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Artist and Developer Partnership Announces SkaFlash

SkaFlash is an Austin based company, created in 2012 by Top AAA artist, Casey McPherson and software developer Geoffrey Simpson. It more easily connects fans to their favorite bands by allowing fans to directly text their email address to a virtual email program, making paper email lists a thing of the past.

As a working musician, McPherson noticed a need in the music business for a better way to capture fans and keep them involved in the activities of their favorite bands. To solve this problem he partnered with software developer Geoffrey Simpson to create SkaFlash.

Still in its Beta phase, SkaFlash is a software program designed to more easily connect fans to the bands they love. This is done by assigning bands a virtual phone number, allowing fans to text their email address directly to the band. The fan data is then automatically input into Constant Contact or copied into the email marketing program already in use. Bands can also give incentive for sign ups, like a free song, sent to subscribers upon receiving their email address. This, on average, increases band’s email subscriber signups at concerts from 2-7% to 50%.

SkaFlash is a remarkable advancement in technology and is the only program of its kind. It improves on the pen and paper method of collecting email addresses, by eliminating the need to decipher a fan’s handwriting, the need to manually enter data and the potential of losing the piece of paper.

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