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Impackt Transitions for Final Cut Pro X

Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, introduces Impackt from Luca Visual FX to FxFactory. A plugin pack designed exclusively for Final Cut Pro X, Impackt is a collection of over 30 stylish transitions that provide editors with a wide range of dynamic and striking effects. Transitions come with a multitude of simple-to-use parameters, allowing editors to create unique effects to fit virtually any type of project. Impackt is available now through FxFactory.

Luca Visual FX Impackt Transitions include:

  • Abstraction: Allows the user to create an original and unusual wipe by customizing abstract round shapes that gradually reveal the incoming clip
  • Chroma Spin: Create beautiful spinning chromatic effects and rotating shapes in order to achieve a dramatic impact
  • Digital TV Glitch: Emulates the typical digital glitches that occur in modern TV sets when the signal is weak; also comes with Digital TV Glitch for darker footage and images
  • Frame Slip: A transition inspired by flipbooks, creates a dramatic horizontal shift of frames
  • Image Rip: The outgoing clip rips apart to reveal the incoming one while displaying the typical irregular edge resulting from the action
  • Image Split: A stylish transition that dramatically splits the frame with a customizable colored line falling diagonally across the frame
  • Implode: Stylistic solutions that make the outgoing clip implode, revealing the image underneath; Implode Reverse brings the option to reverse the effects achievable with Implode
  • Pix Zoom: Outgoing clip suddenly pixelates, scaling up before scaling back down to gradually reveal the incoming clip
  • Scribble On: Simulate the action of scribbling on paper in order to gradually mask off the entire frame of the outgoing clip
  • Shock Cut: Add colorful and dynamic stylized glitches over a cut with this highly customizable transition of randomly moving bars
  • Stylized Analogue Glitches: Recreate analogue interferences, typical of an old analogue TV, to nicely transition from clip A to clip B
  • Randomly In – Write In – Twirl In: Three different and creative ways of masking the outgoing clip by typing any combination of text or numbers desired; text wipes across revealing the clip underneath
  • Tear Up: Simulate the effect of tearing a piece of paper; outgoing clip is shredded, revealing the incoming one
  • And many more

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