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Atomos Release New Ninja-2 Firmware for DNxHD Encoding

Atomos, creator of the award-winning field recorders Ninja-2 and Samurai, has announced the worldwide release of AtomOS 4.01 firmware for Ninja-2 recorders. AtomOS 4.01 brings a whole new level of functionality to the Ninja-2 with support for Avid DNxHD, at no extra cost to customers.

This new 4.01 firmware update includes some impressive functionality for Ninja-2 customers, not least of which is capture to Avid DNxHD codec profiles. HDMI timecode start/stop trigger is supported for the Canon C100 and 1Dx cameras, and a new audio offset function has been incorporated to improve compatibility with DSLR cameras.

The Atomos developers have listened to their customers and all Ninja-2 owners will notice an improvement in touchscreen sensitivity as the pressure responsiveness has been re-engineered. Also improved is compatibility with PCs, Macintosh computers and iPads through DVI and HDMI improved input detection form these devices.


AtomOS 4.01 is a free update available to registered Atomos Ninja-2 owners via the Atomos website.

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Imagination Technologies Announces Caustic Series2 Raytracing Acceleration Boards

Imagination Technologies, a leading multimedia technologies company, has announced availability of its Caustic Series2 OpenRL PC boards, accelerating Caustic Visualizer viewport plug-ins for Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max at Autodesk University (Booth #416) in Las Vegas, Nevada (November 27-29th 2012).

Both the Caustic Series2 ray tracing accelerator boards and Caustic Visualizer for Maya plugins will be available for purchase from January 2013. The production version of the 3ds Max Visualizer will be available in Q2 2013, with beta trials from February 2013.

The Caustic R2500 OpenRL PC board, including a copy of one Caustic Visualizer, will target the latest high-end workstations. The Caustic R2100 board, including a copy of one Caustic Visualizer, is intended for upgrading a wider range of mid-range and higher workstations. Both Caustic boards will ship with a copy of the Caustic Visualizer for Maya at launch. Imagination will be accepting pre-orders for these products from early December.

HP (booth #120) and AMD (booth #735) will both be showcasing Caustic Visualizer for Maya running with Caustic R2500 boards on their booths throughout the event. Imagination will be demonstrating Caustic R2500 and R2100 boards, working with the Caustic Visualizer for Maya and a pre-beta version of the Caustic Visualizer for 3ds Max in HP and Boxx systems at the show.

Imagination’s hardware accelerated Caustic Visualizer family of plugins brings the world’s first fully interactive real time ray tracer to the working viewports of the industry’s premier 3D design and animation packages. Thanks to Imagination’s unique high performance OpenRL-based ray tracing hardware and software technologies, the Visualizer photorealistic viewport provides far higher visual quality than 3ds Max and Maya’s normal rendering viewports, including globally accurate lighting, reflections and shadows within a 3ds Max, Maya or mental ray scene. It enables artists to identify and resolve potential problems within their final renders from the earliest stages of modeling; minimizing the need for time-consuming preview renders and radically streamlining the look development process.

The Caustic Visualizer viewport renderer interactively updates and responds to all edits in 3ds Max and Maya including geometry, lighting and shading characteristics while preserving their powerful interactive workflows. Selected objects in the Maya viewport continue to have fully editable wireframes and manipulators overlaid on the real-time ray traced shaded preview.

The Caustic Visualizer for Maya 1.0 Trial Version is now available and can be downloaded from the Caustic Professional web site.

This is a fully functional release that is free-of-charge until January 31, 2013. It will be replaced with commercial and education editions that will be available for purchase. The beta version of Caustic Visualizer for 3ds Max will be available in Q1 2013, with pre-registration to begin in early December.

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VITEC Releases World’s First SxS XDCAM HD422 Field Deck Recorder

The Focus FS-T2001 is the world’s first Dual SxS XDCAM HD422 field deck recorder dedicated to streamline your Sony XDCAM workflow. This latest VITEC recorder is being used by major broadcasters worldwide.

The Focus FS-T2001 offers a professional field solution for those looking to:

  • Expand your production workflow with solid state media
  • Record any SDI input video in Sony XDCAM EX/HD/HD422 up to 50Mbps
  • Improve your productivity while reducing the cost of field storage
  • Enable easy access to your media for browsing, editing and sharing
  • Add XDCAM recording confidence in the field

Key Features of the Focus FS-T2001:

  • Dual PC Express slot for SxS and SDHC adapter
  • Extra long recording, up to 8 hours continuously in 50Mbps on the 250GB internal HDD and infinite recording using removable media
  • 250GB internal HDD for storage and backup of your content
  • Access recorded content (FTP/CIFS) and easily share remotely via the ultra-fast 1Gbps Ethernet Port
  • Playback your stored clips over SDI/HDMI in either native or downscaled resolution (HD to SD conversion for SD transmission needs)
  • SDI in/out, HDMI out, and Composite out connections
  • Integrated LCD for menus, live monitoring, and clip playback


The Focus FS-T2001 is available now from VITEC’s worldwide network of dealers.

