving time and shots.

Hosted by Jeff Krebs, eyeon’s Director of sales and product expert, walks us through many forms and functions as he solves intricate stereoscopic/optical flow production challenges.

Special guest, Barrie Williams from pixelfantastic, gives a concise and very informative description of his recent experience with Dimension.

Fusion artist and developer, Stefan Ihringer, also sheds light on the tricks behind optical flow for rolling shutter correction.

Stay for Q&A after the presentation.

Webinar Topics Include:

  • Disparity Map Generation
  • Per Pixel vs. Global Convergence Alignment
  • Eye Separation Control
  • New Eye Mapping
  • Disparity to Z effects
  • Polarization/Reflection and Defocus with Camera Reconstruction
  • Optical Flow Generation
  • Optical Flow Motion Control
  • Tween to Remove Shot Contaminates
  • Morphing Based on Motion Vectors
  • Rolling Shutter Fix Based on Motion Vectors
  • Stabilization Based on Motion Vectors (no tracking required)
  • Q&A

Register online here.

Split Animator and Video Scrapbook

Tokyo Split Animator for Final Cut Pro X

Tokyo Split Animator is a set of nineteen templates designed exclusively for Final Cut Pro X that goes beyond the familiar static split screen concept by adding simple-to-use animation functionality and the ability to quickly construct your own original design layouts.

More info here.

Nattress Video Scrapbook

Bring still photos to life and create moving video scrapbooks.

Whether you are setting your family photos to your favorite music, building a corporate catalogue, or creating any photo montage video, Nattress Video Scrapbook will save you time and breathe life into your photos.

Compatible with Final Cut Pro 6, 7 and X, Motion 3, 4 and 5, After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and CS6.

More info here.

Red Giant Releases Photolooks 2

Red Giant has released PhotoLooks 2! Already love Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 1? Then you’ll be excited about the new and improved features of PhotoLooks 2:

  • Reorganized interface. Your workspace is cleaner and more intuitive, keeping the heart of PhotoLooks 1 while making it easier to create new looks.
  • Save time and money. Ships with 100+ stylized treatments for portraits, weddings, nature and event photography, ranging from soft lighting to Hollywood drama.
  • Advanced color correction. Get incredible professional post-processing power with Magic Bullet tools like 3-Way Wheels, Pop and Ranged HSL.
  • Reveal your true colors. Analyze the precision of important colors with four new scopes for Memory Colors, Skin Overlay, Hue/Saturation and Hue/Lightness.
  • Make your talent glow. Cosmetic cleanup is now easy with the Cosmo tool for adjusting skin tones and blemishes.
  • Work where you want. Create incredible colors in the standalone app, plus all your favorite photo apps like Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 4 and Aperture 3.
  • Video editors unite! PhotoLooks 2 is now as feature-rich as Looks 2, so you can share presets seamlessly between photo and video host apps.

Find out more here.

GenArts particleIllusion Now Available for Nuke and Sony Vegas

Quickly and easily search and load thousands of emitters such as explosions, fire, sparkles, and smoke directly in your host platform.

Easily customize with “top-level” parameters such as size, life, number, and velocity.

GenArts particleIllusion for Nuke Features:

  • Integrated into Nuke
  • Open GL rendering
  • Over 3,000 presets with new emitter presets released regularly
  • Built-in search function for finding the perfect effect quickly
  • Endless creative possibilities
  • Ultra-fast rendering
  • Ever-expanding creative toolset

GenArts particleIllusion for Sony Vegas Features:

  • Integrated into Sony Vegas
  • Open GL rendering
  • Over 3,000 presets with new emitter presets released regularly
  • Built-in search function for finding the perfect effect quickly
  • Endless creative possibilities
  • Ultra-fast rendering
  • Ever-expanding creative toolset

Find more information on the website.

Vision Research Introduces the Newest Member of the Phantom – 1 Mpx v-Series Camera Family

Vision Research, a manufacturer of digital high-speed imaging systems, extends the company’s Phantom 1 Megapixel (Mpx) v-Series line of digital high-speed cameras with the addition of the v411. This addition provides consumers with even more options to get the performance they need within budget.

The v411 uses the same technology as other 1Mpx v-Series cameras, adding a camera with 4Gpx/s throughout to the line. The v411 has a top speed at full resolution of 4200 fps. V-Series cameras feature high-definition, widescreen 1280×800 CMOS sensors and have larger 20 micron pixels that allow shooting in low light, which is often an issue with high speed imaging.

