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Producer’s Corner: February 14, 2013

Tonight on the BuZZ we are talking about creativity, jobs and great work. It is fun to meet new people and discover what is happening out in the field.  

Vincent D. with Switronix is producing a four-part series for the web called, “Reel Dreams:  Behind the Student Filmmaker,” about a group of … you guessed it, student filmmakers.  He’ll follow them as they discover what it takes to make it in Hollywood, what works and what doesn’t. Viewers will be along for the ride.

Jeremy Hunt just finished a very funny and engaging video using Autodesk called “Fix it in Post,” and we think it just might go viral!  Check back in a few weeks to see if we are right. 

Want work?  Rob Chipman’s company, BizVision  just announced a new videographer network and is asking for shooters to contact them in order to be listed in their nationwide directory.  And, they pay on time and appropriately, which is very good news.   Apparently, there is abundant opportunity for us in the corporate world – so let’s move out of the “entertainment” box and explore something new!

Kevin Spark is creating some great graphics and writing scripts in Australia. I got a chance to read his latest thriller and it is a page-turner!

And Sophia Milton talks to Larry Jordan about what will be happening at the BVE – He’ll be headed to London next week, so this will give us all a sneak preview of what to expect. Larry will fill us in tonight.  If you are in London, you’ll want to make sure to stop by BVE and check out his sessions.

Please take a moment to watch everyone’s work before you tune in.  You will be amazed and it will bring you right into the action.


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Cirina Catania
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Inside Insight: SAG-AFTRA Election Calendar Turns Up Pressure for Progress on Pension and Health (Analysis) by Jonathan Handel

A SAG-AFTRA spokesperson has provided The Hollywood Reporter with the calendar for the union’s upcoming elections. As with the previous SAG elections, the process occupies roughly the middle third of the year, but the SAG-AFTRA elections take place once every two years, not annually, sparing the union at least some of the distraction that often accompanied the SAG elections.


From the calendar, it’s possible to make some predictions regarding the unification of the SAG and AFTRA pension and health plans — and even to look ahead to the 2013-14 negotiations between the studios and each of the three above-the-line unions. Reading the tri-union tea leaves suggests that WGA negotiations might go down to the wire next year.


Click here to read more.

Inside Insight: Tutorial: Joe Mason’s Creating 3D Graphs in After Effects by Michele Yamazaki

Guest writer Joe Mason has worked in corporate video several years and he has developed some efficient methods for jazzing up boring data filled video presentations by giving 2D graphs new life in 3D space. Joe walks through the concept, demonstrating how he quickly cranks out fancy 3D charts.
When it comes to producing corporate videos, most of us immediately start feeling drowsy. It’s understandable, given the content that many of our clients wish to present. However, if you’re looking to impress a client who is expecting the standard line chart graphics package, why not change things up a bit?


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Digital Production Buzz – Feb. 14, 2013

  • Creating a Web Series About Student Filmmakers
  • “Fix It In Post” Becomes a Movie!
  • Making Money with Webcasting
  • Thoughts on Creativity from Down-Under
  • Inside Look at Broadcast Video Expo 2013

GUESTS: Vincent D, Jeremy Hunt, Rob Chipman, Kevin Spark and Sophia Milton

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Tonight we are look at the creative process – and how to make money with it!

New interviews every show! Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton this week as they talk with:

Vincent D, Production Manager, Switronix

Vincent D. has been the Domestic/International account manager with Switronix for over 6 years. His personal experience in the acting and entertainment industry has led him to the role of production manager for Reel Dreams, a new web series about student filmmakers.

Jeremy Hunt, Filmmaker, Screaming Death Monkey

Jeremy Hunt just released a new film called: “Fix It in Post.” Combining a fanciful sense of humor with some great effects, this is a showcase for what can be done using Autodesk Smoke. If you haven’t seen it, watch it here. Then join us for this week’s show as he explains how he created it.

Rob Chipman, Founder/CEO, BizVision

BizVision provides expertise across the country to simplify the often-complex task of webcasting and last week, BizVision announced the public launch of a nationwide videographer network that will be integrated into the company’s turnkey webcasting/streaming video platform. This sounds to us like jobs; which is a good thing. Founder and CEO Rob Chipman joins us to explain this in more detail.

