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hVault Announces Advanced Archive Program at Creative Storage 2012

The hVault Advanced Archive Program is designed to provide a competitive advantage to a select number of organizations that seek to manage “big data” storage requirements by deploying holographic disks as part of their overall archiving strategy. hVAULT announced a line-up of future holographic storage products at NAB 2012 in April, and was asked by several organizations to provide early delivery of holographic hardware and media products for archival storage applications.

Video content owners and cloud storage providers alike have identified big data as a major issue. Although magnetic disk and tape storage solutions become more capable and less costly over time, the requirement to store enormous amounts of data is growing at a much faster rate. Holographic storage represents a welcome alternative to traditional hard drive and magnetic tape storage.

In its Advanced Archive Program, hVault will rebate the difference in price for program participants whenever media prices drop during the first 5 years. Upgrades to hVault hardware will be free for five years.

An additional feature of the Advanced Archive Program provides free storage for two off-site copies of the customer’s holographic media. hVault will come to the customer’s site and make two duplicate copies of each disk in the local archive. One of the disks is stored in the highly secure facility at Hollywood Vaults, and the second disk is sent to Hollywood Vault’s underground facility in Western Pennsylvania. Annual checking of the off-site archive and disaster recover disks will be provided as part of the program at no charge to the customer.

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