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NEW! Trapcode Suite 12 & Trapcode Mir. Motion Design at OpenGL Speed

Trapcode Suite 12: New! Trapcode Mir and 100+ Guru Presets

Introducing Trapcode Suite 12, the new industry standard package for broadcast and 3D design. Get 10 full-featured tools for beautiful realistic effects, with an emphasis on flexible 3D motion graphics and an affordable price.

What’s new in Trapcode Suite 12:

  • Trapcode Mir! The newest face in the Trapcode family creates fast-rendering 3D design elements that respond beautifully to light, texture and depth, and is built on OpenGL rendering for super speed.
  • Bonus presets! Trapcode Suite now ships with two Guru Presets by David Vinson for Shine and Particular, giving you 105 bonus presets for broadcast-ready design.
  • Compatibility! All Trapcode products are now fully supported in Creative Suite CS6, to give you fast, reliable results.
  • Free Updates! Get maintenance updates for Trapcode Lux, Echospace, Form and Particular.

For more information on Trapcode Suite 12, click here.

New! Trapcode Mir: The Next Generation of Trapcode Design

Break the speed barrier with Trapcode motion design!

The newest member of the Trapcode enterprise is feature-packed with Trapcode favorites, matched perfectly with controls that you’ll love, for a fast new tool that ignites your creativity. Mir generates smoothly shaded objects or flowing organic elements, abstract landscapes and nebula structures —all beautifully animated with light and depth.

With Mir, you can go boldly where no Trapcode has gone before:

  • Get instant effects with OpenGL. Mir adds speed and ease to complex designs with OpenGL rendering, letting you instantly preview an effect and keep on working.
  • Talk pretty with AE 3D. Get full integration with After Effects’ 3D camera and comp lights for a variety of beautiful lighting and shading effects.
  • Work at Lightspeed. Explore countless combinations of texture mapping and 3D lighting with the Shader and Material options to create unique VFX and motion graphics.

For more information on Trapcode Mir, click here.

Tiffen & Digital Film Tools compatibility with Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion!

Tiffen and Digital Film Tools are proud to announce that all Tiffen Dfx version 3 software has been updated to work with Mac OS X 10.8 “Mountain Lion,” and nearly every title by Digital Film Tools lineup has been updated to support Mac OS X 10.8!

To learn more please visit the website.

MotionVFX Introduces mTranstition2 for Final Cut Pro X

MotionVFX introduces mTransition 2 with 50 new Final Cut Pro X transitions.
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Thinkbox Software Unveils Ember, A New Method for VFX Creation

Thinkbox Software, developer of Deadline, Krakatoa, Frost, Genome, and other creative solutions for VFX artists, announces Ember, a volumetric data manipulation toolkit that enables powerful workflows around the creation and post-processing of simulations from various sources. Ember is currently being developed as a plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max, and is planned as a standalone tool in the future. An early version of Ember will be demonstrated at the SIGGRAPH Conference, August 5-9 in Los Angeles at booth #937.

Ember is a set of tools for creating, loading, and processing volumetric data in the form of fields, voxel grids and point clouds. It integrates with a large number of third party simulation packages including Sitni Sati’s FumeFX, Chaos Group’s Phoenix FD, Next Limit’s RealFlow and Exotic Matter’s Naiad, in addition to Thinkbox Software’s suite of VFX tools. Ember lets the user combine volumetric data in creative ways, allowing for post-simulation reprocessing that offers higher artistic control over the final results and reduces the production time by reusing and repurposing simulation data assets.

Ember’s key features will include:

  • Scalar and vector fields creation from mathematical functions, texture maps, geometry level sets, particle systems and point clouds data.
  • Volumetric data input and output to/from various sources, including FumeFX and FXD files, Field3D files, Thinkbox PRT, RealFlow BIN and CSV files.
  • History-independent and history-dependent field processing, discretized or gridless advection of fields and particles using various solvers.
  • Node-based workflow shared with other products like Krakatoa and Genome, including dedicated modular operators for caching on various grids, performing gradient, curl and divergence calculations, and more.

Thinkbox Software will be demonstrating Ember – along with Krakatoa, Frost, Genome, XMesh, Deadline and Draft – at booth #937 at SIGGRAPH, August 5-9. Stop by the booth or visit the website to learn more.

Thinkbox will start beta-testing Ember in the second half of August. A beta application and related survey can be found online here.

ATTO Technology Announces Support for Mac OS X Mountain Lion

ATTO Technology, Inc. announced that it has readied Mac OS X Mountain Lion driver support for its Celerity Fibre Channel Host Bust Adapters (HBAs), ExpressSAS/SATA HBAs and RAID Adapters, FastFrameTM Network Interface Cards (NICs) and Converged Network Adapters (CNAs) as well as ExpressPCI SCSI HBAs. ATTO is the only high-performance connectivity provider with a full portfolio of adapters available on the market that support the latest Apple operating system.

ATTO also offers several software-based productivity and performance-enhancing solutions for the Apple market supporting OS X Mountain Lion. Xtend SAN iSCSi Initiator software allows Mac users to easily access block storage over Ethernet, while ATTO’s Power Center software is a disk storage RAID application that allows users to maximize attached storage when using ATTO Celerity Fibre Channel HBAs, ExpressSAS/SATA and RAID Adapters and ExpressPCI SCSI Adapters.

Mac OS X has long been the platform choice for creative professionals, and advancements in file sizes and project complexity have pushed users to grow their storage footprint exponentially. ATTO has continually provided the industry’s most reliable products powering high-performance audio and video workflows, including 2 and 4K digital production, high-definition video editing and rich-content creation. ATTO allows Mac users to choose from a full spectrum of high-performance adapters for SCSI, Fibre Channel, SAS and Ethernet environments.

