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J2K Import QT – JPEG2000 for MXF4mac

The DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) defined JPEG2000 as the standard codec for archiving, distribution and screening. JPEG2000 is specified in the Digital Cinema Package as the only accepted compression format.

Hamburg Pro Media delivers the newest and “state of the art” JPEG2000 decoder and brings JPEG2000 MXF files to Final Cut Pro 7 and X, to Adobe Premiere 6 and nearly any other Quicktime application.

The new J2K Import QT decoder is available as an option for the Hamburg Pro Media MXF4mac Importer QT, the standard for MXF on Macintosh. And it is very fast since it supports multi threading and the latest processor technology.

With the MXF4mac Exporter JPEG2000 files could also trans-coded to Quicktime movies as well as other MXF Formats like XHCAM HD, AVC – Intra or DVC Pro HD.

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