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Accusys Presents A12S2-PS

The Accusys A12S2-PS utilizes new PCIe2.0 technology, which doubles the speed of PCIe data storage transmission providing highly desired improvements in speed as well as transfer efficiency over other interface systems.

The high-speed advantage of the PCIe2.0 data storage transmission interface is its 500 MB/s bandwidth in each of four data transmission channels. This allows the A12S2-PS to reach 20Gb bandwidths. In addition, its unique “no signal protocol conversion” between the host system and the A12S2-PS brings efficient data transmission with surprising speed compared to other interfaces.

See the A12S2-PS, 20GB SAN and RAID Solution at Createasphere’s Entertainment Technology Expo booth 312.

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Atomos Announces AtomOS 4.0 With Support For Avid DNxHD

Atomos, the creator of award-winning field recorders Ninja-2 and Samurai, announce that AtomOS 4.0 will support the Avid DNxHD production codec in addition to Apple ProRes. With immediate effect, Samurai owners will be able to download this new update, absolutely free of charge from the Atomos web site.

AtomOS version 4.0 for Samurai allows encoding to Avid DNxHD in the following formats: High – 220x/185x/175x Mbps (10-bit); Medium – 220/185/175 Mbps (8-bit); Low – 145/120/115 Mbps (8-bit). The firmware has been extremely well received by customers who have been invited to beta test it following a successful preview at IBC in September.

The Ninja and Samurai field recorders allow the recording, monitoring and playback of pristine, 10-bit uncompressed images straight from your DSLR or camcorder directly to Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD.


The AtomOS 4.0 pre-release firmware for Samurai is available for download from the Atomos website with immediate effect. It is a full working version – the term ‘pre-release’ is used because it will be further updated to support Ninja-2 in late November.

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Digital Anarchy Releases Free Video Filter: Ugly Box Enhances Skin Damage to Make Subjects Look Worse

Digital Anarchy has announced Ugly Box, a free filter for enhancing skin damage. With the advent of HD, viewers expect to see every last wrinkle, scar, and oozing pore on zombies, witches, and news commentators. Ugly Box uses Digital Anarchy’s award winning Beauty Box skin retouching algorithms to accentuate all the skin detail on undead talent. This creates the effect of making talent look older, uglier, or just plain hideous. Ugly Box supports Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Apple Final Cut Pro 7 & 10.0.6.

The award-winning Beauty Box Video plugin has been used widely to reduce blemishes, wrinkles and makeup problems on film, video and photos. Since version 2.0, Beauty Box also has the ability to make skin look worse. Ugly Box breaks out that functionality into a separate tool. This free filter automatically tracks the skin tones in a video and masks out those areas, allowing users to enhance the undead skin texture or make deathly white color correction to the skin areas.

Users who want more control over their subjects’ skin can purchase Beauty Box Video 2.0. Beauty Box makes talent look better by removing blemishes, wrinkles, and makeup problems. In addition to feature films, music videos, and commercials, Beauty Box is used frequently on zombie dating sites. Sometimes you just need to look good…

Features of Ugly Box

Here is a rundown of the plain ol’ ugly features:

  • Ease of Use: Just press the Make Ugly button!
  • Skin Enhancement: Uses the Beauty Box algorithms to make skin look old and diseased.
  • Automatic Masking: Analyzes video to determine skin tones and makes an automatic, traveling mask.
  • Color Correction: Users can make Hue, Saturation, and Brightness adjustments to the skin areas.
  • Support for Final Cut Pro X: Ugly Box supports Final Cut Pro X, along with earlier versions of FCP.
  • Support for Adobe CS6: Ugly Box supports the latest version of the Adobe Creative Suite.


Ugly Box is free and runs in After Effects 7.0–CS6, Final Cut Pro 10.0.6, Final Cut Pro 7, and Premiere Pro CS4–CS6.

Beauty Box Video 2.0 runs in After Effects 7.0–CS6, Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7, and Premiere Pro CS4–CS6.

The products run on Macintosh 10.5–10.8, Windows XP–7 and Vista 32- or 64-bit systems. Demo filters and samples are available at the Digital Anarchy website.

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Autodesk Flame 20th Anniversary Edition Is Released

Autodesk has released the Flame 20th Anniversary Edition., a major redesign of its premier VFX software. Announced at this year’s International Broadcasting Convention 2012 (IBC), the new software is part of Autodesk Flame Premium 2013. The suite integrates visual effects, editorial and real-time color grading, streamlines complex tasks, improves speed and features a new creative workspace, top-level editorial timeline integration and an enhanced GPU pipeline.