Kevin Spark, Graphic Artist, Onion Creative

Kevin Spark is a Australian graphic artist with an interesting side profession, writing scripts. (OK, we know, everyone in LA is also writing a screenplay.) But,since we enjoy talking with creative people, we thought we’d invite him on the BuZZ to talk about the artists’ life “Downunder.”

Sophia Milton, Program Director, Broadcast Video Expo 2013

BVE is the largest film/broadcast industry trade show and conference in Brittain, and it starts Feb. 26. This week, we invited BVE Program Director Sophia Milton, to tell us more about the show, why she sees a need for training to be provided at a trade show, and how you can get in for FREE!

The Buzz is all the information you need now to know what’s coming next!

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Producer’s Corner: February 7, 2013

Some people say successful creatives are smart and feisty? Aren’t you? So how appropriate is it that tonight’s Digital Production BuZZ has a smart and feisty edge to it? Our guests definitely have an opinion about life in the digital realm!

Michael Cox hails from Vancouver, B.C. and has been working in film and television production for over 20 years. A few years ago, he decided to pursue his MA and in the course of his studies, took an abrupt turn, quitting the work-for-hire-industry altogether when he realized that he just didn’t like “the biz” anymore. Now he is making films of his own and seems happier than ever. We’ll be speaking with him about that and we will also be asking him for his opinion about the state of the industry as it relates to salaries. How many of us have lost jobs to the lowest bidder? Michael and Larry Jordan ask, “Is that a good thing for employers – or does it run the risk of putting all of us in jeopardy as the working world is flooded with non-professionals and prosumers?”

Photo courtesy Michael Cox,

Speaking of training, Paul Babb, the CEO of Maxxon has just announced a full 200 hours of tutorials for subscribers to Cineversity (many of them are free). Dr. Sassi will be posting a full series of behind-the-scenes about the making of his film, “Jet,” and another 54 tutorials are coming up under the series, “Integration.” Paul has more information for us.

Photo courtesy Jeremy Danger

OK, you may or may not agree with his creative approach, but Jeremy Danger is a talented and artistic fetish photographer…did we say, fetish? Yep. It’s a living and, frankly, one that Jeremy really enjoys. He just loves photographing “naked women, the macabre and anything on fire.” Since he is doing so well at it, perhaps we should find our more. This one will be fun for our conservative host, Larry Jordan! If I were you, I’d be tuning in. Check out Jeremy’s work.

The Lumberjack logging app is making its official debut at the upcoming Hollywood Post Alliance Retreat, but we were so curious to learn more about it that we invited Philip Hodgetts, the developer and head of Intelligent Assistance, to talk about it. This is particularly appropriate and intriguing for those of us working in the reality or episodic television arena.

It’s a smart, feisty night at The BuZZ!


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Cirina Catania
Producer, Digital Production BuZZ

Inside Insight: Tutorial: How to use 3rd Party Transition Plug-ins in Adobe Premiere Pro by Michele Yamazaki


Have you ever wondered why your third party transition plug-ins for Premiere Pro don’t show up under Video Transitions, like the native Transitions effects do? I am talking about Transitions from developers such as Boris FX, CoreMelt and GenArts. Their transition effects show up under Video Effects. 

So, what’s the big deal? The problem is that they can’t be applied to a cut as a native Transition would be so having the effect work across a shot, blending the two pieces of footage isn’t as straight forward as it should be. There are all of these great third party Transitions available for Premiere Pro but how does one get them to work as a native transition? The image below shows how a native transition is applied.


Click here to read more.

Inside Insight: Turn that Job Offer from “Maybe” into “YES!” by Jessica Sitomer

Reed Bennett: Did you even consider marrying me?

Morley Clarkson: Of course I did—but when you ask a girl to marry you, do you want her to just consider it? Or do you want her to just know?


I always say that pursuing work in the entertainment industry is just like dating, and the movie Valentine’s Day is a perfect example. First of all, there are about 20 movie stars playing roles that intertwine with each other’s love life, the same way that our industry is so small most of the time that you’re 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon from anyone to whom you want to know. Second, the premise of the movie is that couples break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine’s Day. How many times have you blown a meeting because you put so much pressure on it, or had such high expectations for a project that winds up going no where?

But those issues are not the ones I want to address today. Getting back to Morley’s quoted line above, I want to ask you the same question in regards to how easily you ask people for work.


Here’s the typical scenario:


Click here to read more.

