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Producer’s Corner: March 14, 2013

The marriage of technology and creativity – ah, it’s magical!  

Don’t you enjoy observing how developers and engineers build the technical foundations that exist to support us as we create media content? And isn’t it amazing to then turn around and witness that technology working to make content come to life in the hands of creative people? It is truly a daily miracle in Hollywood.

ATEME is a French company that has been on the forefront of technology since the 1990’s.  There have been some recent announcements concerning the upcoming h.264 codec and changes on the MPEG4 front.  So why is this important?  Because it will change the way we create, transport and store our media as we move into hi-def, 4K and beyond. Benoit Fouchard is Chief Strategy Officer at ATEME and he is involved at the highest level with these new developments and is coming to the BuZz to tell us more. 

Photo by Cirina Catania

Shanaya Fastje is a lovely and talented young lady who inspires me every day in so many ways.  She is a sought-after motivational speaker with a special commendation from President Obama, author of 3 books, the most recent being, “Bully in the Mirror.”  She runs a production company, 13th Productions, and is creating a web series entitled, M.D. Squared.” Shanaya is also a singer/songwriter with two popular songs selling on iTunes.  She is a high school graduate and…she is only 13! So if you are having a day where you can’t seem to get motivated, just listen to her for a few minutes and you will realize that you can never give up!

There is a reason why Stephen Nakamura is one of the most sought-after digital intermediate colorists in Hollywood.  His work at Company 3 has brought him to some of today’s top features.. Prometheus, Zero Dark Thirty, The Departed, Kill Bill, The Terminal, The Aviator and more.  His most recent work was on OZ.  Speaking with Stephen, we learned that the filmmakers wanted to use a film-style LUT. It seems unusual and  not necessarily the norm, particularly when the workflow included the RED camera and the film was never going to go “out to film” again. We also want to know more about color choices for those amazing costumes, the production design and numerous visual effects.  Color is an art form and Stephan’s work is beautiful.

Dave Basulto is one of those great and memorable teachers.  He also has another life creating and inventing and writing.  He is, on the one hand, a media arts and animation instructor at San Marino Hight School in Southern California.  (The program is part of the Los Angeles county Regional Occupational Program.) His students win multiple awards on a consistent basis.  When not teaching, he is a journalist specializing in Avid products and the post-production community and he loves iPads for teaching, content creation and social media.  With the advent of the iOgrapher, we can add inventor to his list of titles.


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Cirina Catania
Producer, Digital Production BuZZ

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