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Premiere Pro CS6 Keyboards Out Now

LogicKeyboard has updated their Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CS assortment of keyboards and keyboard covers to match the recently released Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium software. The Premiere Pro CS6 has added 25 new shortcuts and 10 other keys have changed into the new CS6 naming convention.

The update includes:

  • LogicKeyboard PC Slim Line full size for Windows,
  • LogicKeyboard Advance and Pro Line ultra thin aluminum keyboards for Apple,
  • LogicSkin for Apple ultra thin aluminum keyboard in full- and compact size,
  • LogicSkin for all Apple MacBooks in the Unibody design.

Important Notices:

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

  • Existing customers using the PPRO4 or PPRO5 versions of our products have the possibility to change the shortcut presets in the Premiere Pro CS6 software to CS5.5 presets to get maximum compatibility on a short term basis. However, it is recommended that users upgrade to the new PPRO6 version eventually to get the full benefit of CS6.

Adobe After Effects CS6

  • The current version AE4 products are compatible with CS4, CS5 and CS6. In CS6 the key G has an additional function; the G key now cycles between Mask Feather tool and Pen tool.

Please check the website for language variants and availability.


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