Digital Production Buzz — Feb. 7, 2013

  • A Filmmaker Speaks Out: The State of our Industry
  • Maxon Delivers New Forms of Training
  • Is It Art, Pushing the Envelope, or Over the Edge?
  • Sneak Peek: Lumberjack – A New Way to Log
  • Hidden Surprises for Filmmakers At MacWorld Expo

GUESTS: Michael Cox, Paul Babb, Jeremy Danger, and Philip Hodgetts

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Tonight’s show contains lots of strong opinions. Bring a few yourself!

New interviews every show! Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton this week as they talk with:

Michael Cox, Filmmaker

Michael Cox has over 20 years experience as a grip on major projects, an MBA and has recently produced three short films about public art. He has some very strong opinions about the state of our industry and we think you’ll be interested in his point of view. From one filmmaker to another… we’re just saying!

Paul Babb, President, Maxon

Maxon’s Cineversity continues to find new ways to deliver technical training in interesting ways. This week, we talk with Paul Babb, President of Maxon, about what they are doing with their latest training and how they are delivering it in their on-line training arm called: Cineversity.

Jeremy Danger, Fetish Photographer

Jeremy Danger is a Los Angeles-based photographer who takes immense joy in shooting beautiful naked women, the macabre, and anything that’s on fire. Coming from San Francisco as a fetish photographer, Jeremy has been shooting commercially for the last three years. The more we looked at his site the more we wondered whether this was art or over the edge. So, we invited him to join us this week to find out.

Philip Hodgetts, President, Intelligent Assistance

Philip Hodgetts, president of Intelligent Assistance, is here in advance of the upcoming HPA Retreat, to give us a sneak preview of Lumberjack, a new logging application designed for reality and episodic TV producers. Anytime Philip wants to talk about technology, it pays for the rest of us to listen.

Highlights of MacWorld Expo 2013

For many years, MacWorld Expo, in San Francisco, has focused on the consumer. But, tucked away in small booths surrounded by iPhone covers and iPad accessories were several companies with interesting ideas for filmmakers. Cool hardware and software that can make your life easier. Host Larry Jordan took the Buzz microphones to the show and brings back some of his highlights.

The Buzz is all the information you need now to know what’s coming next!

The Digital Production BuZZ airs LIVE Thursday from 6-7 PM Pacific Daylight Time. Ask questions during the show on our Live Chat, listen live, download an episode from the archives, or subscribe to the podcast either through iTunes or our website. Whatever you do, DON’T miss this week’s show!

Sound Devices 664 Field Production Mixer Receives Nomination for the Cinema Audio Society’s Technical Achievement Award

Sound Devices, experts in portable audio and video products for field production, is pleased to announce that its 664 Production Mixer has been nominated for a Cinema Audio Society (CAS) Technical Achievement Award in the production category.

The 664 Field Production Mixer is the new flagship in Sound Devices’ line of portable audio mixers. The intuitive 664 has six input channels and four output buses. All inputs and outputs are recordable to both CF and SD cards. This unprecedented amount of I/O connectivity and recording capability makes the 664 perfect for any portable production application.

The 664 has six ultra-low noise, high-dynamic-range analog inputs. These transformer-less preamps accept mic- or line-level signals, and include analog peak limiters, high-pass filters, input trim controls and direct outputs. Input connectors 1 and 6 can be selected to accept AES42 or AES3 digital signals.

In complex multi-camera productions, output flexibility is essential. The 664 can send its main left/right outputs to three cameras simultaneously. Two additional output buses, X1 and X2, appear on balanced TA3 connectors. AES3 digital outputs are individually selected to appear on the main XLR and multi-pin output connectors.

The 664 can record each of its inputs and four output buses for 10 record tracks. Recordings are saved to CompactFlash and SD cards. Recordings are either 16- or 24-bit broadcast WAV files, with extensive metadata. All popular production sampling rates are supported. When used with a CL-6 Input Expander, the 664 records 16 tracks, 12 inputs and four output buses.

The mixer’s built-in, rock-steady Ambient time code generator allows multiple devices to operate in synchronization. The 664 can operate as a time code master clock, or its clock can be jammed from an external time code. A helpful time code compare utility shows the difference between internal and external time codes.

This year’s winners will be announced at the 49th annual CAS Awards on Saturday, February 16th at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles.

Click for more information about Sound Devices.