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Digital Production Buzz — June 7, 2012

  • Big Cats, Small Cameras
  • New Gear with Ned Soltz
  • Inside the New Media Film Festival
  • Labor, Management, and Creativity

GUESTS: Bill Mills, Susan Johnston, Jonathan Handel, and Ned Soltz

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Bill Mills, Director of Photography, Florida Film & Video

What’s it like, shooting big cats with small cameras? Bill Mills is the president of Florida Film & Video. He used a Panasonic AG-HPX250 P2 handheld camera for his recent trip to South Africa to shoot big cats. It was a long way from home, if anything went wrong. We invited him on this week to hear the stories.

Ned Soltz, Contributing Editor, Digital Video magazine

If Ned Soltz, contributing editor for Digital Video magazine is on the show, we must have new gear to talk about.. And we do, we just can’t tell you what it is, yet. But as a regular contributor to The Buzz, we’ve learned that no one know hardware like Ned Soltz. Stop by and hear what he has to say.

Susan Johnston, Founder/Director, New Media Film Festival

Actress Susan Johnston founded the New Media Film Festival which has its annual run next week in Los Angeles. We pulled her away from her last week of prep before opening at the Landmark Theatre Westside on June 12 & 13th. The screenings are almost sold out, so we want to hear what’s new at this year’s event.

Jonathan Handel, Entertainment Attorney, Troy Gould

Our legal expert, Jonathan Handel, tells us that the musicians are picketing against Disney/Avengers and that IATSE is trying to organize VFX artists at Imageworks. Elsewhere, the Cinematographer’s Guild met to talk about this subject this last weekend. Lots happening and Jonathan’s got the latest news on labor.

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