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Chrosziel Supports New Sony Cameras PMW F5 and F55

New Sony cameras PMW F5 and F55 met with enthusiastic response at recent roadshows. Chrosziel offers customized light-weight supports for both, and a special 4k digital cinematography package for the PMW F55.

Light-weight supports for Sony PMW F5 and F55

Chrosziel camera accessories offer many advantages over similar brands in terms of material, machining and design quality. With Chrosziel light-weight supports for Sony‘s brand-new PMW F5 and F55 for example, it is exceptionally easy to switch fast between 15 mm support systems and 19 mm studio base plates. That is because both light-weight supports also serve as an adapter for base plate Digi Cine (401-F235) featuring 19 mm studio rods.

LWS Sony 5 Series (401-96) comes with a pair of 15 mm rods (length is 205 mm) for matte boxes, follow focuses, handles and other types of accessory – as demonstrated in Chrosziel’s kit for the F5 and the F55 (456-20F5LKIT) which is geared towards using lenses with 114 mm outer diameter.

LWS Sony 5 Series HD (401-96HD) adds an extra pair of rods for carrying accessories at the rear of the camera. The rods are 310 mm and 190 mm long, respectively. This LWS also is a perfect match for the new Chrosziel shoulder pad which will be available as of March. No tool is necessary to mount the new shoulder pad, which means switching the camera between shoulder and tripod has become a matter of seconds.

Within certain limits, LWS 401-94A can also be used for the F5 and the F55. Chrosziel originally developed this 15 mm light-weight support for the Canon C Series (100/300/500), for which it serves as an adapter for base plates with 19 mm rods. You can add various combinations of shoulder pads and handles.

Special kit for 4k digital cinematography with PMW F55

Chrosziel has assembled a special kit optimized for producing digital cinematography in 4k quality with Sony‘s PMW F55. This kit (product code 602-4kP1) contains Chrosziel‘s flagship matte box MB 602, a bridge plate with 19 mm diameter rods, a base plate, and bellows and intermediate rings for all relevant lens diameters.

The PMW F55 kit‘s contents in detail:

  • MatteBox MB 602 with four-filter stage (which can be adjusted extremely precise even during filming), a foldable french flag with a pair of adjustable side wings, a 165 mm diameter rear plate, and a 165:142,5 mm intermediate ring (610-14)
  • Two 5.65 x 5.65“ filterholder inserts (610-01-565)
  • A 114 mm diameter rubber bellows ret. ring (610-66)
  • A 110 mm rubber bellows ret. ring (610-11)
  • A 136 mm diameter ring (for typical Digi Cine zoom lenses) (410-58)
  • Complete bridge plate DigiCine with 19 mm diameter rods made of steel or carbon fiber (no extra costs) (401-F235)
  • Base plate LWS Sony F5/F55 (401-96-01)

Similar kits with adapters for Canon C 500/300 and Red EPIC/Scarlet are available upon request. For the Sony F65, no adapter is required, as it fits directly onto the Digi Cine base plate.

Click for more information about the Chrosziel PMW F55 kit.


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