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Start/Stop Camcorders Wireless Remote with New Chrosziel Interface Using LANC

Chrosziel has created a solution for starting and stopping a professional camcorder remotely using handles or a wireless lens control system.

The interface cable contains a small board carrying the logic for the LANC protocol. The Local Application Control Bus System was introduced by Sony in the 90‘s as a bi-directional control system for video cameras, and nowadays is used widely for camcorders like Canon‘s EOS C 100 / 300 / 550, the Blackmagicdesign Cinema cameras, and many professional Sony camcorders.

Chrosziel‘s solution is universally applicable for all cameras equipped with a standard 2.5mm jack. As of now, the interface cable is available in three product versions:

  • Handles 403-07 featuring a pushbutton
  • Cable DFCOFL with a12 pin hirose plug connects the DigiFOX motor controller with the camera
  • Cable AL2-COFL is for use with the ALADIN MK II system

Also available upon request are versions of the interface cable for older Chrosziel wireless lens control systems such as Genio, MagFOX and the precursor model to ALADIN MK II.

Click for more information about Chrosziel’s new LANC interface cable.


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