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Noise Industries Photo Montage Supports Final Cut Pro X And Premiere Pro CS6

Noise Industries has announced that its Photo Montage now supports Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

Photo Animations Made Easy

The principle behind Photo Montage is simple: select an animation style and a few of your photos, and let the plugin do the rest.

Rearranging photos or changing the duration of each can be done in seconds, thanks to an intuitive configuration UI.

Ease of use does not imply limited functionality. A full array of effect parameters allows expert users to create unique animations.

Key Features

  • Now supports Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro CS6.
  • Keyframing optional: no keyframes are required for animation. Set durations for pause and transition, and leave the hard work to the plugin.
  • All popular image formats are supported: including JPEG, PNG and PSD.
  • Easy re-ordering and re-timing: customize the order and duration of each photo without wasting precious time renaming files or resizing tracks on the timeline.
  • Excellent support for titling: assign titles to each image and customize how and where these titles appear in the final output.
  • More than a hundred presets available: no easier way to explore our product and find the desired look for your project.
  • Built-in motion blurring: create high-quality animations at any frame rate with built-in motion blur available in all effects.


The trial version of Photo Montage is included with the FxFactory installer. The trial version can be unlocked by purchasing a registration code from the Noise Industries online store.

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Cinegy Launches Version 9.3 of Cinegy Multiviewer

Cinegy is a software development company specializing in innovative video, broadcast and OEM solutions for international broadcasters and equipment vendors. Following the successful launch of the new Cinegy Multiviewer architecture at IBC 2012, Cinegy are pleased to announce the latest version 9.3 release of Cinegy Multiviewer.

Multiviewer is designed for monitoring and analyzing video and audio streams. Alarms can be generated, displayed and sent in numerous ways when any stream is outside defined parameters.

Cinegy Multiviewer enables users to monitor streams from satellites, camera feeds, playout devices and other sources locally and remotely. Featuring a robust analysis and alert system detecting signal problems as they occur Cinegy Multiviewer runs on commodity IT servers or workstations receiving RTP/UDP streams via Ethernet or uncompressed video using standard SDI cards from vendors such as AJA, BMD, DVS or others.

Cinegy Multiviewer can display on local displays or stream the output via RTP/UDP (MPEG-2 or H.264) to local or remote destinations. It can also be run as a virtual machine if no SDI is required just using streaming inputs and creating streaming outputs.

The latest features in Cinegy Multiviewer 9.3 include:

  • Supports up to 256 channels per server depending on CPU performance
  • Major performance improvements for H.264 decoding and output stream encoding
  • Support for HD H264 in 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 modes
  • Improved support for the latest Black Magic cards and AJA Cards, plus support for the new DVS Atomix cards
  • Dolby Digital audio monitoring support
  • Improved VANC component handling (CC, AFD, V-Chip, etc.)

Cinegy Multiviewer can be run inside virtual machines (VMware, Hyper-V, etc.). This operational flexibility makes it scalable from local, live production control to enterprise, massive playout / streaming operations “in-the-cloud”. Cinegy Multiviewer screen layouts can be designed using the included WYSIWYG editor and functionality can be extended using HTML5 screen widgets.

Based on standard IT hardware and non-proprietary storage technology, Cinegy products are reliable, affordable, scalable, easily deployable and intuitive.

Cinegy’s Application Areas include:

  • Media Asset Management & Active Archive
  • Broadcast Automation and Playout Service
  • IP Signal Distribution and Monitoring
  • Workflow
  • Newsroom Integration
  • Compositing & Effects, CG and Branding
  • MPEG Technology / Encoders / Decoders / Transcoders

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Music 2 Hues Releases “Suspense & Tension”

Music 2 Hues, a supplier of production music and sound effects to the film, video, animation, and multimedia industries has just added a royalty-free title to their Flagship Series line of production music.

This Flagship title: “Suspense & Tension” is now shipping worldwide and is available on Audio CD, or can be downloaded in Mp3 and WAV file formats.

In addition to audio CD’s, our new updated Music Download Center offers the ability to purchase individual tracks from all of our current Flagship Series titles, or entire CD categories with just one click in either Mp3 or Wav file formats. For just one price, clients will get all the edited versions of any one music track, including the full length theme, and any 30 and 60 seconds versions when available. New production music will be added monthly.

