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Allegorithmic Releases Substance Designer 3

Texturing technology has released Allegorithmic’s Substance Designer 3 (SD 3), the latest version of its popular non-linear texture and material processing software. With the addition of 2D painting utilities, and new batch processing tools that can automate away the most tedious of tasks, Substance Designer has become an even more potent ally to developers working on every type of game project, from mobile and web, to the next generation of AAA games.

As game development is often expensive, SD 3 was designed to alleviate some of the biggest loss areas in an artist’s work routine, all while creating high-quality graphics that will help sell a game’s look and feel upon release. The robust tool set found in SD 3’s work environment begins this process by eliminating the need to jump in and out of numerous texturing programs. It extends it further by allowing users to customize, share and easily scale up their textures to any game platform, so a user’s focus can remain on the creative process, instead of unnecessary hurdles.

Key Features in Substance Designer 3 include:

  • Unique Batching Tools – automates 80-90% of the texturing work by replicating texturing templates on a collection of meshes.
  • Bitmap Painting System – allows users to do retakes on images, and polish the surface art of their textures with 2D painting tools.
  • Advanced Filter Library – slims the time it takes to get to a professional-grade texture with hundreds of predefined substances and filters.
  • 4K working environment – bake outputs at higher resolutions.

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