The cameras also have a number of unique features, including Phantom CineMag compatibility for on-camera storage and long record time applications. They also include Image-Based Auto-Trigger functionality, Extreme Dynamic Range and an internal capping shutter for hands-free and remote black references.

Additionally, for the first time ever, Vision Research is offering upgrades within the Phantom 1 Mpx v-Series camera family. Now users with a limited budget can buy at the low end and upgrade performance later. Upgrades are available for the v311 to the v611 or the v411 to the v711.

The latest Phantom v-Series cameras offer additional connectivity and on-camera controls that improve signaling and provide users with more options for enhancing their research and testing industrial applications. Additionally, the v-Series cameras feature a new white body, which is ideal for shooting outside, particularly in deserts or test ranges, as it reflects the sun and keeps the camera cool.

Additional High‑Performance Features Shared by the Entire Phantom Phantom v-Series:

  • Custom-designed 1280 x 800 CMOS sensor
  • Extreme Dynamic Range (EDR): two exposures per frame
  • Internal Mechanical Shutter Mechanism for hands-free/remote black references
  • Memory Segmentation: up to 63 segments
  • Non-volatile, hot-swappable Phantom CineMag memory magazines
  • CineMag interface is optional on all models
  • Range Data Input: embed tracker data into recorded cine file
  • 8GB, 16GB, 32GB of internal high-speed memory
  • GB Ethernet

hVault Announces Advanced Archive Program at Creative Storage 2012

The hVault Advanced Archive Program is designed to provide a competitive advantage to a select number of organizations that seek to manage “big data” storage requirements by deploying holographic disks as part of their overall archiving strategy. hVAULT announced a line-up of future holographic storage products at NAB 2012 in April, and was asked by several organizations to provide early delivery of holographic hardware and media products for archival storage applications.

Video content owners and cloud storage providers alike have identified big data as a major issue. Although magnetic disk and tape storage solutions become more capable and less costly over time, the requirement to store enormous amounts of data is growing at a much faster rate. Holographic storage represents a welcome alternative to traditional hard drive and magnetic tape storage.

In its Advanced Archive Program, hVault will rebate the difference in price for program participants whenever media prices drop during the first 5 years. Upgrades to hVault hardware will be free for five years.

An additional feature of the Advanced Archive Program provides free storage for two off-site copies of the customer’s holographic media. hVault will come to the customer’s site and make two duplicate copies of each disk in the local archive. One of the disks is stored in the highly secure facility at Hollywood Vaults, and the second disk is sent to Hollywood Vault’s underground facility in Western Pennsylvania. Annual checking of the off-site archive and disaster recover disks will be provided as part of the program at no charge to the customer.

Find more information on the website.

Telestream Episode 6.3 Video Encoding Software Now Available

Telestream(R), a provider of video transcoding and workflow solutions, announced availability of Episode 6.3 video encoding software. Support for the x264 video codec brings higher-quality H.264 encoding to all Episode software products. In addition, Telestream makes it easier for post-production companies, artists and editors to access Episode’s extensive range of high-quality encoding capabilities by providing direct integration with Autodesk editing and finishing software, such as Smoke and Flame.

The x264 codec is widely recognized in the industry for producing the best H.264 video quality. With the addition of this codec, Telestream continues the tradition of bringing high-quality video encoding to all Episode users.

Deep system integration with Smoke and Flame makes Episode the only encoder in its class to enable browsing, monitoring and transcoding directly from the Autodesk software. Direct integration makes it easier for Smoke and Flame users to access the powerful, scalable encoding capabilities of Episode products. For creative facilities, Episode allows editors and artists to easily offload encoding tasks to other systems or to centralize functions on an encoding cluster.

Episode(R) provides the highest-quality video transcoding in its class for the entire digital post-production workflow, from camera to delivery, with remarkable speed, powerful controls and cross-platform scalability at an affordable price. Best-in-class video processing, 10-bit encoding, and fine-tuning compression combine to maintain pristine picture quality throughout the production process. Optimized codecs, multi-thread processing, parallel and distributed encoding enable ultra-fast encoding speeds. Collaboration and clustering are at the core of Episode’s design, allowing users to easily join Mac and PC computers together to share encoding work among workstations.

Click to read more about the release of Telestream Episode 6.3 Video Encoding Software.

Click for more information about Telestream and Episode.

Click to download a trial version of Episode 6.3.