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Holophone Announces the Super C Microphone

Holophone, an innovator in multi-channel surround microphone technology, is introducing a new line of single-channel stage and studio microphones. Designed for the most critical live, recording, and broadcast applications, these new Holophone mics are powerful, customizable, and guaranteed to slap some life into a stagnant market of monotonous, generic microphones.

The new Super C handheld super cardioid condenser is the first in a new line of customizable performance mics created by Holophone. Combining ruggedness and low handling noise with unprecedented ergonomic comfort, the Super C features the same proprietary capsule technology employed in Holophone’s highly acclaimed surround microphones, including the award-winning H2-PRO, the go-to mic for the world’s most prominent productions in Broadcast, Concert Sound, Film, and Music Recording.

Holophone’s new mics deliver more than just distinct sonic character – they also deliver individuality, with a design that allows the user to quickly customize the mic’s appearance on the fly. Each microphone’s casing, windscreen, and grille can be instantly changed to any of a wide range of custom colors, providing unprecedented on-stage and on-camera visual versatility, as well as a whole new level of hygienic appeal.

With a retro-modern look that will turn heads and a distinctive, balanced ergonomic design, Holophone’s Super C series offers a precision fit and finish that elevates the microphone from a simple tool to a true musical instrument.

Hand assembled in Canada, the Super C includes a custom carrying case, microphone clip, and other accessories. Holophone will be showcasing their entire new line of products – including a soon-to-be-announced top secret stage and studio mic – at NAMM 2013 in Anaheim, California January 24-27, 2013.

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NewBlue Announces Video Essentials 6

Video technology company NewBlue, Inc. announced the sixth edition to their popular product line Video Essentials with Video Essentials VI. Video Essentials VI provides over 100 presets in 10 uniquely designed effects.

As with NewBlue’s entire product line of video effects plugins, NewBlue Video Essentials VI integrates seamlessly into Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro,

Adobe Premiere Elements, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Sony Vegas Pro, Sony Vegas Movie Studio and Grass Valley EDIUS.

Video Essentials VI includes the following filters, all with a number of preset configurations:

  • Chroma Key Pro -Improves Chroma key and adds Outline, Drop Shadow and Garbage Matte options, plus improved keying algorithms for a flawless key.
  • Color Replace – Selects one color in your video and replaces it with another. Color Replace uses advanced algorithms for a clean key and preservation of luminance information, resulting in a more natural application.
  • Cut Away – Selects an area to magnify and reveals greater detail inside a picture-in-picture shape with ease, complete with circular or rectangular options and outline.
  • Garbage Matte – Limits certain effects or images in the effects chain with 4-point controls over curve and feather.
  • Picture Grid – Creates PIPs on a grid structure, which easily slots PIPs into place, so multi-track compositions can be fast and effective.
  • Picture-in-Shape – Creates a picture-in-picture type effect with an organic 4-point shape which can be skewed or curved. Includes flexible rotation and position controls and drop shadow.
  • Saturation EQ – Separates the color spectrum into 8 easy color controls so that specific colors can be over or under saturated. Also includes a custom color control in addition to the 8 standard color bands.
  • Saturation Modifier – Gives control over image saturation, independently increasing or decreasing color saturation values on original levels, which are above a threshold and also below a threshold.
  • Selective Touch Up – Creates a unique shape within an image and then uses that shape to mask a region for smoothing.
  • Tile – Takes one media segment and replicates it into multiple tiles across the screen with control over variants in saturation, brightness, clarity, opacity and blur in each copy of the image.

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Adorama Introduces Flashpoint Fluorescent Dimmable Ring Light

Adorama, a supplier of photographic and consumer electronics products, has begun selling the new Flashpoint 14” Fluorescent Dimmable Ring Light. Flashpoint is the Adorama product line featuring high quality photo accessories and gear such as the Flashpoint Ring Light at price points lower than the competing name brands.

The new Flashpoint Ring Light has an 80-watt circular bulb to provide constant illumination for even, shadow-free lighting. It works with any system, film or digital, and mounts on a light stand. Ideal for beauty and headshots, the Flashpoint Ring Light design provides detailed, even-lit images.

Flashpoint 14” Fluorescent Dimmable Ring Light specifications and benefits:

  • 44cm diameter
  • 5600 Kelvin – 80 watt compact fluorescent circular bulb
  • Eliminates stark shadows while creating a more pleasing light, accentuated by striking catch lights in a subject’s eyes

Adorama has the honor of being listed in’s “Best of the Web” Top 100 Internet Retailers, and in Consumer Reports as a leading photography and electronics retailer.