Software Updates Include:

  • New creative workspace: Essential post-production tools are now closely linked in unified creative environment. The new software features one-click access to main finishing tasks and creative tools.
  • Integrated Editorial and Effects Timeline: The timeline is now available at the top level of the application, allowing artists to more easily accomplish editorial tasks and move effortlessly between creative and editorial tools.
  • Enhanced GPU Pipeline: A re-engineered GPU/CPU processing pipeline for faster compositing and visual effects development in Batch and Action.

The 20th Anniversary edition and extension releases are now available exclusively to Autodesk Subscription customers. To view the full product details, subscription benefits and video tutorials, visit the Flame Premium product center, join the Flame Community on AREA or friend us on our Facebook page.

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Red Giant & CrumplePop Release New FCPX Retrograde and Carousel

Red Giant and CrumplePop have combined forces to create a pair a of FCPX-ready ways to give your film a vintage look and feel.

Retrograde gives you the look of real 8mm and 16mm film stocks – right inside Final Cut Pro X. By simply dragging and dropping Retrograde onto your clip, you can quickly create the iconic look of Cold War-era home movies. Real analog source material was used to create the unique film textures in Retrograde, which means that you can create the true color, grain, and damage of old 8mm and 16mm films.

By creating laser scans of old, commonly used film stocks, Retrograde is able to capture the actual grain patterns, color profiles, and exposure flaws in old Kodak and Fuji film. When you apply Retrograde to your clip in Final Cut Pro X, what you are seeing is actual film texture – a look that is impossible to create from scratch digitally. The robotic-looking contrast and color space of digital video disappears, and the milky, faded, and bizarrely punchy look of old 8mm and 16mm film emerges. After dragging and dropping and making a few adjustments, you might do a double take as your footage is transformed into something that belongs to another era.

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Carousel makes it easy to apply vintage camera looks to your footage, so users can capture the classic look of color cross-processing, film fading, and vignettes. Authenticity was key in development. Each look was created using film prints from a toy camera and 120 film, with care taken to preserve the color profile and unique flaws in the prints that came back from the lab. On top of that, Carousel features optically-captured light leaks to complete the unique feel of using a vintage plastic camera. By simply dragging and dropping Carousel on to your clip, you can create classic, stylish effects.

Nearly every detail in Carousel is customizable, from the color and flicker of the light leak to the style and size of the vignette. If you like, you can customize the color, light leaks, fading, and vignette to your liking to create hundreds of different looks. With Carousel you can capture the exact look you need for your project.

Carousel works with Final Cut Pro X only.

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Sorenson Media Announces New Squeeze Server 2.0

Sorenson Media announced the immediate availability of Sorenson Squeeze Server 2.0, the easiest-to-use and fastest-ever version of the company’s high-volume enterprise-grade video transcoding and encoding solution. The new application, built on the perennial gold-standard Sorenson Squeeze encoding engine, significantly improves performance while streamlining encoding and transcoding tasks.

Squeeze Server 2.0 includes full optimization for all four leading adaptive bitrate streaming protocols, including the newly added MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH); Adobe Flash Dynamic Streaming (FDS); Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS); and Microsoft Smooth Streaming. Squeeze Server automatically transcodes individual videos files into chunked segments categorized by bitrate, organizes the segments into folders and delivers them to every specified destination for playback.

Core benefits of Squeeze Server 2.0 include:

  • Unprecedented speed. Major enhancements to the application’s core encoding algorithm maximize all available server CPUs for each encode.
  • A completely redesigned user interface that enables easy management, updating and status indicators for all encoding, including remote control of the server(s) from a browser or iOS device.
  • A refined API – REST-based and easy to code against.
  • The broadest variety of input and output options for multi-screen video preparation with optimized encoding presets.
  • Easy-to-use installation configurations, so the application is ready for encoding within moments, with zero-configuration queues and intelligent presets.
  • Dedicated, Gold-Tier maintenance with highly trained video experts via telephone, email or live chat, as well as ongoing updates and upgrades as they come available.

Squeeze Server 2.0, which runs on Windows Server 2008 R2 and later versions, is uniquely optimized for hybrid cloud/on-premise environments. It runs equally well in any public or private cloud, and can save enterprise users significant expense through the easy application of provisioning strategies. Each version of Squeeze Server 2.0 comes complete with MySQL database, which enable zero-configuration queues—so users can immediately begin using Squeeze Server with minimal to no coding whatsoever.

Squeeze Server 2.0 includes access to hundreds of included additional presets — video encoding parameters that automate the process of transcoding video files in order to optimize playback for any major format, from Flash, H.264 and WebM to MXF, on devices ranging from smartphones and tablets to laptops, PCs, set-top boxes and TV screens.

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Accusys Announces the Dual Port QSFP HBA (Z2D) for the ExaSAN Product Family

Accusys announced the Dual Port QSFP HBA (Z2D) for the ExaSAN product family. The “Z2D” is Accusys’ internal nomenclature for an HBA, with 2 ports, for a DAS application. Each QSFP port can connect to an ExaSAN PCIe2.0 RAID system like the A12S2-PS that can transfer data up to 1200MB/sec.

