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Digital Production Buzz – Feb. 14, 2013

  • Creating a Web Series About Student Filmmakers
  • “Fix It In Post” Becomes a Movie!
  • Making Money with Webcasting
  • Thoughts on Creativity from Down-Under
  • Inside Look at Broadcast Video Expo 2013

GUESTS: Vincent D, Jeremy Hunt, Rob Chipman, Kevin Spark and Sophia Milton

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Tonight we are look at the creative process – and how to make money with it!

New interviews every show! Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton this week as they talk with:

Vincent D, Production Manager, Switronix

Vincent D. has been the Domestic/International account manager with Switronix for over 6 years. His personal experience in the acting and entertainment industry has led him to the role of production manager for Reel Dreams, a new web series about student filmmakers.

Jeremy Hunt, Filmmaker, Screaming Death Monkey

Jeremy Hunt just released a new film called: “Fix It in Post.” Combining a fanciful sense of humor with some great effects, this is a showcase for what can be done using Autodesk Smoke. If you haven’t seen it, watch it here. Then join us for this week’s show as he explains how he created it.

Rob Chipman, Founder/CEO, BizVision

BizVision provides expertise across the country to simplify the often-complex task of webcasting and last week, BizVision announced the public launch of a nationwide videographer network that will be integrated into the company’s turnkey webcasting/streaming video platform. This sounds to us like jobs; which is a good thing. Founder and CEO Rob Chipman joins us to explain this in more detail.

Kevin Spark, Graphic Artist, Onion Creative

Kevin Spark is a Australian graphic artist with an interesting side profession, writing scripts. (OK, we know, everyone in LA is also writing a screenplay.) But,since we enjoy talking with creative people, we thought we’d invite him on the BuZZ to talk about the artists’ life “Downunder.”

Sophia Milton, Program Director, Broadcast Video Expo 2013

BVE is the largest film/broadcast industry trade show and conference in Brittain, and it starts Feb. 26. This week, we invited BVE Program Director Sophia Milton, to tell us more about the show, why she sees a need for training to be provided at a trade show, and how you can get in for FREE!

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