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Boris FX Announces Boris Continuum Complete 8 FxPlug

Boris FX, a developer of integrated VFX and workflow technology for video and film, announced Boris Continuum Complete 8 FxPlug (BCC 8 FxPlug). BCC 8 FxPlug delivers 200+ comprehensive VFX filters to Apple Final Cut Pro 7, Apple Final Cut Pro X, and Apple Motion 5. Enhanced lens flares, particles, glows, and lights and new FxPlug 2 integration headline the Version 8 release.

Saving time and post-production budgets, Boris Continuum Complete gives editors and motion graphics artists the power to create high-quality broadcast graphics and perform project-saving image restorations within Final Cut Pro. A whopping 200+ filters include extruded text, 3D particle effects, image restoration and touchup tools, true 3D lens flares and volumetric lighting effects, keys and mattes, color grading tools, time-based effects, blurs, glows, stylish auto-animating transitions, and cinematic effects such as film glow, film grain, and film process looks.

Boris Continuum Complete 8 FxPlug new feature highlights:

  • New Final Cut Pro X Templates allow editors to quickly achieve powerful VFX with great-looking, easy-to-use Glows, Lights, Particles, and Tilt-Shift effects. In addition to taking advantage of the Final Cut Pro X templates included with BCC 8 FxPlug, editors are able to create their own FCP X templates with BCC FxPlug in Motion 5, and access and reuse these templates in FCP X without going back to Motion 5.
  • All-New Final Cut Pro X Transitions. BCC FxPlug features all-new designer transition effects for FCP X ranging from lens flares and lens blurs to organic wipes and dissolves.
  • Extrusions for Final Cut Pro X. BCC FxPlug gives FCP X users first-ever access to powerful extrusion filters that make it easy to create 3D objects using text and shapes. The Extruded Text filter creates stunning 3D text elements. Extruded EPS provides an easy way to import and extrude Adobe Illustrator layered vector logos. Type-on Text creates animated text type-ons that fly in from behind or toward the camera or slide into view from the top, left, bottom, or right of the screen either letter-by-letter, word-by-word, or line-by-line. Layer Deformer generates useful 3D shapes such as planes, cubes, spheres, and cylinders and deforms these objects using built-in vertex and pixel shaders.
  • Beat Reactor Technology is now built into many BCC FxPlug filters, making it easy to generate audio-driven effects such as a pulsing light or glow.
  • Built-in Masking System for Final Cut Pro X. Many BCC FxPlug filters feature PixelChooser, a totally unique built-in masking system. This easy-to-use system allows editors to selectively apply a BCC filter to video by matting out a portion of the image based on criteria ranging from color channel information to simple geometric shapes.
  • Built-in Motion Tracking for Final Cut Pro X. Built-in, automated motion tracking allows editors to animate layers based on one or more user-selected tracking points, facilitating day-to-day tasks such as match-moving, corner pinning, and wire and rig removal.
  • Lens Blur Effects for Final Cut Pro X. Multiprocessor-accelerated lens blurring effects allow editors to match looks traditionally achieved by a camera lens aperture setting.
  • Versatile, High-Quality Glow Effects. New to BCC 8 FxPlug, the BCC Film Glow filter offers precise threshold control, glow color control, individual X and Y glow width control for vertical or horizontal glows, and even individual glow scale for each color in the image. The filter also provides several useful built-in tools:
  • Blend Modes which determine how the glow composites with the image
  • PixelChooser for confining the glow source to a specified area of the frame
  • Beat Reactor for audio-driven glow effects
  • Motion Tracking to track a glow with a PixelChooser-determined region
  • Auto-animated, randomized flicker option for the intensity and threshold controls

Other all-new BCC 8 FxPlug filters include:

  • BCC Flicker Fixer: repairs video affected by flickering light or uneven shutter exposure.
  • BCC Lens Flare 3D: leverages GPU acceleration to create cinematic looks, stylish broadcast design elements, and beautiful transitions.
  • BCC Particle Emitter 3D: gives 3D broadcast designers the ultimate particle machine, providing an incredibly powerful, flexible, and OpenGL-accelerated particle system.
  • BCC Organic Strands: emulates flowing strands of matter, glowing plasma, or hundreds of other creative options to enhance broadcast graphics.
  • BCC Wild Cards: provides an easy-to-use particle-based filter for building complex designs of 2D images in 3D space.
  • BCC Stage Light: simulates production lights, projectors, or stage lighting. This powerful volumetric lighting tool adds striking realism to 3D composites.

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