When users install a Z2D in a workstation, they’re able to connect two A12S2-PS RAID systems providing the workstation with double the transfer rate capability.

The maximum performance is over 2400MB/s enabling editing, coloring, or finishing applications to run in native uncompressed mode, easily supporting 2K or 4K file based workflows.

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Artist and Developer Partnership Announces SkaFlash

SkaFlash is an Austin based company, created in 2012 by Top AAA artist, Casey McPherson and software developer Geoffrey Simpson. It more easily connects fans to their favorite bands by allowing fans to directly text their email address to a virtual email program, making paper email lists a thing of the past.

As a working musician, McPherson noticed a need in the music business for a better way to capture fans and keep them involved in the activities of their favorite bands. To solve this problem he partnered with software developer Geoffrey Simpson to create SkaFlash.

Still in its Beta phase, SkaFlash is a software program designed to more easily connect fans to the bands they love. This is done by assigning bands a virtual phone number, allowing fans to text their email address directly to the band. The fan data is then automatically input into Constant Contact or copied into the email marketing program already in use. Bands can also give incentive for sign ups, like a free song, sent to subscribers upon receiving their email address. This, on average, increases band’s email subscriber signups at concerts from 2-7% to 50%.

SkaFlash is a remarkable advancement in technology and is the only program of its kind. It improves on the pen and paper method of collecting email addresses, by eliminating the need to decipher a fan’s handwriting, the need to manually enter data and the potential of losing the piece of paper.

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Telestream Announces ScreenFlow 4

Telestream, a provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, announced a major release for its award-winning ScreenFlow screen recording and video editing software. ScreenFlow 4 optimizes full-screen recording for Apple Retina displays, adds chroma key support, nested clips, media library tools, additional video and audio effects, closed caption support, and more. ScreenFlow has been acknowledged by Macworld and others as an “amazing app” that helps users create computer-based tutorial videos by recording screen activity along with narration for sharing online with others.

Powerful Organizational Tools

ScreenFlow 4 adds important new features to help users keep complex projects organized. Nested clips allows users to merge multiple elements into a single clip on the timeline, making it easier to access and edit content and apply filters and video actions. New media library organization tools make it easier for users to find and organize all the clips in their libraries, search for a specific clip, arrange clips by name, duration or type, and more.

More Razzle-dazzle Production Features

With ScreenFlow 4, Telestream adds more professional production tools that enable users to add sparkle to any video. Built-in chroma key allows users to replace a green (or any color) background with a custom video or still image background, adding a professional look to video productions. New Core Image video effects filters include advanced color adjustments, distortion effects, blurring, alpha mask, color effects and more. New Core Image audio effects filters include EQ, multiband compression, peak limiting, delay and more. Freehand callout support for all media and ProRes Alpha Channel export support are now available. Plus, full color-sync-enabled rendering provides increased fidelity of preview and exported videos.

Tools to Reach New Audiences

The addition of closed captions and new export options in ScreenFlow 4 makes it easy to target and reach new audiences. Users can now add, edit and publish ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant soft subtitles as caption tracks to MPEG-4 movies and YouTube videos. Captions can also be created in multiple languages. MPEG-4 export using the x264 video codec allows for the distribution of exceptionally high-quality video to a greater number of viewing devices.

Features to save time and streamline workflows

A number of new shortcuts – including JKL keystrokes for Rewind, Stop, Playback, and the ability to start and end transitions in one click – make ScreenFlow 4 more intuitive and streamlined. The Dynamic Update feature offers the ability to automatically reload media that has been modified in another application, saving time and disk space. The new recording timer lets users set a time for recording to stop, which allows them to set up a recording and return to it later.

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Thinkbox Software Launches Cinelab

Thinkbox Software launched Cinelab, a new video-editing app for Windows 8 devices. Cinelab delivers simple, on-the-go video editing capabilities directly from any supported tablet, mobile device or desktop computer.

Inspired by the new Windows user interface, Thinkbox founder Chris Bond set out to design an easy-to-use editing app that would enable people of any skill level to trim and cut together clips, and share them directly from Windows 8 devices. Using a very simple touch interface, users can rearrange clips by moving them around on screen, tap them to play, and shorten the length by moving handles on a bar directly beneath the clip. Rearranged and trimmed clip sequences can be shared via SkyDrive and email.

The developers of Cinelab have been working in professional visual effects for many years, and drew on their own experience with industry-leading editing tools from the most elementary to the highest end, to bring a great user experience to Windows 8 customers.

A free version of Cinelab is available through the Windows Store, allowing customers to edit and share their videos; extended features are available via an upgrade through the Windows Store.

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