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Producer’s Corner: April 4, 2013

Tonight’s DPBuZZ is all about friendship, hanging out and sharing news and information. It doesn’t matter what the “economy” is telling us. We need a place to congregate –  to see, hear and interact on a personal level with our geeky peers.  What better place than the 2013 NAB Show!  The Woodstock of broadcasting/creative/tech conventions, it is a virtual mecca for all things, well.. broadcast, creative and tech.

If you can’t find someone to talk to in the middle of 100,000+ of your best friends surrounded by over 1,500 exhibitors with the latest and greatest, you need to crawl into a tunnel and stay there for a few years!

Our first guest tonight is Tim Jenison, who I met recently while attending an event at NewTek in Hollywood with @ThatKevinSmith and @LisaKudrow (among others) about the #FutureOfTV.  Tim is the original developer of Video Toaster and was quoted in the late 1990’s predicting that there would be a revolution in the way video was produced – basically, signaling the emergence of the desktop video revolution. I know that Larry Jordan and Michael Horton will love taking a walk down Memory Lane with Tim.  Senior VP of Artists and New Media Relations, Philip Nelson joins us in the conversation.

Do you know that we have listeners in over 170 countries?  Grant Burton has been on the live chat with us every week since the original BuZZ with Philip Hodgetts!  We finally get to meet him in person tonight, since he’ll be live with us in the studio.  Grant is the Video Producer and Learning Technology Analyst with the Royal Australian Air Force!  We are honored.

And, I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired of boring and mostly cheesy licensed music.  Haven’t you heard it all before?   DJ’s and Music Producers, Matt Nelson and Tom Hinton co-founded Remix Your Brand and they claim to have something much more relevant to offer.  Their lives are immersed in club and electronic music and their production music reflects their young and trendy attitude towards scoring creative productions. We’ll find out more tonight.

For our tech family, the yearly Media Motion Ball at the NAB Show is something we look forward to on an annual basis. It’s like the relatives gathering around the holiday table.  All those behind the scenes folks who work together every day to make our hardware and software solutions work and make us better at what we do. Carey Dissmore has been one of the main organizers of the event for many years and he’ll give us the inside scoop tonight.  Oh, and Carey is also the founder of the famous IMUG list.  Want to be on the list?  Tune in tonight and find out how.

The NAB Show is exhausting. By the time the six days is over, all we will have left are lots of information/memories, a suitcase full of thumb drives, sore feet and.. well, maybe a trophy from the KISS Monster Mini Golf Tournament.  Indoors, black lights and should we come in wierd makeup?  Eric Harnden, organizer, tell us everything we need to know, including how to cross the street from the Hard Rock after the official NAB opening party.  See you there!


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Cirina Catania
Producer, Digital Production BuZZ

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