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Digital Production Buzz – June 21, 2012

  • Subscription-based Post-Production
  • High-resolution Stock Images
  • Making a Successful Short Film
  • Free Cloud Software for Filmmakers
  • New Announcements on New Thunderbolt Storage
  • Lindsay Lohan, Workplace Exhaustion, and the Guilds

GUESTS: Michael Cioni, Charles Burkett, John Irwin, Jonathan Handel, Jim Sherhart, and Kevin Reagan

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New interviews every week! Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton as they talk with:

Michael Cioni, CEO, Light Iron Digital

Michael Cioni is the CEO of Light Iron Digital. In addition to doing state-of-the-art postproduction on a wide variety of high-end feature films, they recently announced a new “membership service” — pay as you go post-production. Is this a way for producers to reduce costs, future trends in post, or just another hare-brained idea? We invited Michael on to explain.

Charles Burket, Visual Product Development, Rampant Design Tools

Charles Burket heads visual product development for Rampant Design Tools. Rampant is a stock image supplier of high-resolution video, design, and audio elements. Charles joins us this week to tell us about their company, their products, and why we should pay attention to them when there are a lot of other great companies out there.

John Irwin, Writer/Director, Robinson Hope Creative

John Irwin is a freelance Writer/Director in Los Angeles. His short film, titled “Sold” has been chosen as a semi-finalist out of over 15,000 submissions for Ridley Scott’s “Your Film Festival” on YOuTube. If it’s voted in the top ten, he’ll be flown to open Venice Film Festival with his short film, with the chance to win the Grand prize, a $500,000 grant from Ridley Scott to direct a project of his choice. We want to talk with John about his process in creating a successful short film and his plans for marketing it.

Kevin Reagan, Chief Marketing Officer, Scenios, Inc.

Scenios developed a popular, cloud-based tools for film and video production – especially when it comes to planning and collaboration. Now, they’ve released a free version which allows film, TV and commercial producers to manage every aspect of their production, including 5 GB of cloud storage and an unlimited number of users. We want to talk with Kevin Reagan, Chief Marketing Officer for Scenios, about what this new version contains, who its designed for, and how it works.

Jonathan Handel, Entertainment Labor Reporter, The Hollywood Reporter

Lindsay Lohan was in the news this week for “working 85 hours in 4 days” on her new film. Except, that violates union contracts and California labor law if she is actually working that much. Then, there are two crew members from the same production, taken to the hospital for exhaustion. Buzz Regular Correspondent Jonathan Handel is covering the story about working conditions in the entertainment industry and joins us this week with a breaking news report.


Jim Sherhart, Director of Marketing, Drobo

This morning, Drobo announced two new Thunderbolt storage systems specifically designed for media creators – the Drobo 5D and the Drobo Mini. Jim Sherhart, Marketing Director for Drobo, joins us this evening to discuss their latest hardware.

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