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Telemetrics Introduces New Robotic HD Camera

Telemetrics Inc. introduces a new HD 1080/60p camera that provides end users with a high resolution robotic camera system without the high cost of entry or integration/compatibility restraints. The HDSC-1 camera is designed for use with the Telemetrics product lineup in a wide range of robotic production applications. Compact and lightweight, the HDSC-1 camera features a Sony 3.27-megapixel CMOS image sensor (Exmor IMX036) and a Canon 20X zoom lens for extraordinary video image quality, color reproduction and focal range.

The HDSC-1 camera provides native 1920 x 1080 HD-SDI video outputs as well as SD composite video outputs in NTSC and PAL formats. Multiple camera systems can be genlocked and the cameras can be remotely controlled over a LAN or via RS-232C. A S/N ratio of 50dB and a sensitivity level of F5.6 at 2000 lux help to ensure high quality image output. For operator convenience, gain set-up is automatic with a manual override and up to five presets can be stored.

The HDSC-1 features a 20X integrated Canon lens with a focal length of 4.7–94mm and an aperture of F1.6 (wide) and F3.5 (telephoto). Auto focus with manual override and servo zoom control help to ensure smooth quiet operation. The horizontal field of view at wide angle is 55.4° and 2.9° for close-up shooting.

The HDSC-1 camera is easily integrated with Telemetrics’ comprehensive line of robotic camera control systems including PTZ heads and control panels/software, camera track and trolley systems, wall mount systems, elevating tripod systems, device servers and coax/fiber camera systems.

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Blackmagic Design Releases Support for new Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Blackmagic Design released a series of new software updates for its products that adds full support for Apple’s new Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion operating system. These software updates include support for Apple’s new Gatekeeper anti malware security protection for all products, including DaVinci Resolve 9, Desktop Video products including DeckLink, Intensity, UltraStudio, H.264 Pro Recorder and Media Express, ATEM Switchers, UltraScope, Mini, Heavy Duty and Battery Converters, Videohub Routers, SmartView Monitors, HyperDeck Studio and Shuttle Disk Recorders, HDLink and Video Recorder.

Gatekeeper is a new security feature which protects your computer from downloading and installing malicious software. Blackmagic Design is one of the first companies to support this new security standard from the first day Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is available to customers. As an Apple Identified developer, when Gatekeeper is set to the default option, our customers will continue to be able to download software, easily maintaining full security protection.

These new software updates support all of Blackmagic Design’s products.

Click here to get the software updates available now free of charge for all DeckLink, Intensity, UltraStudio, H.264 Pro Recorder, UltraScope, ATEM Switchers, Mini Converter, Heavy Duty Mini Converter, Battery Converter, Videohub and Universal Videohub routers, SmartView, HyperDeck, HDLink and Video Recorder customers from the Blackmagic Design web support.

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Telestream Announces Flip4Mac 3.0 for OS X Mountain Lion

Telestream, a provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, announced a public beta release of Flip4Mac 3.0 including Flip Player, a new multi-format video player. This public beta release is being made available to the Mac community to allow a broad user base to evaluate the next major version of Flip4Mac.

Flip4Mac is the official Windows Media player on the Mac. Version 3.0 has been completely modernized to provide continuous Windows Media support for OS X Mountain Lion. Telestream also supports Gatekeeper, a new feature in Mountain Lion, which allows users to install Flip4Mac safely and securely. Additional 64-bit improvements have been made to support the latest QuickTime Player.

Also included in this public beta release is Flip Player, a sophisticated new video player for the Mac. Flip Player offers high-quality video playback in a wide range of popular video formats, for the web, smart phones, and high definition movies. An upgrade to Flip Player Pro adds unique features such as intuitive video editing and iPhone ringtone export capabilities.

Flip Player and Flip4Mac fill an important need for the Mac community. These intuitive, QuickTime-based tools bridge the gap between Mac and Windows environments. For users switching from Windows to Mac, they enable access to Windows Media content and easy integration with a Windows-based infrastructure.

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Click to download Flip4Mac 3.0 public beta.

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Facilis Rolls Out TerraBlock 5.6 with Support for 3TB Drives

Facilis Technology, a leader in advanced shared storage solutions for post-production and content creation, announced the release of TerraBlock version 5.6 with support for 3TB drives. The new version also includes enhanced Ethernet client performance for the DPX workflow and new administration features that make it easier for post production professionals and content creators to streamline and manage the flow of data. For a limited time, Facilis is offering sales promotions tied to the release.

TerraBlock is Facilis’ multi-platform, high-capacity shared storage solution that complements collaborative workflows in standard non-linear editing systems such as Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. Coupled with the Facilis Shared File System, which supports 4Gbps and 8Gbps Fibre Channel and 1Gbps and 10Gbps Ethernet, TerraBlock allows users to leverage existing infrastructure, while offering the flexibility of high-speed, scale-out technology at an affordable price. TerraBlock version 5.6 highlights include:

  • 3TB drive support and new 72TB 24D model
  • TerraBlock Manager username / password authentication
  • TerraBlock Manager support for non-Admin Windows Users
  • Multi-user write volume expansion from the client workstation
  • Higher performance 10Gb and teamed 4Gb Ethernet configurations
  • Support for Mac OS 10.7.4 Update

TerraBlock 5.6 is now available free of charge for customers holding a current support contract. Existing customers may contact for a free upgrade. Support contracts can be purchased directly through Facilis or the worldwide reseller channel.

Click for more information and a full list of TerraBlock features.

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