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Digital Production Buzz – April 4, 2013

  • The Founding Father of Desktop Video
  • The Founder of IMUG – The Place to Get Your Questions Answered
  • Producing Videos for the Royal Australian Air Force
  • Remix Your Brand – Production Music for a Younger Generation
  • Golf for Geeks at NAB

GUESTS: Tim Jenison, Carey Dissmore, Matt Nelson, Tom Hinton, Grant Burton, and Eric Harnden

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As the 2013 NAB Show brings our industry together, this week we look at our roots and family.

New interviews every show! Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton LIVE this week as they talk with:

Tim Jenison, Founder, NewTek

If desktop video could be considered to have a father, Tim Jenison is it. The developer of the original Video Toaster, which first allowed video editing on desktop computers, and the founder of NewTek, which has revolutionized video production for everyone from hobbyists to networks, Tim has created jobs for virtually all of us. (Not to mention a multi-billion dollar industry.) He joins us this week to talk about how it all began, what it was like to watch the industry grow, and share his thoughts for the future. We are REALLY excited to be talking with him this week!

Grant Burton, Producer and Digital Analyst, Royal Australian Air Force

Grant Burton, Producer, Royal Australian Air Force, creates videos at the speed of sound and 30,000 feet off the ground. He began listening to The Buzz almost at the beginning, and is a constant on-line presence during our Live Chat each week. He’s stopped off on his way to the 2013 NAB Show, to share his thoughts on how his work has changed over the years; both in terms of gear and results.

Matt Nelson and Tom Hinton, Co-founders, Remix Your Brand

In a world where too much production sounds like it was thrown out of an elevator, Matt Nelson and Tim Hinton, Co-founders, Remix Your Brand, have harnessed the power of today’s electronic sounds and are creating collaborations between  ‘tastemaker’ music artists and creative clients. We talk with them this week about why they decided to start their own business, how they create their music, and what we can do to make our projects sound better.

Carey Dissmore, Editor and Founder of IMUG

If you’ve ever needed to get a question answered at 3 AM, chances are you turned to IMUG, the International Media Users Group. Founded by Carey Dissmore, who is a full-time video editor when he’s not answering questions, it is a life-line for people struggling against deadlines to get their gear to work, or how are doing their homework before buying that new set of blinking lights. Carey stops by to give us an update on IMUG, his perceptions of the industry for 2013, and a sneak peek at the Media-Motion Ball, which is an annual event at the NAB Show.

Eric Harnden, Founder, Independent Filmmakers of the Inland Empire

Eric Harnden founded the Independent Filmmakers of the Inland Empire as a user group to help local filmmakers. Which gave him a great perspective from which to view the NAB Show. He realized that the NAB Show is not just about technology and TV. It is a chance for the tech and creative communities to meet once a year to.. well, golf! Eric organizes an annual mini golf tournament at NAB – think of it as “Golf for Geeks,” and we want to know where to tee off.

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